Eyesore of the Month

January 2008

Akron Art Museum

     Another American city bends over to pick up the soap for a gang of Eurotrash art theory hustlers. The addition to the Akron Art Museum by competition winners Coop Himmelb(l)au. (That's how they spell it -- cute, huh?). Here's what the designers say about their building:

The museum design introduces the firm's unique approach to historic structures, pioneered in Vienna, to the United States.... The museum of today is not any longer only the storage of knowledge, it is an urban concept. The museum of the future is a three-dimensional sign in the city, which transports the content of our visual world. There are no longer showrooms, which show digital and analogue visual information in the most diverse forms, but also the spaces which cater to urban experiences... Rather than going to the museum simply to look at art, visitors are welcomed to engage in artistic discourse, attend music and arts festivals, or maybe just hang out on their way elsewhere.

    Well, okay. Whatever. To me it just looks like a mechanical alligator snarfing down a Beaux Arts post office. Note the baleful blank wall that the addition presents to the street. Surely this is not an "innovation," since American cities are composed of little more than blank wall buildings. The upper jaw thing hanging over the original building is called "the roof cloud." I suppose it will allow visitiors to "hang out" on the roof of the old building when it's raining out. Or something like that.


Akron Art Museum no. 2

   Thanks to David Husat back in Ohio for the submission.