Eyesore of the Month

December 2007
(Warning: this is not a joke)

Czech National Library

     Behold the winner of the competition for the new National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague: a previously unknown parastic protozoa related to Cryptosporidium muris, which causes debilitating diarrheal disease in rodents, also believed to be transmissable in humans and responsible for a recent outbreak at the Czech National Bramboráky-and-Bratwurst Cook-off in October. Its discoverer, a laboratory assistant at the Czech Institute for Colon Studies, one Jan Kaplicky, has been referred to perhaps mistakenly as an "architect" in the Czech press.

Czech nat Library 2

     The hole at the top of the organism has been described as "an eye" by its discoverer. It is shown in the classic "hover stance," surveying a scene above the notorious Prague tree fungi, searching for "food." A micro-vacuum vortex activated by flagella in the slot under its pseudopods absorbs nutrient matter, which is recycled organically and returned to the "environment."

Czech national Library 3

     Depicted at ground level, the Czech National Library Organism is systematically grazing on smaller protozoans lulled by the music of Antonin Dvorak into ascending the purple pseudo-tongue at center.