Eyesore of the Month

July 2006

     Thanks to David Banks of Mirimar, Florida, who sent in this nomination. David writes:   
     "This six lane, double turn lane, mega-intersection / death- trap is the intersection of University Drive and Pembroke Road.  What I love about it are the features that border this monstrosity.  On the southwest, is a Wal-Mart. The southeast contains a subdivision built just post WWII, and is one of the first pure bedroom "communities" in Florida.  The Northeast has a small airport that houses the blimps and airplanes that participate in the marketing orgy that always occurs at Dolphin's stadium.  But the northwest is by far, my favorite corner.  It has a DMV next to a mental institution, which is next to a geriatric retention center (retirement home), which is next to the main southern hub for the Broward County School Bus system."

     Actually, close inspection of the original humungus photo indicates this is six lanes in each direction (twelve lanes in all) . Apparently, it's so new that the signage hasn't yet been installed on that massive aluminum pole structure thang.

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