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June 2012

Kunstler's eyesore of the month June 2012     

Welcome to Cough Triangle, Brooklyn, NY – yes that is its real name – tucked neatly between the reeking Gowanus Canal and the Gowanus Expressway. Evidently, the prankish moniker was cooked up by former NYC Parks Commissioner Henry Stern using letters from several proximate streets: Court, Garnett, and Hamilton. It's the context rather than the teeny-weeny park itself that rates EOTM status – every artifact surrounding it evinces horror and rot, not least the elevated expressway now on its last legs.

Gowanus Expressway decay fro Kunstler'ss Eyesore of the Month, June 2012

Increasingly strapped municipal governments will be hard-pressed to maintain these monuments of the cheap energy age.

Thanks to Richard Guerin for bringing this to my attention.

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