Eyesore of the Month

December 2006

Royal Ontario Art Museum addition by Libeskind

   The new addition to the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, by Daniel Libeskind -- scoring a two-in-a-row coup for the architect/savant on EOTM.
     Why are all those people standing around in the foreground gaping at this spectacle? They are from the Royal College of Physicians, trying to figure out a treatment plan. The stuffy old gentleman of a museum has developed a horrendous steel and glass tumor. It has become the "Elephant Man" of museums.
      Now, you may ask yourself: why is this sort of thing acceptable to the Guardians of Culture? The answer may be that it sends a truthful but subliminal message (which, alas, we are misinterpreting) that the mis-use of technology has become the fatal disease of civilization.
     Interesting to note: the page announcing this on the ROM's own site, does not contain a picture of the new addition. In fact it states: "Daniel Libeskind's winning design (as proposed in the architect's written submission) is entitled The Crystal." Hmmmm. Written submission? Like, he wrote three paragraphs describing the idea without any drawings?  

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