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November 2010

Eyesore of the onth by kunstler - Anton Predocks Cal Poly building    

     Here's the good news: the Classroom Laboratory Administration (CLA) Building on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona designed by notorious wanker starchitect Antoine Predock has been doomed to meet the wrecking ball by the Cal State board of trustees. The despotic structure was erected in 1993, hailed as "a landmark building." It's greatest claim to fame was as "a wayfinding device" from the I-10 freeway.
     The university was forced to pursue “a latent defect claim for design and construction deficiencies” shortly after the building opened, due to extensive water damage. That damage has still not been completely fixed. Cost of rehabbing the building to meet new seismic codes would equal the cost of knocking it down and replacing it.
     The announcement was greeted with indifference by the student body, suggesting it was unloved by them. The interior was described by one college administrator as "hard to navigate."
     The architect, Anton Predock, called the news "devastating." 
     Perhaps to his career.
     Probably not to the campus.

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