Matrix of Rackets

     So, last Friday I think my doctor fired me. 
     I came in for a routine checkup of my cholesterol levels because about six months ago I stopped taking the 40 milligrams of Crestor Dr. X prescribed and he was concerned about where my numbers were going. I kicked off the conversation, which took place, of course, in a windowless, closet-like, steel-and-linoleum-lined examination room that must be designed to induce maximum dread saturation in the human psyche. I told Dr. X that I had embarked on a high-fat, butter-meat-cheese-crème-fraîche diet and ditched the ultra-low-fat, grains-and-tofu program that I followed for about five years. Dr. X paused dramatically after I finished and then stated bloodlessly that my cholesterol had gone up from 220 to 260 since my previous blood test three months earlier. Yes, well... I told him I had started eating shitloads of meat, butter, and eggs three days before my latest blood test. Chagrin transformed his face like a mask.
    I then explained that I thought the combination of statin drugs and a low-fat, high carb diet had damaged my system. The mask of chagrin on Dr. X's face was transforming slowly into something you might see in the Rite-Aid around Halloween. Apparently he thought I was blaming him, since he had put me on the drug and approved of the Ornish/Essylsten diet I'd put myself on. In point of fact, blame was not on my agenda. I was simply trying to describe my version of reality in the interest of improving my health. For about a year, I'd developed a range of alarming symptoms: peripheral neuropathy (tingling and numbness in my hands and feet), striking memory loss, poor balance, atrophying muscles, intractable insomnia and I attributed it to side effects of Crestor (yes, go fuck yourself Astra Zenica, makers of Crestor), combined with a lack of vital nutrients that my body needed to make routine repairs for five years. 
     Then I commenced a discussion about a possible Vitamin B-12 deficiency, since this is a not unusual outcome for someone who gets insufficient nutrition from animal-based foods. Dr. X said they could run a simple blood test for it. He had now turned his attention completely to the screen of the laptop computer that had become a prosthetic extension of his persona. I suspected he had lost interest in the conversation. I wondered out loud if the results of the test might be skewed, since I had also recently put myself on a dose of B-12 sub-lingual supplements. This is where Dr. X lost it. He stood up abruptly and said, "I'm not a boutique physician! Other people are waiting out there to see me!" Then he pointed at me and said, "You are going to die of a heart attack or a stroke!" That was possible, I thought, but then something was going to get Dr. X, too, eventually, unless he managed to funnel himself into Ray Kurzweil's cyborg singularity rapture.
    I thought further: my doctor is a most intemperate fellow.
    Then I trotted obediently down the hall to the phlebotomy parlor (another windowless closet), and gave more blood for the B-12 test. Dr. X appeared briefly in the doorway and handed me a slip of paper with the name of a osteopath-naturopath in town who might better entertain my particular health concerns. One thing I didn't mention to Dr. X during this incident - nor did I mention it in last week's blog - was the fact that my girlfriend (a professional librarian and crack researcher) had discovered a website that disclosed payments from pharmaceutical companies to doctors. Dr. X, evidently, had scored about $200,000 total over a recent 18-month period, including about 20-K from Astra Zenica. I didn't bring it up with Dr X in the exam room because I did not want to turn the office visit into an adversarial event, and there's no question he would have gone batshit. But there you have it, now, like so much meat flopped out in the table.
     This personal anecdote is only a tiny sample of the quackery and corruption at large in this segment of society. Of course it extends into the many branches of the nutritional sector, too, including the matrix of rackets in the food, farming, and policy realms that have left the American public in a daze of metabolic syndrome from eating a diet based almost entirely on processed corn byproducts.
     I'm five foot nine and a half and I weighed in on Friday at 164.5 After about two weeks back on butter-meat-cheese-crème-fraîche, my hands are still tingling. They seem even worse today after the first pretty good night's sleep I've gotten in months. That kind of damage is sometimes permanent. I'll have a pity-party for myself and then maybe I'll get on with my day. But I'll let you know how I'm doing over time. And if you know of a good physician in the Washington-Warren-Saratoga County region of New York, drop me a line (jhkunstler at
    Meanwhile, please be assured that I will get back to commentary on national and international issues. I will say it's ironic that the big event of the week is the Supreme Court's review of the Obama Health Care Reform Act, a cherry on one of the biggest clusterfuck cakes that the world ever baked. Mark my words: health care in the USA is unreformable. Like a lot of other things in Racket Nation, it simply has to implode to transform itself into something better.


Mr. Kunstler's struggles with health care perfectly mirror the mix of profit-whores and fraud that seems to permeate everything anymore. These is no concept of restraint and sense as we sink into collapse.

Visit the Leibowitz Society at for more commentary on our new dark age.

I was so tempted to comment "first". I'm with you on the witch doctor's advice...screw it. Like Jimmy M said "No one here get's out alive". Something gets us all in the end so as far as diet's concerned I'm all about moderate levels of anything that grows (and won't kill ya), moos, clucks, and the wild critters that don't make much noise at all.

Must see film for you: "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead".

Highly recommended wake up call for anyone, fat or not, sick or not, nearly dead or not.


Jim-you need to read the Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith immediately for starters. Secondly, you need to calm down and realize it took you five years to get in this condition, it is going to take over a week to make yourself normal. I think you ought to contact Dr. Michael Eades,(Protein Power) asap. He has a website and a Twitter account and has railed against statins ever since I have been following him. You are on the right track in your thinking and Big Pharm is an immoral business out to kill us all after they take our last penny. It is so depressing to realize that the quality of life in the US is abysmal and a lot of that is because we don't have universal health care. It should be a mortal sin to profit from medicine and the sick. Good luck!!

Good for you, Jim!! You're doing great, and you are on the right path. I recently went to a doc about a toenail I feared was infected. He confirmed that, and prescribed an antibiotic. Because I haven't taken an antibiotic in over 25 years (yep, true), I went and looked it up. It turned out to be a dangerous antibiotic in the Cipro class of drugs, with TWO black box warnings from the FDA, and coutless weird and scary side-effects, including spontaneous tendon rupture, irreversible peripheral neuropathy, and suicidal ideation. All this for a one-inch swelling on my toe! Today, I'm off to see an alternative practitioner. And I'm going to see if I can find that website that your girlfriend found, and see who he's getting money from. Motto: always double-check what your doctor tells you. And I agree, medicine in this country is not reformable with our current mindset.

I didn't read all the comments to your post last week (745 last time I checked) but I hope someone mentioned rhabdomyolysis. That's a muscle-wasting syndrome which is a side effect of statins. I've been a nurse since 1992, and when I started, "rhabdo" was a rare thing, something you'd only see in textbooks. But as statin drugs were marketed more heavily, I started seeing more cases. It's caused by the way statins interfere with the liver's function. Rhabdo can cause permanent muscle damage, or death.

I hand out a lot of cholesterol meds. Doctors order 'em, I have to do it. But I also tell patients "Read up on the side effects of this med. Pay attention to the symptoms of rhabdomyolysis. Hint-hint." What you were describing sounded like stain side effects. Doctors don't always tell patients about this.

Which leads me to my point -- doctors don't know everything. They're damned smart, as a rule. But you're still just a patient to them, but you've only got one body for yourself. I don't like asshole patients who think they know everything, but neither do I like doctors who get aggravated if patients want to question their judgment. A man who cannot back up his convictions coolly does not have the confidence he should.

Statins make sense for people with diabetes, because they have a high rate of complications from problems related to fat metabolism. For you though, JHK, with your otherwise good health, ask yourself if you needed all that crap. Good onya for standing up the the medical bullies.

P.S. I'm an American who fled the U.S. with my wife after Bush and realPresident Cheney got re-selected in 2004. I've had the pleasure of living in Australia and Canada. Having a licence to wipe peoples' butts gives one great freedom to immigrate. I have bought The Long Emergency for myself, given a copy to my daughter (who didn't read it) and my wife gave me a copy of Duncan's book of your podcasts. You, Dmitry Orlov, Joe Bageant (RIP), The Automatic Earth and a few other doomer writers are my favourites. I love doom!

i guess i got lucky genetics; rarely sick...i avoid doctors like the plague- yes, pun intended- so far as to have a friend whose pop was an emt sew me up when i needed it...i ve set several broken bones with gorilla tape & popsicle sticks and you can find treatment for just about anything with jethro kloss...anyway, hope you get to feeling better, james, and i look forward as always to next week's for the usual bag of monkeys:

JHK, Consider the possibility that your dark view of the future while no doubt based on refined observational skills and hard cold logic is influenced by the fact that you feel lousy. It's may be relatively easy to see the arrow that's been launched but it's a lot harder to see the wind that is blowing to deflect it. If physical systems are at all analogous patterns then consider that as systems move toward coherent states (super fluids, super conductors) they exhibit maximum just before they reach the coherent state they exhibit maximum incoherence. Maybe 'technology will save us after all dude' or maybe the people in the "Made by Hand" world will all be nice. Or maybe not.

Attaboy Jim. You be da man. My advice: don't see another doctor. Do regular intensive physical exercise (until you are dripping sweat at least 4,5 times a week. Get your weight down another 20 lbs. You'll feel a lot better. The body's natural inclination to turn into a blob of gelatin - you have to fight that path of least resistance constantly.

Let's try to separate being vegetarian with the pharmaceuticals. Let's try to avoid: "I am experiencing drug side effects; time to stop being vegetarian."

Whatever the health/diet problem is, FIGURE IT OUT. We love you and we need you to stay around and help guide us through the Emergency.

Treatment is the name of the game, never prevention, nutrition, or even cures. Treatment = profit. Every aspect of society it thouroughly corrupted. A global reset is needed badly.

Gary Taubes mentions that there are temporary increases in cholesterol on a low carb diet but over a longer term cholesterol tends to decrease. In the Stanford A-Z diet study, the Atkins diet improved the blood pressure, weight and serum cholesterol of its participants nearly double over the three other diets.

Taubes speculates a bit that even the so-called bad cholesterol on a low carb diet is a large, low density type which does not contribute to arteriosclerosis.

If you really do start feeling better on this new diet, I hope you will remain just as curmudgeonly as always...Best of luck to you!

tingling ?
go see a neurosurgeon.
lots of them down at the albany medical center.
good luck

JHK, Glad you aren't dead after eating a higher fat diet. My dad made a joke yesterday, saying that eating food will kill you. I pointed out that not eating food would kill you too, just a bit faster. No matter what your diet is, learn to enjoy life. My dad has been watching his weight for longer than I have been alive, I am 48 now, and his is over 76 and is about your height and doesn't like to be as heavy as you, but has been when he had a lot more muscle on him. As a Chef, meal planner and diet maker, he knows a lot about the foods.

Me, I just grow plants and eat a wide range of things.

What gets me is that people generally have no clue where their food comes from, unless they grow it themselves, or know the people that grow it. We live in a culture that the TV tells us what is good, and the ADs in stores tell us what to buy on special and Schools have stopped having home ec classes, where they fix food for a class project, and not pizza. Which by the way is not a bad thing to eat and many good recipes for different kinds or methods. But mostly can be classed as a junk food if you eat to much of it from the pizza box places.

We won't change many people on all this, only a few people, So keep up the comments and try to lessen the numb feelings in the hands and feet, that feeling can bug you for a long time if you can't get it to go away. Someone is likely to tell you to take a "nerve pain" drug, be careful of them, some of them have hidden psychotropic affects.

I still have hope that my Biowebscape desings can help some people have home grown food in their homes, even if they don't have a lot of ground to grow things on. The sudden summer we have had is playing hard on my Snap Peas, and things Have gone to seed earlier than they normally would have. I wonder if the climate change, or Peak Oil Production, or bad health care will get us first.

Take care of yourself.


One more word in semi-defence of doctors: they might make a lot of money from drug companies, but I'd say almost all of the hundreds I've encountered in two U.S. states and two foreign countries are not making their recommendations for the money. (Except the plastic surgeons. Those guys are money-grubbing bastards.) Doctors are trained in the pharmaceutical-based medical system, and they are true believers. They want patients like you to be healthy. The problem is, they have been inculcated with faith in better living by chemistry like it was a religion. Ever try to argue someone out of their religious beliefs?

Doctors also have egos. Often huge ones. And some of those egos are fragile. If the guy could not handle being second-guess, he should stay out of hospitals, because in high-pressure, life-or-death situations, he's going to be put on the spot by patients, family members, his colleagues and nurses. We question doctors all the time. Usually subtly, though. I hope he sticks to a sedate office practice. And I hope you find a good MD who will work with you, not boss you. They exist, even in America. Too bad you're not elsewhere, because the medical systems I've taken part in in Australia and Canada are SO much better than the U.S.'s that I can't believe I spent 13 years working there. My former fellow countrymen, I pity you.

JHK, you probably have a marked COQ10 deficiency from the bad diet and all those statins. Get the ubiquinol form and take at least 50 mg per day. To control arterial plaque, take l-arginine, cayenne, omega-3 fatty acids, and CLA to convert omega-6 to omega-3. If your arteries are not occluded and stiffened, you should be fine, and if they are, this will take care of that without statins. For the muscular issues you may want to look at some additional amino acids, or up the dose of ubiquinol.

Might be significant that you just started B12 although you have been a vegan for years. Therefore your experience with a vegan diet is not realistic. I started taking B12 from day one and assumed that anyone on a vegan diet would know they needed B12.

Must you go to extremes. It is one thing to eat a little meat. It is another to go over the deep end. I have been a vegan for 12 years, am 65 , run regularly, and have none of the effects you mentioned.

Your problems,of course, may have nothing to do with your diet.

We do agree on one thing. Health care sucks in this country.

The website that has information about how much money Big Pharma gives to your doctor is "Dollars for Docs -

Whoever suggested that Jim lose another 20 lbs is nuts! 164lbs is a fine weight for someone who is just under 5' 10'.

I was a vegetarian for 15 years but saw the light and am now on a low carb/high (good quality) fat diet. My doctor wanted me on statins but I ignored him. At 48 I feel better than I did when I was 30.

The only thing I can add to last week's conversation is this: harvesting animals on an industrial level for food, and the suffering from which that ensues, has made the human condition spiritually sick to its core, and ultimately unconscionable.. Our personable dietary choices and health concerns therefore, are wholly subordinate to that reality..

Mr. K.,
Never in human history has the phrase "follow the money" meant that ALL of a ruling cadre's clock-works would be exposed!

Yep, The Grifter Paradigm, is now in full control of every-fucking-thing-there-is, and these "diseases" are the expected upshot. (Mind, body, "spirit", societal structuring, architectural absurdities, military glorification and rampage, pursuit of meaningless "work" for filthy lucre alone, propagandized "learning"... ETC.!)

I echo your observation that nothing will change until this paradigm collapses under its' own rotten weight. It ain't gonna be pretty, but the only way out is through.

Thanks for the funny (and a bit dread-inducing) posting, and take heart, you've begun by bearding the lion in his den (the examination/interrogation cubicle)!
Glad you got the goods on yet another venal cog in the machine of Payola and the innate corruption that lies within.

(Ps. The reason he got snitty was a nice example of defensive outrage. "How dare you insinuate that I'm guilty of what I'm guilty of!")

Jeez, You fail to mention your bowel performance.

Something to look forward to for next Monday morning.

Many thanks.


I'll briefly share my own high cholestrol story. At the age of 42 my own Dr. put me on Lipitor because my cholestrol count was high. Apparently the plan was to keep me on this for the rest of my life as so many others I know are doing. I took it for a week and the whole time I felt as if I had the flu. I was really tired and my muscles were sore and I just felt really awful. So I ditched the drugs and have felt much better since then. I haven't gone back now for 4 years to see what my cholestrol is at because I don't really give a rat's behind. My grandparents lived into their 90's without Lipitor and they lived in Europe during WWII. Since my experience there's been some really good studies questioning the benefits vs. harmful side effects of these cholestrol busting drugs but they don't receive a lot of media attention because I'm sure there's money out there that ensures that they don't get a lot of coverage.

James, we are all pulling for you and sending good thoughts your way. Regarding modern medicines, I used to amuse myself by looking up various popular drugs in my trusty Merck Index to look at the structures and empirical formulas
(I didn't get out much back then). I was always amazed to find that most, if not all drug manufacturers used benzene or cyclohexane as a substrate to concoct many of their drug
du jour’s. Cannot be good. Just cannot.
My Dad is famous for saying that 'America's elderly are over medicated' and by god he's right.
May I suggest two wonder drugs to include in your diet, if you haven't already: garlic and hot red pepper (aka capsaicin). If you are eating both now, eat more. I haven't been bitten by one single vampire since I started my garlic regimen! Not one! 'Course I haven't had a date in years either. Hmmmm.
Best wishes, James!

Everything in moderation, I took a natural sleep aid for a few years then had a lymph node infection and come to find out there was some correlation between this "natural" sleep aid and swollen lymph nodes.

So one prescription to Cipro and an operation later I'm down a lymph node and up one neck scar.

But the real point is, in that specialists office I received very good care but I still came to the conclusion that medicine is a racket with the basest of motives money and sex.

Everytime I was in the office it was a parade of hotties toting their drug wares. I looked forward to my visits simply because this is where our society stashes its tall attractive women, pharma sales.

Gosh, I've been in practice 30 years and no ones offered me any under the table money. What gives? I guess I'm like the bachelor party guy, I'm just a dentist not really a Dr. I do find it hard to believe that everyone in health care is out to give you a good fucking.

I must have a knack for picking doctors, because all the negative comments about them, don't match to the 3 that I have had over the last 12 years. One saw me even when he knew I had no money to pay him and he'd never get paid for the viist. Another one, set aside 25 minutes of office time to see each patient, telling them that talking to them was what he was most concerned with, going so far as to say he didn't like other doctor's rush rush attitudes.

The one I am seeing now, I only go to him when I can't figure out what is us, or I need to let him know about some of the things that are wrong with me, that diet and exercise can't fix.

There will always be something that you will need help on, and some doctors do care, as some nurses and other medical people do as well. We should not use blanket dislike for all of the medical field because one or more of them are bad.

BioWebScape Designs.
Planting the Future Today.

This post was so freaking awesome that I almost totally forgive you for your deeply irrational disdain towards homosexuals. (I reject the word "gay" because it describes a subcultural mindset with which I resolutely refuse to identify.) My doctor with the current rotation of blood-pressure medications has visited more misery upon me than any single human being ever has, including the high-school bully of my days of yore at boarding school. Cozaar ended up inflicting a water-retention disorder in my kidneys that makes my blood pressure skyrocket whenever I become agitated or excited, and there appear to be no other BP meds I can tolerate (though I suspect I may be able to take water-pills when my kidney-inflammation subsides, which it has been slowly since I stopped taking Cozaar). But my doctor can't allow herself to believe that a BP med would affect me in a way that would raise my BP (that does make me a one in a thousand if not one in a million case, I will admit), so she wants to do a CT-scan and ultrasound on me. The problem is, in order to do both these things, I have to take blood-tests and blood-tests and blood-tests ad nauseum in order to do that, and I might not be able to take the time away from work to be able to do that. And I told them this, but they're still fucking chasing after me about this! For pity's sake, this must be what it's like being the parent of a damn teenager.

Charlie say dis:
"...anyway, hope you get to feeling better, james, and i look forward as always to next week's for the usual bag of monkeys:"

Hey! I resemble that remark!
Dance, monkeys, dance...

Strive for a plant based diet.

I watched Earthlings last month.

First seedlings sprouted today!

If you're loud enough, persistent enough, and saying the right truthful meaningful things, I've finally found both people and the world in general take notice, and although small, things start to change.

Cheers Clusterfuckers.


I think you should see a neurologist about those symptoms. Something more sinister than Crestor might be going on. You should have it evaluated.
-- Bob Wise

Something must be in the air, especially with this Supreme Court going at it as we type, but both my husband, my mother and I have been fired recently by our doctors!

Didn't know they could do that until now--now I know they are doing it en mass.

"This is where Dr. X lost it. He stood up abruptly and said, "I'm not a boutique physician! Other people are waiting out there to see me!" Probably those "other people" were the Astra Zenica marketing reps taking him out to lunch.

How to lower your cholesterol.

Take psyllium (mixed with lots of water) every day until all of the blockages and years-old long stringy things that are stuck in your small intestine villi are purged.

Do a gall-bladder cleanse.
The morning after the cleanse, take psyllium to mop up the bile/gallstone explosion.

Start taking 1000mg Taurine + 600mg magnesium daily.

Have 2 cups of coffee with milk (never creamer! trans-fats!) every morning first thing. Following with a high-fiber cereal also helps.

Not only will this lower your cholesterol, but it will lower your low density lipoproteins and speed your detoxification of many compounds.

Increase your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio to reduce vascular inflammation.

Thank you for publishing your story.

See Marcia Angell's extensive writing on the topic of drug company marketing tactics if your librarian-friend has not already pointed you in that direction.

Due to my brother-in-law's extreme food allergies, we've gone gluten free and soy free. We've also eliminated processed foods. We're anti-high fructose corn syrup. No chemicals or additives. Just natural. Frito's corn chips is as processed as we get.

We're are feeling better for it. For our borderline cholesterol our doc suggested red yeast rice and fish oil. So far so good. We eat our homegrown, fresh eggs every day. I agree with you to stay away from the cholesterol drugs.

Everybody needs to figure out for themselves what diet works best for their body and it's needs. Just because gluten-free works for me, doesn't mean it's for everybody.

Doctor's forget that we're in charge. I'm afraid that insurance companies are going to become dictators of what we do or we won't have insurance. You have to take care of yourself because no one else will.

Another thing I've figured out. Getting old sucks.

I'm so glad I left that place, all my contacts, comfort and family to sail across the Atlantic, to live in Europe; learn to cook and talk about food with the Italian family I married into, the far more serious world in which I inhabit

all Zio Giacomo talks about while we walk, whenever I visit him, is how the plants are doing, touching the leaves, commenting on the state of their health, even as his own deteriorates, but only as he skids into his 80th...after a blissfully hedonistic life.

And he taught me the difference btwn female and male fruit, which is wonderful, can you guess which one is the juicier and tastier of the two....

I'm 48 and pill free, thank get better Jim, we need you and your Monday files....


I'm starting to wish my doctor would fire me, gracie.

Wow JHK, best to you and hope you get the health issues sorted asap. That old yankeee adage about all things in moderation comes to mind, maybe just commonsense. Hope you can get out and ride your bike some.


I've gotten extremely good results from my acupuncturist. In combination with Chinese herbal mixtures, my inflammation levels have decreased and my gout is slowly disappearing. Whatever ones says about traditional Chinese medicine, it's gone through several thousand years of testing. I don't doubt that there are herbs for your cholesterol too. Admittedly, some of these herbs contain statins (e.g. red rice yeast), but these are always given in combination with other herbs to balance the effects.

Good luck.

Hi, Jim, your digression this past couple of weeks into (your personal) healthcare are refreshing reads. Have read & concurred with many of your and your readers' comments & reluctance to embrace dietary fads & disavowal of our national healthcare delivery system which is corrupt to the bone. Just a tiny twinge plucks, however, at my heart every time you or one of readers slams "vegetarian-ism."

Yup, you don't get enough protein and become lacking in vitamin B-12; but when you re-consider the adverse financial, ethical, and health impacts of hormone- and antibiotic-laden factory meat farming, you might start focusing again upon your peas & carrots.

Finally, I turn to your blog every Monday morning for my fix & weekly orientation (which I forgive for being more descriptive than prescriptive). If it became too onerous for you to sustain a weekly blog, cut it to semi-monthly. You would'nt lose a single reader.


....peripheral neuropathy (tingling and numbness in my hands and feet), striking memory loss, poor balance, atrophying muscles, intractable insomnia...

Those are very concerning symptoms which can be caused by a variety of very real illnesses. You need to get to the root of the problem. I would find another doctor and I certainly would not rely on self diagnosis. You need a good doctor that you have confidence in and have him do the works and take the time to find the cause.

Well, whether or not the doctor is competent, if you don't trust your doctor then you need a new one.

When I lived in LA I asked my colleagues for suggestions on a doctor and one was really enthusiastic about their doctor so I started seeing him.

He diagnosed my arthritis which I had not previously been aware of. Having the arthritis and learning it is a degenerative condition made me depressed. So he gave me an anti-depressant, Paxil. It was a very weird experience, it made me unable to sleep, yet it put me into this strange sort of spaced-out state during the day in which I was able to function despite not sleeping. For some reason I did not make the connection between my insomnia and the Paxil until after about 10 nights, when it finally dawned on me. This "anti depressant" was keeping me from sleep and as you might imagine after about 10 nights in a row without sleep I was starting to get suicidal thoughts. Once it dawned on me the Paxil was what was destroying me I stopped taking it even though you are supposed to consult your doctor before doing so, but I of course had zero confidence in the guy by now. Soon thereafter I was back to normal, and found a new doctor at random in the health plan catalog and he was fine.

The heck of it is- I saw a couple specialists about the arthritis and it appeared that my future might not be as dire as I feared, that even though physically cartilage does not regenerate, nevertheless the arthritis symptoms can subside. And in fact they have been relatively mild since. If that regular doctor had been knowledgable about that he could improved my state of mind by pointing out that the arthritis was not liable to be as dire as I feared, rather than prescribe me a pill that turned me into a zombie.

I too developed neuropathy in my hands and face (!) after following a vegan diet for a year. It took a while to manifest so I didn't make the connection right away. Once I determined the cause, I talked to a naturopath who suggested a daily dose of 5mg of B12 for a month, tapering down to 1000 mcg (micrograms) a day for maintenance. It took a while to remedy my symptoms so be patient! You may need to tweak the dosage if symptoms return - unlikely as you're eating animal products now. A vegan diet really agrees with me - for a variety of reasons. But I learned the hard way that B12 really is an essential nutrient.

Ack, I'm back. Well Jim, assuming you're still reading comments, who am I to give anyone else health advice? Nevertheless...Good genes go most of the way, IMHCFNO. So ask yourself, "what was going on with mom and dad, aunties and uncles on both sides when they reached their sixties? There are more than just a few clues to your present health condition and long-term prospects there. (I know that those in our age bracket have to sort through the infectious diseases that they suffered/died from back then.)

Moderation in all things, which I believe is attributed to old Ben Franklin, who probably heard it from someone else even wiser. H. sapiens is an omnivore. Therefore, I suggest going with the gene flow. Also, if you find you're craving something, like nuts, (like me, not trying to be funny here) it just may be your body is sending a message, like when it's probably past time to take a drink of water. I think nuts have a lot of B-complex vitamins.

Anyway, it's clear that a side benefit to hosting a blog like CFN is the amount of free advice you can get just by asking. Some of it sounds pretty good to me, too.

Best wishes for your health and longevity.

P.S. Your former doc was an ass.

You know that tingling sensation Jimmy? That's a good sign, means you're alive.

That Crestor causes peripheral neuropathy is an extremely well-known fact.

Your physician is ethically obligated to disclose a serious conflict of interest to his patients. But it goes beyond this. It is unethical, if not unlawful, for your physician to even accept funds from a pharmaceutical company whose drug he is prescribing.

I would report him to the New York Board of Medicine.

David Reese, MD

Jim - Look up "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" on youtube. Then continue with anything else by Dr. Joel Wallach. Whatever "damage" you have done can be improved or fixed (I wouldn't dare use the "c" word). We need to intake the 90 Essential nutrients regularly...Essential meaning our body doesn't make them.

Have you tried things like fish oil, olive oil etc. before taking medicins or low-fat diets?

Jim, I had two doctors quit because the HMO grind was getting to them. One recommended a baby aspirin every morning. The other said not to worry about peeing two or three times a night at age 68, (i.e. growing prostate).He was 47 and did the same--a sense of humor yet. Good doctors are hard to find. I'm looking for one for my annual physical in June.

Jim, right on about the healthcare in this country. It's a racket, like so many other things.

I do think you should be around 150, if you're 5'-9"

Kepp your chin up and keep heart Jim. I, too, had a similar experience with statins, in my case,Lipitor. I have long been a avid hiker and thought nothing about a 10 mile hike in the Smokies or the Cherokee National Forest and on occasion did 20-22 miles in a day. When my doctor put me on Lipitor, by the end of a year I could not even make it a mile without stopping to rest at least two or three times. After talking to a cousin who had had to give up hiking when his doctor rotated him through all the statins without finding one that did not cause him the probem, I revolted and told my doctor that I was not talking any more statins. I also developed diabetes while I was on the statin. It was a full year after I quit taking Lipitor before I was able to do 10 miles again. But a couple of months ago I was able to do 14 when a hike I was on went wrong and we ended up actually doing 14 instead of the 10 planned.

Since I developed diabetes, I strictly avoid all refined sugars and high-glycemic carbs and all processed foods. I went back to the diet that I grew up on, which was lots of home-grown veggies, grass-fed beef, eggs and meat from my own chickens and a few locally produced/caught trout when I can get them. This controlled my blood sugar and allowed me to avoid medication for the diabetes. So hang in there! In time things will get better but it won't be instantly.

"It should be a mortal sin to profit from medicine and the sick."

Pretty much says it all. We'll be marching with the United Nurses for universal healthcare during the Nato Summit. Unless Rahmulus yanks their permit.


Make sure there is absolutely no Aspartame in your diet. They are sneeking that crap into everything. I had the same symptoms 12 years ago and they cleared up in a couple of weeks after dropping the diet coke habit. (Only 3-4 a week for caffine at work). Started feeling better over the holidays and realized what was different in my diet. I will have a relapse of the symptoms anytime I accidently ingest it. At the time I was being tested for systemic lupus. Inaddition to your symptoms, I also had severe joint pain in my hands and feet.

Good luck.

There is an herb I know which is very good at treating neuropthy but you probably know that already and a competent doctor needs to check your symptoms regardless of how you supplement your diet to heal yourself. The herb is remarkably safe and impossible to overdose on and has been used by man for several thousand years. It was made illegal in the US in 1937 to employ federal agents who had been put out of work at the end of prohibition over the objections of the American Medical Association represented in congress by Dr. William C. Woodward.

Juicing a plant a day would be the way to consume it to treat your symptoms.

I agree health care in the USA is unreformable. The whole thing is built around sucking the most out of whatever insurance we all must have to even see a doctor in the first place. The way it works is to schedules tests, lots of test and only one test or problem per visit is ever allowed. Operations must wait for 'approval' before being scheduled regardless of a patients immediate need. Everything is centered around extraction of funds from the insurance carrier. If a patient receives any benefit from the system it is a by product. The system exists to generate profits first and foremost.

Atta boy, Jimmy. I also got off statins and opted for no sugar, low carbs and good fats. Blood pressure recently dropped 10 points and can exercise strenuously without leg pain. I tell people I'm on a low-fat, largely vegan diet since most people simply won't believe otherwise.

Also, my doctor thought I was crazy when I told him I thought my problems were from Aspartame.

He got fired...

Good for you for making these changes in your diet as well as writing about it here. Last August, I made radical changes to my diet myself. I had been a vegetarian for 23 years, with a largely grain and soy-based diet. I thought I'd be a vegetarian for the rest of my life. Last March I have birth to a son who within a couple of months showed severe food allergies via my breastmilk - primarily dairy and soy. His issues led to a lot of research and reading, starting with Dr. Weston Price. To make a long story shorter, I eventually changed my diet a modified version of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet. Additionally, we only buy local grass-fed or pastured meats and all veggies/fruit are organics. We eat no soy and little packaged foods. I eat little grains right now, trying to let my gut heal, but not wanting to starve, as I'm still nursing.

Results? I am 43 years old and feel better than I have in my entire adult life. I spent about 15 years of my adults life on and off psych meds for depression and anxiety (stopped those when pregnant with my first child). Almost all depression/anxiety is gone. I am energetic. I have been on diets throughout my adult life and never could get past a certain weight. I now weigh what I did in high school (40 pounds less than what I weighed when I got pregnant with my son). My husband also has lost weight. Our son is a big boy - about 27 pounds at one year, and we have no problems hiking around with the kid on our back.

The best though, is my daughter, age 4. At age 3, she went into preschool and spent from Sept to Apr constantly sick. Each cold lasted 3 weeks, with 2 of severe coughing. She went on antibiotics 3 times for sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. This past cold/flu season? She's been sick twice, lasted a few days. (We also have her drinking raw milk and skipped the flu shot this year.)

So, everyone, question the current medical establishment regarding diet, medicines, and even vaccines. They're being paid off, and they appear to trust the CDC and the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies, all who have demonstrated (and it can be proven), that they are not to be trusted. Follow your instincts!

Yeah, the medical establishment is definitely a racket. When I was a mere 30 year old, I got tested for breast cancer, cervix cancer and colon cancer. The testing facilities were all owned by the doctors who sent me there. When I found that out, I wasn’t sure if they were just covering their butts (in case a healthy 30 year really did have cancer) or if they were just raking in the profits. I don’t see any of those doctors anymore. I didn’t have any cancer then and still don’t (knock on wood).

What I was doing was being an idiot about food. I would eat chocolate ice cream for breakfast, a cupcake with diet soda for lunch and sometimes actual food for dinner (if my husband and I were going out to dinner). I was very young and very skinny and always felt horribly sick to my stomach. When I grew up a little more, I started eating actual food (not so much junk) and I started to feel remarkably better. Now I am 50. I eat mostly real, organic food and not very much junk (but some occasionally). The real change was when I had kids.

I knew I wouldn’t have a healthy baby if I just ate junk so I ate real food, not a lot because pregnancy is not a license to pig out but I ate better. When my kids were born, I learned to cook. My husband certainly appreciates it. Cooking from scratch is both cheaper and much tastier. I’d teach my kid to cook but they have no interest. Hopefully my better eating habits as an adult, will influence my children to eat good food when they are adults and out in the real world. It was a hard lesson to give up junk food, convenience food and fast food but well worth it.

Ok, Crestor causes peripheral neuropathy but so do other things. I personally know how dangerous self diagnosis can be and I know the minimal depth of my medical knowledge. So I stand with my recommendation to find a good doctor and let him use his medical knowledge to diagnose the problem. With time and effort, if nothing else he should be able to eliminate possible causes until he hopefully discovers a root cause. Of course, it seems sometimes they simply cannot find a cause but I don't know how often that occurs. But self diagnosis is not a good game to play with serious symptoms.

If in fact your doctor fired you, count that as one of the luckiest things that happened in your life. It's not that doctors are evil per se so much as that they are just passive cogs in a malevolent social system. I hope you start growing and eating your own food, or most of it. Once you're dealing with the basic elements of Nature, you may develop a whole new set of attitudes. I started reading your blog because of your writing style, your way with words, which were always good for a laugh; your negativism I took with a grain of salt (actually, a whole bag full). I don't think we're on the verge of collapse; this ship of state will continue for another 50 or 100 years, just on inertia. Maybe a new diet will change you into a raving optimist, or a realist. Constant negativism and pessimism have a negative effect on the psyche. Meanwhile, keep that old thesaurus handy.

your cholesterol
won't matter a darn bit when
there's no more petrol

Mr. K,

You bucked the "system". How dare you!!!

Don't you know drs. are next to God?

(btw...this IS an important national issue, imo)

Wishing you all the best in your journey to better health. I'll be looking forward to your periodic updates.

Dear Jim,

It sounds awful. Try your best to be happy. Being too aware of all the horrible things that go on in the world will wear you out. Happiness and blind bliss has its merits. We all die anyway, but why rush it. BE HAPPY, SING, DANCE, AND DON'T LOOK TOO DEEPLY. God is good and everything He does is for the best. Remember, stay close to Him, know His ways and ask for His help. You should find your roots and create a spiritual garden. Chances are, you will feel better. Doctors and not God. Many have lost their soul and think they ARE God. Only God cures. Doctors are here to assist God to make us well. Pray and be happy.

I'm 53 and have not been to a Western doctor since I was 21. There was something about the ritual of putting a popsicle stick on my tongue and telling me to say 'Ahh' that made me think, "What a waste of time this is."

I've been to acupuncturists and chiropractors when needed. A good acupuncturist has a more complete modality to work from and can be very powerful; chiropractic is pretty limited although effective for some things.

Jim - I saw you speak on your book tour in 2005 for "The Long Emergency" in Capitola, CA. You were the picture of health then and I'm sure you'll get back there again soon. The body has a remarkable ability to heal and regenerate.

As to medications in general I believe a healthy skepticism is warranted but I also am not a believer in shunning medications.

For example- insomnia. Having strugged with insomnia off and on during my life, I am a firm believer that it is better to take a sleeping pill than to not sleep. That won't necessarily help much with your other symptoms but at least you get some sleep.

Fortunately these days I almost never have insomnia at home, only when away from home. From having tried a few things over the years I am a firm believer in Fluorazepam, which I call my "industrial strength sleeping pill". It is one of those Benzodiazepines that appears to have gone out of favor because it has a long half-life. But to me, that's a plus. I believe the half life is 24 hours so, hey, it's like you get a 1/2 pill the second night and a 1/4 pill the third. Of course it's still in your system when you're awake as well, but I find that eating tends to eliminate the drowsiness effect. (As powerful as this pill is, if I take one and eat before going to bed then I do not sleep. The other couple anomalies with it is I find I have to take it 3 hours before I intend to go to sleep. And, it leaves a kind of bitter taste in your mouth the next day.

Hey, what's the problem? Dick Cheney got himself another heart. WTF - why do you challenge the status of US health care?

As far as trying understand "rackets" and good diets as well as "good health" - just remember that all analogies require the linking of processes.

What I mean is: Crestor probably helps somebody, so what's the harm in a company attempting to market it as if it helps everybody?

Get with program - and quit stating the obvious. Its poor journalism.

Your old, and your body is reminding you that you are old. Deal with it, and try to be graceful while you are at it......

Er.....for all the links dropped here one would think JHK's blog might make your blog list.


Sounds like Levaquin?

My DH took that a few months ago for bronchitis.

Yeah, that tendon rupture stuff freaked me out, not to mention all the other side effects.

Goodness! What will the medicines of the future bring in the way of side effects? They seem to be more horrendous with each new medication that comes along.

Hey Jim sorry to hear about your Dr. "succumbing" to the pharmaceutical farce failing humanity. A Dr. isn't YOUR Dr. unless you can trust him/her. As for dying, my sweet grandmother passed away in 94'. she was 93 y.o. On her certificate of death it noted that she had "died" of Congestive Heart Failure. I asked the attending why. For all intensive reasons she had died of "old age", didn't she? His response was that since she was in the hospital they needed something to "blame" for her death and so the cause of her termination was CHF. The treatment was morphine which would allow her to slip into a sleep(coma) and drown in her own fluids without the last minute terror or heart attack that might otherwise occur as this process would take about 30 minutes to 3 hours; depending on how strong the persons "constitution" and "will-to-live" is. Good ol' morphine! We may all get our chance to embrace and blanket ourselves in her loving arms. Personally I'll take my step grandfathers route who would set a chair in the middle of the living room after lunch, sing and play a few songs on the ukelele with a cigar and scotch-neatput out the cigar and take a 60 min nap. The last nap took him with a massive coronary. Never knew what hit him. Time to move on.

I stopped using Statins 5 years ago for the same reason you stopped. Fortunately, the neuropathy has gone away, but I still have tingling in my toes. My physician is an Osteopath and has me on 500 mg of slow release Niacin twice a day. This has reduced my cholesterol considerably.
You might want to look into a totally natural diet with minimal processed foods and no, and i mean no meat from feedlots. We only eat grass fed organic beef and pasture raised pork and grow as much of our food as possible.

You are what you eat.

I have found that the reishi mushroom is excellent for insomnia. If you take it for several days it builds up the body's Yin, according to Traditional Chinese Medical theory, and you experience that wonderful warm drowsy experience when you go to bed. Of course, insomnia has different causes but those reishi pills worked wonders for me.

I hope you feel better James. Not sure why you didn't confront the doctor (and yes it is a conspiracy). Sound like you need a good dose of sunlight for a few hours a day. Personally, I would have tried to do what I could to minimize any further damage a quack like that could inflict on others. By the way, can you divulge the site your girlfriend found, or give a tip?

What's the site your g-fri' found? That needs to go viral.

On the subject of health issues, Cheney seems to have found a new heart. The old one was so obviously physically and morally flawed---. I wonder who the donor was? My bet is that he contracted with Blackwater to rip one out of a living Afghan and have it flown directly to Virginia.

There have been many interesting studies around high cholesterol levels and what they may or may not mean.

For example, I saw a study where in an aging population (I'm talking about old timers, let's say 75+), it was those with the highest levels of cholesterol that were living longest.

Simple fact is, the body needs cholesterol to repair itself. If the body is making a lot of cholesterol, that can suggest that the body is really busy with repairs.

Chronic inflammation can cause the body to go into an ongoing repair-mode. So, you get elevated cholesterol levels. But it's the inflammation that's doing the real damage, not the cholesterol itself.

Eating Lipitor or any other statin-type drug is probably going to compound your misery: there's not enough cholesterol to make repairs, your body starts to breakdown, inflammation continues unabated--you're in a real mess now.

There's plenty of science out there to make a persuasive argument that real risk of elevated cholesterol levels has more to do with an un-diagnosed condition that is causing chronic inflammation. In other words, cholesterol is a kind of smoke signalling the presence of a fire that needs putting out. Something as common as gum disease could be the source of the inflammatory condition, for example.

My own experience with this was instructive: had checkup, got the lab reports, immediately the doctor hands me a prescription for Lipitor with instructions to eliminate fat from my diet, etc. Another successful transaction for Big Pharma in other words. Similar to Jim, I felt lousy, started doing some of my own research, and here I am, eating cheese again.

If I do go down with a burning heart attack, I won't be blaming the smoke for the fire (so to speak). I know it will be because of the stress of living under continual assault from various agencies organized to suck as much life out of the population as possible. I am happy to have a skilled physician set my bones or stitch my wounds--I'm less sanguine when they roll out the pharmaceutical buffet and tell me it's an all you can eat banquet.

I've had PN for several years but mine is limited to my feet. I've had pretty much all the tests, including a brain scan, & all came back normal. I've found out that a high percentage of PN is ideopathic (of unknown origin). I'm convinced my PN resulted from years of taking lipitor, but how do you prove it. On my most recent Dr visit last week I told him that I will not agree to take another cholesterol lowering drug (even a non-statin). Unlike your Dr, he said it's your body & did not fire me. Unfortunately, we all must question everything a Dr tells us & do our own reaseach. One Dr even told me I should not look up medical info on the internet (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing). Needless to say, I never went back to him.

Jim, '"You are going to die of a heart attack or a stroke!" Thats called a 'Medical Hex', beware of them as MDs use them all the time [selling on fear].

Meanwhile over in France:
[Washington Post]

France’s Sarkozy announces plans to jail repeat visitors to extremist websites
By Associated Press, Published: March 22
PARIS — France’s president proposed a sweeping new law Thursday that would see repeat visitors to extremist web sites put behind bars — one of several tough measures floated in the wake of a murderous shooting spree.
The proposed rules, unveiled by Nicolas Sarkozy after the death of an Islamist fanatic wanted for a horrifying series of execution-style murders, have alarmed journalists and legal experts, who say they risk pulling the plug on free expression.

( Jacques Brinon / Associated Press ) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy, right, shakes hands with supporters near his campaign party headquarters, Paris, Thursday, March 22, 2012. Sarkozy said Thursday an investigation was under way to see if the suspect in a series of radical Islam-inspired killings had any accomplices.


One of the things that I've learned from 25+ years of being a vegetarian is that it is impossible to get people to consider changing their diet. I never bother to try nor bother to mention my own eating habits to people as most find a discussion of diet as a personal attack.

A few years back, I visited an allergist as Uncle Sam had stationed me in Alabama (I know) and I was violently allergic to Alabama. I found the doctor's report rather interesting as I had never seen an allergist before and, apart from the Red Cedar causing my misery, I discovered that I was violently allergic to shell fish and beef.

It made sense that I chose to become a vegetarian but I also realize that that choice isn't right for everyone. That said, I wouldn't want your readers to think that diet alone was the cause of all your woes and I would encourage everyone to take a close look at what they put into their bodies as we all need to be fit and ready for a world made by hand.

Bukko Canukko: from one doomer to another, If you haven't yet found your spot to watch it all come down, might consider Costa Rica. have a bit of a nature lovers/food from the land/slower pace life style community here not far from the coast.

Help! Am I the only one in the column who saw
the "George Washington" blog in Zero Hedge March 19 quoting studies that it is not only humans getting fatter, but animals too:

Horses, monkeys, rodents wild and lab-raised, all getting fatter, all around the world. Also, human infants.

This cannot be kept quiet!

bisphenal A, estrogen, antibiotics, tributyltins, PCB's, pthalates .... We've all been hit. Help! Shout, someone!

"It's something in the environment" all right.

Traces of prozac was found in penguins in Antarctica. The prevailing conclusion being it is so heavily prescribed and used in such excess by patients, it enter the waste stream through urine and on to the riverways and ocean.

Mr. K,

Please also look into magnesium.

This is a good place to start...

The first rule to good health and long life, is NO pharmas and for gods sake, if the stuff gave you insomnia, why would you want to keep taking it. Rule #2 is at least 5 grams of Vitamin C EVERY day. Rule 3 is several bottles of German beer every day and several glasses of red wine preferably Paul Newman's Calif. as the French and Italians have a history of doctoring theirs. There was one Italian outfit that was selling gallons of the stuff until it was noticed they had no vineyards. You still might pitch over dead unexpectedly, but it is because Allah had written it.

The first rule to good health and long life, is NO pharmas and for gods sake, if the stuff gave you insomnia, why would you want to keep taking it. Rule #2 is at least 5 grams of Vitamin C EVERY day. Rule 3 is several bottles of German beer every day and several glasses of red wine preferably Paul Newman's Calif. as the French and Italians have a history of doctoring theirs. There was one Italian outfit that was selling gallons of the stuff until it was noticed they had no vineyards. You still might pitch over dead unexpectedly, but it is because Allah had written it.

BINGO!!! You nailed it! I'm 74, while I've watched so many of my generational peers suffer either or all of; great diminishment of mental capacity, general health decline, death while on their doctors' prescribed "cholesterol lowering drug and diet regime", I've refused to submit to my doctors' extortion of dire warnings which would have had me on a life-long course of expensive drugs and low animal fat diet.

Instead, I've researched the studies done in Europe and the medical "state of art" practices based upon those studies, plus the outcomes. Its a different picture all together.

Too though, I've exercised regularly and rigorously all my life, followed my own "balanced diet scheme" of local, organic, humane cage free and grass fed foods sources.

Sure, my testimonial is "anecdotal" rather than scientifically rigorous, but hell, I'm still running, biking and skiing and am regularly told that I look 10-15 years younger and my performance level is equal.

Martin L. Gross published his work "The Doctors" back in 1969, which was a critical review of medical practices and the education of doctors in the America. Little seems to have changed except for the higher cost to consumers, questionable health outcomes, and the increased profits to pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

Jim, I hate to tell you this but Obamacare is going global:

Maybe try consulting with Dr Weil. He's an old hippy (wrote a book about psychedelic mushrooms and getting high from eclipses) who has written many books about holistic medicine and the pitfalls of our current system. Even just talking to him online or on the phone might give you the direction to go. He is a licensed physician and seems to know both sides of the fence.

Being a doctor calls for compassion. But they are overwhelmed by the number of patients and in some case, the seriousness of the cases. So at best they close down emotionally. Others become sadistic and mocking. I had one who suceeded in scaring me one day in his office and then I saw him despise me for it. A Monster enjoying the power trip his authority allowed him. Fired the sum bitch.

A price has been put on George Zimmerman's head by the New Black Panther Party. The Mainstream Media has no objections. Why should they since they have already tried and conviced Mr Zimmerman? Needless to neither Obama nor Eric "My People" Holder have any objections either.

Mr Zimmerman is now described as a White Hispanic. At first he was just White. This is important because he has to be somehow White in order to fit the Racist Narrative the Media is pushing.

There is such a thing as White Hispanic but Mr Zimmerman is not one. He is obviously a Mestizo so the narrative fails.

Dear Jim:

I suggest you get a second opinion in Israel. Their medical community is excellent and hardly under the thrall of Big Pharma. (I would also suggest Cuba). Smell the flowers and be well.


Ricardo Villanueva


I loved this one. Thanks.

I wrote a letter to a clinic back in the 80's and called it: Burn, cut, and poison type of treatment. Them greedy bastards have been trying to knock me down ever since. But then, so has just about every other criminal - and their money grubbing enterprises - I dissed over the years...

I'm still alive. Good thing you figured it out so you can live longer too.

That's an inspiring story. You certainly sound more cogent than the majority of the 'healthy' folks I've seen posting on the net. I'm a believer in living way past the typical 'old' age the medical establishment tells us is only about 80. I think we can live pretty healthy and active until about 100 or even longer.

Anyway, its inspiring to see JHK tell off his doctor like that – and to find out he was actually taking massive bribes for the exact drug he prescribed! I'm impressed that he offered the recommendation to the naturopath, though – seems like he has some semblance of humanity left in him.

Ironic that we having a healthcare discussion as "Obamacare" goes to the Supremes. OC seems like a cobbled together Frankensteinian hybrid but the principle of full participation by the presently healthy and the presently ill, young and old, is basic to any universal plan. Only the American dread of "socialism" (encouraged by the Medical/Insurance corporations and their Republican touts) prevents us from having the healthcare system most civilized countries have developed. Which work quite well, cost less and radically reduce the stress (a disease initiator) of dealing with health issues, including bankruptcy.

The same fear of alleged "socialism" is blocking any progress towards improvements for the general good of the nation. For example: George Will denouncing Amtrak (and trains in general) as a threat to "individualism" and any improvements as a move to "collectivism". I guess we are all supposed to be in our private jets and helicopters, like the 1% actually are. The arrogance of these dinosaur brains is ruining our country.

Anybody ever seen red cucumbers before?
And I ain't talkin' about Geronimo!

Just ordered some.

I am amazed that your doctor gave your the name of an osteopath/naturopath. Many doctors act like alternative practitioners don't even exist,or say that they are quacks. So at least give him credit for that and maybe go see the person he suggested. Of course, your health plan might not cover the alternative practitioner. Even here in Canada our government-run universal health care plan won't cover much in the way of alternatives because of the undue influence MDs and the pharmaceutical companies have with the government.

Astute observation and contained therein is the answer to the age old riddle of how the king and a hundred guards keeps a thousand peasants working in the fields.

WARNING... Practicing Tai Chi has many side effects, such as throwing away your medications. It will make you strong, limber and energetic. Big Pharma does not want you to heal yourself. The Zone Diet, by Barry Sears... it's balanced. The Zone saved my wife, who fell for the low fat BS. What makes a gorilla strong? Raw food, mostly veggies. Try the Gorilla Diet. Get your green smoothies with flax seed and olive oil. I am 63 and my friends call me the "human rototiller". The last time I saw a doctor was in 1998. I am 5' 10" and weigh 145. If you want to give your money to an MD, go ahead. It's a racket. They just want to do surgery to remove your wallet. Practice the Eight Brocades of Tai Chi and you will sleep well and get laid more often. Sugar is an addictive poison, and it is the most commonly used drug in this land. Bread came into our evolution only moments ago (5000 years ago?) Nature will heal you. Meditate.

Hey CFT, duct tape and popsicle sticks are great for a busted finger or toe, and ribs will heal themselves. It only hurts when you laugh. Let me know how you make out with the compound femur fracture. You gotta know that hurts. especially when DR. Sawbones pulls out the ol' crosscut! All is not lost though, you will at the minimum have a musket ball to bite down on. ;o)

Jim, your symptoms suggest "Late onset Tay Sachs", possibly. Regards.

JHK, you need a better doctor. They exist. Though I take a statin too, it's a generic, $10 for 90 days worth, and I doubt the poor doc gets much of a cut. I've had no side effects even at 80mg/day.

My doc advises me to keep exercising, eat a balanced diet, and not to smoke any more cigars than he smokes.

He's old school. These GPs do still exist. Find one and live a good life. Something will get us all, in the end. If Kurzweil is correct, I'll move my brain into some amazing cyborg love-machine body.

If he's wrong, which I suspect he is, I'll die like my ancestors. So it goes.

Do you ever question the statement that doctors are so smart? Well, half of them graduated in the lower half of their class. And did you ever look at the IQ statistics comparing various faculties at top universities. The lowest quartile in the hard sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry) is above the top quartile in medicine. The facts show that the very smartest don't become your local doctor or specialist. The very smartest are busy and hidden in labs and research institutes and won't ever see you. And you may never meet one. It doesn't mean that doctors are stupid, but let's not confuse them with the very clever ones.

The healthcare industry prevents us from having health, the energy industry prevents us from having clean sustainable energy and the 2 party/Corporate lobbyist system prevents us from having a representational Democracy.

So, yeah, prevention is the key.

Hey Rick, Those height to weight figures are a bunch of crap, I don't have a clue as to JHK's build. All I know is I'm 75" tall and weigh 215, I also have a freakish 82" wingspan. If I weighed the recomended 185 I would be the walking dead. I have a super athlete buddie who is 5'8" and weighs about 190, He is classified as obese and he has hardly any body fat on him. I know he could kick my ass. We are all differant and cannot be classsified but some arbritary chart.





So I found this website and It turns out that I am a super extra duper large frame, My elbow measures over 4 1/2" wide.

Your reply, sagacious though it may be, seems to have no relevance to my original comment. Are you sure you didn't press the wrong 'reply' button?

Also Companies in the United States are begining to ask for people's facebook pin so they can evaluate their private lives - have to make sure they are a good fit and don't harbor dangerous thoughts.

Oh sorry.

health is wealth for all of us. but for the system, sickness is wealth. which one do you choose? which one can you afford?
stay well jim. you are one of my favorites!

I've worked with a lot of doctors over the years and you are quite correct. Many have belts that don't go through all the loops. People with common sense need not apply. Someone burned to a crisp and the asshole asks" Was this guy in a fire?" Bang , To the fuckin' moon Alice! have become such a whining internet narcissist.

I just saw an ad for this awesome device that you just strap on to your waist and it sends pulses of electricity to your abdomen. They say it melts away fat and gives you the flat, ripped stomach that you deserve. It has to be true because I saw it on TV, and the FCC would not allow the ad if it was patently false. What I like about this device is that you don't really have to change your diet or even "exercise" the old fashioned way. If I order today I get a two-fer, so I'm gonna get one for my girlfriend. We'll be "beach-ready" by June!!

Jim - A local doctor recommends flaxseed oil capsules to reduce cholesterol levels. There's no need for a prescription and they seem to work.

These pundits and think tankers are paid to promote these delusional and unsustainable paradigms of self interest.

"I guess we are all supposed to be in our private jets and helicopters, like the 1% actually are."

How about one final act of government socialism where the government delivers to each man, woman, and child one of these advertised free dvd's on "how to become a millionaire."

What's up Doc ? If you really need the abuse, don't forget to schedule your appointment a month in advance.
That or try to get a job as a caddy at your Doctor's
local golf and country club. You can always pick up a good investment tip at the 19th tee.

I believe that there are good people in medicine, but the major theme of this website applies: All of our systems have been corrupted by the love of money and we have to prepare ourselves for the inevitable crash of our corrupt systems. For some it is attempts at reform and educating the public, for some it is cut and run, for some it is to attempt to profit from the chaos, for most of us it is to simplify our lives and build a support network of like-minded poeple.

Glad you're doing a B12 panel. Let us know what the result is next week, if you will. I heard a figure: 40% of adults are b12 deficient, and you may have seen wikipedia on b12. In can be deadly, and sometimes sublingual doses don't work -- you may have pernicious anaemia. Long term b12 deficiency may also explain your neuropathy. And memory loss.

Still our collective titties get in twirl over things like diet, so here I believe Michael Pollan has some sage advice: eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

well, I just wrote a whole page of comments for Jim with materials on where to find more information, but when the system asked me to sign in, all of it was GONE :(

Hey Tancred, that there electro belt of which you speak is not new. I realize you are being sarcastic but it is a tragic comedy in this country of what we have become and what people will buy off the TV. They watch Dr. Ph-Ph-Ph-Phil and send in their welfare money for this witch-doctor bullshit. Meanwhile they "guzzle coke and eat cheese-doodles" to paraphrase JHK.Then we can get a new heart like Dickless Cheny. It probably cost the taxpayers 500 large.Should of let the dead-eye shot-gun shootin' no-dick sumbitch pass quietly into the night.Heart-less bastard, I wonder who died so that he may live. Probably someone from Afganistan.


I'm super busy today getting ready to move from Indiana to Texas, but after reading your column today I just have to respond.

You and I have communicated before. I'm a board certified internist and medical oncologist and spent my entire career (31 years) in clinical cancer research, doing trials of new cancer drugs in patients with advanced cancer. I also have a graduate degree in biochemistry.

I heartily concur with your conclusions on the human experiment of which you were the unwitting subject. While I sympathize deeply with your sufferings, your sharing of your terrible experience and your questioning of medical orthodoxy give me cause for joy that, at least for some of us, the capacity for reality observation and reason bestowed by the Creator is not yet snuffed out. My hat is off to you -- and what follows will help show you just how correct your conclusions are.

In the interest of brevity, I will respond using a numbered list.

1. You are correct that the statin drugs can cause serious side effects, including myopathy, neuropathy, and liver disease. The "brain fog" you experienced is well described, and as it turns out happened to my sister, a PhD clinical psychologist who lectured at Sonoma State University to graduate students there. She mistakenly thought her increasing forgetfulness in lectures was the result of getting older, and she resigned from the faculty thinking it would only get worse. It turned out to be the same "brain fog" you had, which resolved completely over about 4 months after she took herself off the statin drug for her high cholesterol.

2. Statins can also cause myopathy, mainly by depleting a vital factor in intermediary metabolism called coenzyme Q. This effect is quite common, and many physicians I know put their patients taking statins on daily coenzyme Q supplements.

3. Statins are increasingly being recognized as a cause of peripheral neuropathy which can take years to resolve. Googling "statins neuropathy peripheral" yielded over 600,000 hits, with many in scholarly medical journals.

4. The dogma I grew up with during all of my medical training -- that a diet rich in eggs, fats, and low in carbs leads to high cholesterol -- is not supported by evidence from ongoing nutritional studies. And conversely, going on a diet with virtually no exogenous cholesterol ( that is, no eggs, oysters, liver, beef), very low saturated animal fat, and calories principally from carbohydrate does not reduce cholesterol. In fact, some studies have shown such a diet increases cholesterol and leads to obesity and diabetes.

5. Almost all of the cholesterol found in the serum comes not from cholesterol ingested (say from eggs), nor from animal fats, but is made in the liver. This is an enormously important fact, because genetics plays a leading role over diet in determining any given person's cholesterol level.

6. Contrary to the "dogma" cited above, going on the Atkins' diet (carbs are severely shunned in favor of protein and fat) most often results in a reduction of serum cholesterol, especially if the protein contains fish and chicken in generous amounts). The weight loss associated with this diet is ideal for diabetics, who frequently must reduce their dose of insulin.

7. Counting my training in clinical research at NIH, I spent 35 years in clinical research. I am increasingly distressed that nearly all research protocols involving human patients are conceived and designed by large pharmaceutical companies. While the protocols are nearly always very safe and well controlled, the outcome of a specific trial involving comparison of drug A against drug B is too often built directly into the basic trial design. There is no direct cheating or improper use of statistics. Rather, the very trial design structure and framework is biased in favor of one arm of the study over the other. You need to be a seasoned clinical researcher to detect this bias, and you need to know the ins and outs of the disease being treated in minute detail. I can tell you, such bias is the case with many trials approved by FDA and Institutional Review Boards, and these trials are the basis for approval and marketing of a drug.

So, Jim, you probably did not realize just how correct you are when you wrote today's blog, and how supported your conclusions are by hard empirical scientific data. Thanks for sharing your observations, conclusions, and beliefs.

Robert L. Nelson, MD, FACP, ABIM, ABMO

James, if you've read anything by Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD, you'd could rest more easily knowing that total cholesterol numbers by themselves are a poor indicator of cardiovascular health. You want to look at it in more detail.

For example, are your triglycerides low and is your fasting blood sugar low? Then you have an abundance of good pattern "A" LDL and not too much of the bad pattern "B" LDL. Is your beneficial HDL above 50? Then you have the flip side covered as well.

Jim, I recommend a steady diet of fried pork rines, carmel candy, corn chips, cheeze doodles, and those oversized but tasty turkey legs they sell at the county fair ... washed down with a can of chilled Moxie.

That'll set ya straight!


Very interesting to hear about the kickbacks. I have long suspected such as I am a nurse working in a hospital and I notice trends in medications prescribed to patients for no particular reason. Protonix, a proton pump inhibitor, is one such example. It amazes me that most people will just take whatever the Dr. prescribes and never question what the med is for. Many are on five or more meds and I believe as the list gets longer the meds are treating side effects of other meds. And the number of people on mood altering drugs makes me wonder how we ever coped with life before them. you are right. The system is a mess--down right broken--and I believe most Drs are in it for the big bucks. Their families are living large off the ignorance of others. Oh yeah, and most nurses would agree.

One more recommendation:



Man Silverdollar doctor, You have a bunch of ini. after your tag. I believe you actually may know of what you speak! Can we have words? Since JHK started writing about his statin trip last week posters have been coming from under the baseboards. I went through this dingle-dance in '09. I had a physical and my LDL's were sky high,my hdl was also high, the ratio ldl/hdl was very favovable. My PA no nothing pill pusher said I needed statins. I was 260. I said hey, how about I lose some weight? She says, Oh it's too late for that. I say yea ok. She gives me a scrip which I never fill. I drop from 265 to 215 and remain there to this day. UH-OH in the process I come down with A-Fib, arrythmyia,Family problems and all. Sucks the root. Feels like a guy is playing a tom-tom on your chest. So I go to MA GEN, one of the best hospitals in the USA. I needed an electrician, not a plumber. They have a 3 million dollar lab. He went in my leg, pierced the septum in my heart and burned me more then 100 times. Modern medicine is a god-damn miracle. I don't give a shit about what you say.

Nothing to do with peak oil but I guarentee many of you will come down with this shit. I pick people up all the time. Live a life of coumadin!

This is so awesome. "A rather intemperate fellow."


I'm not saying the above in order to dominate or for any hidden agenda. We all know about the AMA being in the dark ages and Big Pharma not only being corrupt but also operating on the big error of imposing chemistry upon people as a solution for good health.

Western Medicine has failed you (as it does and will everyone).

This is the basic basic basic common denominator of all of nutritional science. Any nutritionist, dietician, etc. who doesn't start with this is in the dark ages and will endanger your health.
One man's food is another man's poison. The same goes with vitamins and supplementation (which is another subject in itself). You have to discover what the correct foods are for your specific metabolic type, as well as the percentage of protein, fats and carbohydrates that should be on your plate so that your food gives your body exactly what it needs in the correct balance. There is much more to attaining and maintaining good health of course but THIS is where you START.

Read William Wolcott's "The Metabolic Typing Diet". You can immediately take the test in the book and discover your general metabolic type and then follow the diet program within. The most optimum action would be to go to his group HealthExcel and pay for a consultant and get the full battery of tests to achieve total exactitude and then get a customized program for yourself (which will take the damage from statin drugs, wrong diet, etc. into account).

Functional medicine is the cutting edge. It addresses you as an individual and on a wholistic level. It is the most advanced approach to health and medicine. Functional medicine utilizes all aspects of healing: conventional Western medicine; alternative medicine; wholistic; Chinese; Ayurvedic; etc. etc. It is all based on you as an individual, finding the causes and ignoring the symptoms, determing which medical protocol fits your specific needs and is the least invasive yet most effective for your needs. Everything stems from your condition on a cellular level and mental level.

Go to Sanoviv in Baja Mexico. This is the state of the art Functional Medicine institute. Do the 4 day diagnostic program which will enable them to zero in on your problems and their causes and put you on the correct program. (By the way, the diet at this hospital is based on HealthExcel technology.)

If you want to save yourself and have a longer more healthy life I suggest that you immediately go online and check out Sanoviv, fill out the online form, schedule a free consultation with a doctor, get all your questions answered, schedule your visit for the diagnostics, buy the Wolcott book and a plane ticket and start reading it on the plane to Sanoviv.

I know what I'm talking about. I've read the book, been on the HealthExcel program for over 15 years and I've been to Sanoviv for the diagnostics and treatment.

It will be the most amazing experience that you've ever had as regards your health and well-being. And you will get the knowledge needed to get repaired and healthy again (you will have escaped the false data and corruption of Western Medicine, the AMA and Big Pharma).

Thanks Silverdoctor. Very interesting view of clinical studies.

On another note, I'm trying to brainstorm all the medical fads I've seen come and go:

* Hypoglycemia: half my friends in high school (mid 70's) came down with it. It was crazy.

* Butt-jiggling: I don't know where this came from (probably not M.D.'s) but they used to have these machines at spas in the 1960's where you would put a big belt around your butt and attach it to the jiggle machine. You could read a magazine and get rid of your butt fat at the same time.

* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: in my opinion the folks that have this problem also have co-morbid psych problems. Which comes first, the crazy dependency and "victim" mentality or the fatigue?

* I don't know if it's a fad or not, but the DSM is getting rid of the Aspberger's diagnosis.

Anyone have other maladies to add to this list?

After years of ignoring my high blood pressure (210/160 when I finally succumbed to medication, I did, however, continue to resist cholesterol busters. The good effect of the BP meds however, turned me and I agreed to a statin. Erk! Besides utterly disturbing a great and effectively regular bowel into constant constipation,they also left me feeling constantly 'empty',so I ate, and in 2 months I added 5 kilos.

I dumped them last month - in the face of medical protest, but we have to assert our rights. Lower cholesterol was NOT worth the side effects. Interestingly, I was initially told by the GP (a locum) that the statins worked by reducing the uptake of this 'dread substance'from the bowel. A little research later showed that instead, statins (or at least in the case of THIS one) are designed to REDUCE the amount of cholesterol the liver produces,which didn't sound like a wise course of action to me. So, cholesterol is back up to 5.0 (190 in US language).

As an aside, here in New Zealand we have socialised health care. The meds for the BP (Amlodopine & Inhabace Plus) cost me $3 per script each, or $24 per ANNUM, total. Still a weight loss programme which has knocked off 7 kilos (15 lbs) so far, should see the need for these diminish.

I'm with you, RipT. I have the utmost respect for MDs. They do indeed perform miracles every day. My neighbor is a doctor. I'm astonished by the worry, concern and compassion she shows her patients even when she is off duty. These doctors are the best among us.


Thank you for a very interesting and informative commentary on the whole "healthcare" racket. It just so happens that my first cousin is married to a plastic surgeon in his early 50's who recently adopted a low-fat, low carb diet after discovering that he was diabetic even though he was in top physical condition. Meanwhile, yours truly, who is six foot two, weighs 240 pounds, has high blood pressure and high cholesterol, went in for tests and my blood sugar level was fine. Did I also mention I am 44, had a tumor removed from my large intestine 4 years ago and hardly ever exercise?

Another interesting week's work, JHK.*

Remember, please, modern medical practice my be a metaphor for life in American Griftopia - but it is only a metaphor. In other words, medical practice is not going to take down American society, it will take something more important than medical practice to everyday life - say the end of cheap and easy oil, for example.

Still, good on you for standing up to your doctors, James. Maybe the typical moron-American needs constant wet nursing over medications and dosages; but persons of average intelligence should be able to question any physician without eliciting a response such as this one:

"Other people are waiting out there to see me!" Then he pointed at me and said, "You are going to die of a heart attack or a stroke!"

This son of a bitch should NOT be in contact with the public - let alone serving as an adviser to individuals concerning life-or-death medical choices.

Ripped Thunder - I have no idea why you seem to be challenging the SilverDoctor, above. Your coronary ablation procedure (which I'm glad was successful, btw!) has nothing to do with what SilverDoctor, MD, was posting about.

WSP - I really have no idea why you are backing RT, in the manner you are.

Modern medicine is a modern miracle, I agree.
It will also kill you.
Most doctors are intelligent, well-trained, and have good intentions.
Let's not say that their advice is always perfect.

And let's consider the possibility that low fat diets and WideSpread statin use has become a self-referential circle - to the detriment of the overall health of society.
One more thing - what's with the multiple and obstreperous defenses of VEEganism, that we keep seeing on CFN in challenge to JHK's new diet choices?

Humans evolved as omnivores. It only takes a little animal protein for health, but it does take a little. Until recently, this need for animal protein was probably met by the occasional weevil in the rice, or by the occasional mouse ground into the flour.

Thus, STRICT veganism is a modern invention - destined to go the way of many other modern inventions, at the end of the age of fossil fuels.

*Thanks to you as always, JHK.

raw dandelion greens 4 to 5 times a week.
4 cloves raw garlic a day
hawthorn berry extract 1 capsule with each meal
omnivore in moderation
cholesterol 130

best to all,

Jim-I was on the MINIMAL dose of 5 mg Crestor daily for a year.
My TOTAL cholesterol went from 220 to 140. My doctor also cheerfully informed me that I had 'borderline to serious' kidney damage as a result of taking Crestor. Since I value my kidneys, and do not relish being on dialysis the rest of my life (I am 48) I stopped taking Crestor and refused to go on Lipitor or any other statins. My doctor then said that I probably didn't need a statin anyway since my HDL's are so high. WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS THE HDL TO LDL RATIO, SINCE HDL'S PACKAGE AND REMOVE THE DANGEROUS LDL'S FROM THE BLOOD.
It also helps alot to get DAILY strenuous aerobic exercise, and NOT to be a sedentary, junk-food eating pig..

A few years after that, she was diagnosed with leukemia, which subsequent doctors absolutely ascribed to that medication; it was one of the first questions they asked her: "Did you ever take such-and-so medication for arthritis?"

Iatrogenic disease is the third most fatal disease in the USA.

Modern medicine kills over 100,000 people and maims and disables over 2 million people every year ... year after year through medical mistakes and iatrogenic infections.

Best to stay away from doctors and hospitals and rely on diet, exercise, and meditation to lower stress through relaxation response.


A few years after that, she was diagnosed with leukemia, which subsequent doctors absolutely ascribed to that medication; it was one of the first questions they asked her: "Did you ever take such-and-so medication for arthritis?"

Iatrogenic disease is the third most fatal disease in the USA.

Modern medicine kills over 100,000 people and maims and disables over 2 million people every year ... year after year through medical mistakes and iatrogenic infections.

Best to stay away from doctors and hospitals and rely on diet, exercise, and meditation to lower stress through relaxation response.

James, please get "Cholesterol DOWN" by Janet Bond Brill.

What was that about Rule Number Three to stay healthy? Three bottles of German beer a day?

Bottoms up!

Despite all the defects in U.S. health care, there are many doctors with many different views and approaches. Best wishes in finding one soon that will work for you.

I have been using Olive Leaf Extract with excellent results for infections. The active ingredient oleuropein is a wide-spectrum antibiotic and antiviral compound and I have personally gotten over antibiotic resistant pneumonia in less than a week with it. I have given it to friends with similar results on a lingering (longer than 3 month) cough. I have also had good success at preventing contracting cold and flu bugs by taking a small dose when everyone else at work seems to be dying. I typically use the standardized 20% 750mg pills in a 60 count bottle. For an infection I take 2 with each meal until the bottle is gone. For prevention 1 in the morning, and one in the evening.

"it is a tragic comedy in this country of what we have become and what people will buy off the TV."

Nail on head, hit!

I was indeed being sarcastic. It's the debt-relief "services" ads that bug me the most. IRS tax relief,"free"computer and flat screen for debt relief, ambulance chasing law firms, ...though there is a really funny Hoveround scooter ad that cracks me up in that "tragic comedey" way. It's got this big fat dude singing in his scooter (he looks about 40): "Hoveround takes me where I wanna go, where will it send me..." Talk about denial and normalization of dysfunction.

The human body has from 1 to 100 trillion cells - in other words, pretty much the size of our national debt in dollars. Most of them are doing something, interacting with some of the other 250 human cell types. And that's not including all the bacteria and viruses inhabiting us. The human body is monstrously complicated. No wonder that medicine is so contradictory and contraversial. We know so much and so little about our bodies.

Against this nearly infinitely complex backdrop, medical science struggles to develop treatments and medicines to relieve and cure our many possible ailments.

Very few drugs hit a homerun. Medical specialists rate a drug's efficacy by statistics. Take a medical condition, learn the number of sufferers in each category of severity, then see how those numbers change in test subjects. Of course this is an oversimplification, but basically that's the process. If the drug creates a significant positive result, the drug is eventually marketed. "Significant" may be defined by the drug-maker, the FDA, other groups and individuals, or common sense.

For instance, a new treatment for acne may need an 80% improvement rate to be marketed, while a drug that can halt a deadly disease in 10% of 100,0000 terminal patients annually, thus saving 10,000 people per year, can be called a breakthrough. That it can be called such, despite it not helping 9 out of 10 people who take it,is very telling and shows how badly people need to know the parameters in every form of medical treatment - which most people don't.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that medical drugs are a numbers game based on statistics, and aren't meant to help everyone who takes them, so learn the numbers. The same also goes for surgical procedures.

I wouldn't rule out any medicine, diet or surgery until I learned what it can do for me, the probabilities of success, and the contravening, i.e. side effects, and then weigh whether or not it's worth it to me to proceed.

Dropping out of long-time lurk mode to comment on this. Whether or not you're taking statins, JHK, you do need to normalize your cholesterol (and your triglycerides, which I presume are also sky-high). Your doctor is right about one thing. You really ARE heading straight for a heart attack or stroke in the not too distant future. Such a fate is avoidable.

If you're going to do this with diet, one of the best ways to do it is Agatston's South Beach Diet, which is controlled carb, not low carb. Since you're not overweight, you may be able to start with Phase III (the maintenance phase), and avoid the stricter, weight-loss phases.

It really works, and much better than Atkins, for no other reason than that it's one of the few "popular" diets that most people can actually stick with over the long haul, because it's a very enjoyable way to eat. If you stick with it, your cholesterol, triglycerides and BP will normalize within a few weeks to a few months, even without exercise. I can attest to this personally (total cholesterol 129 (LDL 71, HDL 48), triglycerides 51, glucose 85, BP 120/80).

My peripheral neuropathy. A few years ago I thought it would be a good idea to go to nursing school. In the first semester we were giving each other the blunt/sharp test. I failed, couldn’t tell the difference. I had peripheral neuropathy.

I seemed to have good circulation and I didn’t have any labs out of the ordinary. Nobody I talked to had a clue about this. I went to County General Hospital to try to find out, the kind of place that handles several gunshot victims every day. They basically took one look at pretty healthy me and told me to go away.

I went to a VA clinic where a paramedic did a blunt/sharp test and said, yes, it seems you have neuropathy. So I talk to a VA doctor for a minute or two. He had no idea what to do about it. But at least I have a diagnosis.

Later I’m in a hospital room assisting with a patient. In the other bed a patient is getting tested with electrodes by a neurologist. I’m listening. At the end of the testing the neurologist tells the patient he has peripheral neuropathy. Patient asks “What do we do about this?” Doctor says “We don’t have anything for this but we’ll keep track of developments.” I figure there’s no reason to ask this doctor about my problem.

I Google peripheral neuropathy. Some pages in I come across something that might be interesting. There is a process called glycation that can cause peripheral neuropathy. Cysteine amino acids on your protein strands cross-link through a glucose molecule. This tends to wreck the structure and function of the protein. A lot of critical pieces of you are made of protein so this isn’t good.

An early symptom of this cross-linking glycation is peripheral neuropathy and there are all kinds of other bad things that follow. This neuropathy is caused by the demylenization of nerves, kind of like what happened in Lorenzo’s Oil, if you ever saw that.

This glycation happens to diabetics, with all that glucose, but non-diabetics, especially those a little older, can suffer from this too. What to do? There is a substance called aminoguanadine that seems can control this, maybe even reverse some damage. Further, it seems to be no-toxic. Better still, it’s cheap.

You can’t seem to get this in the US. But you can get it shipped to you from overseas. A hundred pills costs about $30, you take four a day. I’ve been doing this for four years now and it works for me. You can go online and get all the information you want about this. I am not a doctor and have no financial interest here.

A personal note on medical statistics: About 20 years ago my wife developed a goiter-like growth under her chin in the thyroid area. She went to a specialist who naturally wanted to do a biopsy to make sure she didn't have a malignant tumor. This was after blood tests to see if her thyroid was functioning normally - which it was.

She did the biopsy and it came back ok. We asked the doctor how sure he was that there was no cancer. The doctor said the biopsy was 95% accurate. We took that to mean there was still a 1 in 20 chance she did have thyroid cancer. We asked him if there was a way to make 100% sure. He said there was. He could shut down her thyroid for a period of time - (90 days?), during which period she would take thyroid pills. At the end of the period another type of test could be done that would remove the 5% uncertainty.

So here's the thing - what do we evaluate? It was my wife's decision. Does she go through another test, take extra pills to insure certainty, or does she live with a 1 in 20 chance that she has thyroid cancer? There was no right answer, really. It came down to how comfortable she was with only 95% certainty. In the end, she elected to go through the additional procedure. After the 90 days, she took another test and it came back fine. Now she had 100% certainty.

I could see another person in the same situation saying that the doctor was just trying to drive up their medical bills with more useless testing, you know how doctors are - and elect to live with the small uncertainty. I don't think money-grubbing would be the issue at all; it wouldn't be about the bad state of the health care industry, yet this person might complain about doctors to all their friends. Rather, it would really be about personal choice and differing comfort levels.That's why I don't rely on anecdotal evidence, I try to learn for myself.

Jim- my wife recommends Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.....includes old-fashioned animal fats! yessir, that is what us omnivores need.

This guy is the man for AFIB, tell him I sent you.

Nice testimony as to why there are so many different opinions on health.

With regards to statistics & drug efficacy, that is the main thrust of "The China Study", by Colin Campbell when it comes to evaluating diets. He appoints a rating system based upon the statistical significance of various dietary effects.

Yeah I know, I was all, liek - *WTF* "The Creator"

He covered his ass - musta been ineligible for that (malpractice) ***MEGA INSURANCE*** that "DOC"z must possess...

doesn't James wish he had written Hunger Games? what an awesome flick!

Quitting caffeine got rid of my peripheral neuropathy and memory issues. The improvement in my mental function has been amazing, and I only drank one cup of coffee a day. I agree 100% that high cholesterol is caused by refined sugar/white carbs more than anything else. I also agree that statins are very damaging. My father is on them and he has suffered from insomnia the whole time. Thankfully his memory is fine and he doesn't have muscle atrophy but everyone is different. Bottom line, we do not need these drugs to live healthy, long lives, but the drugmakers and doctors DO need us NOT to live healthy lives. Sad but true.

When doctors see patients, and 90% of them don't take their meds, don't take advice, or can't, or lie about their habits, or simply misrepresent them, and then ask the puzzle to be solved at every check-up, they have a right to be frustrated.

When JHK goes in and advises his doctor that he is disregarding the treatment program, what is the doctor supposed to do, validate him?

The doc may be taking free money from Astra Zenica. But it doesn't prove his diagnosis is wrong.

This thread is moribund. By all means let us be morbid but never morose. The skull is already grinning - we are already dead after all, it just takes awhile for the fan to stop spinning once the plug is pulled. We've been dying since the moment of conception when our life began.

How can I turn this to Race? I can't - even my not inconsiderable powers are failing me. Is it joy I feel? Poor Grendel's had an accident. So may you all.

It seems many things cause neuropathy. It may be a general symptom like nausea or headache. Hopefully Jim's will fade as his health improves. My one or two cups of coffee a day seem to fill me with a bitter after taste. It's probably time for me to quit as well, but I don't want to. I like it.

Life seems to be about Renounciation more than almost anything.

Good grief, Jim, you are such the rebel patient. But seriously, I have recently entered the health care system myself in the role of caregiver, and the behavior of your physician is nothing short of reprehensible. The doctors I have encountered have been professional, thorough and caring, and the quality of care has been excellent.

Unfortunately, your (former) doctor is a product of our fix-it-with-a-drug culture, and obviously can't think outside the box. Kickbacks from big pharma are the norm.

Alternative medicine is plentiful here out west, and traditional MD's are starting to integrate Eastern and alternative practices in a more holistic approach. I know lots of people in your local area, but no doctors, but I'm guessing you'll get some good suggestions. You could inquire at the National College of Natural Medicine, based here in Portland, to get a local referral. Don't rule out traditional medicine entirely--you just got a crappy doctor. Best of luck in your quest for better health.

First, thank you for this site. I recommend it to all my friends.

Second, my girlfriend had similar problems using Lipitor. She had loss of feeling, loss of motor control, and sometimes would simply collapse, unable to walk, or even crawl. We were both afraid she would become an invalid. Doctors thought she had MS, Lou Gehrig's disease, etc. Finally, her primary care physician took her off Lipitor. Her symptoms cleared up in two days. Gone. As I understand it, Crestor is related, and has similar side effects in some patients.

I find the money angle disturbing, to say the least.

I think the wholistic/naturopathic practitioners are just as much or more of of a cult as MD's. They're just as much out to sell you something. It's like Sunnis vs. Shiia, or Catholics vs. Protestants.

There was a movement a while ago where some MDs refused to accept insurance. Their charges were a bit lower, but you paid in cash. They weren't inclined to order a lot of unnecessary tests. If you could verify that one of these wasn't on the take from the drug companies you'd have a winning combination.

A place to start researching a lucrative career in med-sin!:

Rake it on in; it's the 'murkin grifters way...

Speaking of choices; I'm a "Fop" man, m'self. ;o)

Seriously though, being able to eat a healthy diet is also highly dependent on wealth if you're not growing it on your own patch. It's all a little insane.

Nice Poe quote, Pedal Pusher.

Poe found out himself first hand about that at age 38 after a night of remarkable debauchery in the gin mills if Richmond, Va. Poor guy literally drank himself to death, paving the way for Jack London, Scott Fitzgerald and Jack Kerouac in the next century. Poe was a trailblazer in many ways.


There are a lot of smart people here. Maybe one of you could post on the state of health and medical care before the advent of modern western medicine, say, before the creation of antibiotics around 1930, or the polio vaccine in 1955.

My sense is that we are much healthier now than in the past; things that would kill us a century ago no longer do, and the average life expectancy keeps going up (to almost 80 now)


On a larger scale, I wonder if some of our cultural attitudes toward health aren't relics of an earlier time when we didn't live so long and were more prone to dying of whatever came along.

My grandfather lived to the age of 96, and he died in his living room, reading the paper, with a cigar in the ashtray and a half-drunk Manhattan on the end-table. The last few years of his life, my mother (born 1945) had been on his case to stop the alcohol and the cigars. I asked her, "What, are you worried he's going to die too young?" We had to cancel a new-car order he had placed, and a couple of local businesses had to find somebody else to do their taxes for them.

How old are you, Jim? You've probably told us, and I forgot. It doesn't matter. How much longer do you really think you're going to live? 20 years? 30 years? Do you think you can outrun the inevitable breakdown of body processes? Judging from your analysis of other issues, I'd guess you have a realistic view. If you live a full life and do what you want to do, and when you die they find you were just this side of "the big one," I'd say you win.

I'm 45 and I figure I'm about half done. If I get to 90 fairly lucid and able to move around and do most of what I feel like doing, what more is there? Why would I want to make weekly parades to the doctor and the pharmacist to eat chemicals to do...what exactly?

My mother and others of her generation (no offense meant) seem to have this idea that everyone should live forever and nothing bad should ever happen. Worrying about that saps the fun out of a lot of their lives. Meanwhile, they're getting older, they're going to die at some point, and rather than living they're worrying about dying, and eating all these chemicals that make it much less fun to live. I don't get it.

This is off topic but seemed to be interesting for those concerned about we will get around in the future.

Way to go Jim. I'm getting ready to dump my chemical breakfast and bedtime snacks soon myself. I'm just not sure nor confident about all the pills my doctor keeps piling on me.

He diagnosed me as a Type 2 Diabetic over 15 years ago when my blood sugar was 119 and my A1C was 6.5. I was put on Metforman and later Janumet when I complained that my blood sugar had jumped from 119 to 269 after starting the meds. He put me on Zocor just because he thought I should be taking it ? The new one is VICTOZA, an injectable that has sunk my blood sugar by 100 points but has some serious side affects. My goal is to get back down to 175# and stop all this shit.

One thing is fore sure, they sure don't want any questions. How about posting that web site so the rest of us over medicated readers can check it out.

I got a kick out you skeptically asking Jim how much longer he thought he was going to live while casually adding another 45 years to your column. Or at least that's how I read it, lol.

I recall reading a critique of a Michelangelo sonnet who, at the age of 45, was lamenting that 'he was close to death'. Forty-four years later and he had outlived a couple of popes, perhaps three.

Hello Sweeties, and dear Jim. I'm so sorry to hear about your suffering, and I know many of you commentators are in your own worlds of pain too.
If you commit to THREE WEEKS of Auntie River Happiness prescription YOUR HEALTH WILL QUANTITATIVELY IMPROVE. Not only that, you'll look better and people will be more warm and friendly toward you. YOUR LIFE WILL FEEL BETTER! This is an ironclad promise.
1) Make yourself smile frequently. If you're not a smiler, just pretend to smile, and soon real smiles will come easier. Practice while you're alone!
2) Every day list 3 different things you're grateful for.
3) Get a notebook or journal and WRITE DOWN one positive experience you had that day. Even if it's just noticing how bright the forsythia looked by the stop sign.
4) Watch something really funny, that makes you laugh out loud at least every other day.
5) If you get caught up thinking about something that upsets you or worries you, STOP and focus on your breathing for at least a half a minute. Quiet your mind.
6) Hug your loved ones every day. If you're alone, cuddle and hold your pet.
That's it. Jim, I hope you find your way to health and happiness. Don't just live in your mind. LIve in your heart. You are in mine.

Sorry to learn this, Jim.

Since you have opened your life to public review, I'll be blunt, even if it is unwelcome here in your cheering section.

Will "intractable insomnia" not also be a function of your harsh, self-agonizing prophesies?

Not merely of their content, either: the timetable. Frankly you have called for doom for a very long time, even sometimes fixing dates. Despite the keenness of your arguments and the roundness of your prose, it isn't here. Disaster keeps reneging on its many promises as civilization muddles on. Presidential elections keep being held. Stocks keep being traded by criminal and innocent alike. Even hateful suburbia chugs on, its "savage servility slid(ing) by on grease."

Such cognitive dissonance for the prophet doesn't breed sleep.

More carpe diem, and somewhat less carping per diem, may just bring you 40 winks.

This weekend was helping someone move, and afterwards we were hungry. Unfortunately, the only place near was McD's (yes, McD's is in CR). Not happy with this, but thought, well, since I haven't eaten junq food in years, it wont hurt, will it.
God, in an hour I felt like I'd eaten depleted uranium or just pure lead. It was awful. Never again. Plus it was $8 freaking bucks for a burger, fries & coke. I'll stick to a nice casado & agua fresca, thanks.

No wonder people in the USA are sick all the time and think they have to take all kinds of meds. Geez, people eat that crap every freaking day. I am reminded of the programming phrase: GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out. If you are putting garbage into your body, well, you are what you eat, eh?


Nice advice Auntie, You sound like my godmother! the forsythias just broke into blossom around here this week. I was driving wit' the wife and couldn't help pointing them out all over the place. They are a little early though which portends a hot and dry summer.

Your doctor, like many others, are like two-year-old babies with kitchen knives as toys. When the adults take their "toys" away they scream and cry. Doesn't mean you should let them keep playing with razor sharp instruments, does it?

Lots of good points about the importance of appropriate diet and exercise in the maintenance of good health. Also lots of advice from some who haven't got a clue. The science of medicine is not perfect but it's the best we have. Unfortunately, the art of medicine is likely to die out sooner rather than later.

As Americans are wont to say: Denial ain't a river in Eygpt. But it is certainly part of the human condition. I've seen enough evidence of that after more than 40 years sitting behind the other side of the desk. Most of that time spent "counselling" patients with diabetes.

Check out Evidence-based medicine database The British Medical Journal, Lancet and New England Medical Journal also give the layman a clue about the state we're in.

And Jim, suggest you come and check out the land of the yellow brick road sometime.

And the angles, all pallid and wan,
Uprising, unveiling, affirm
That the play is the tragedy, 'Man',
And its hero, the Conqueror Worm

Just in case some one could not find it WSP7

I love reading Poe. What a wonderful sicko. When I read "the Bells", I picture it as the verbal version of Munch's painting, "the Scream". I think Poe mainlined some wicked good dope - it must have been laced with something pretty potent. So, "As I ponder weak and weary", I wonder if, since I read Poe, I am sick, too.

Haha Bustin, sounds like a spring weekend in western MA Wanna go squirrel hunting? Tastes like chicken!
I did this hundreds of times as a kid. I imagine the hillbillies did it way more then me. I waz just a greasy ginzo from Italy!

When I posted yesterday about the number of cells in the human body I made a typo. I left off a "0" and it should have read ten trillion cells.

I hadn't read about the brain being part of the immune system - an interesting concept, although I've often imagined that the Earth considers mankind as bacteria or a virus, and the Earth's immune system is about to mount a response which will finally rid itself of the infection.

And the angles, all pallid and wan, - from Ripped, Wide and Pedal

The acute was faint, deficient in color, while the unnatural pallor of the right and obtuse suggested ill health, fatigue and unhappiness.

Strange, I had never thought of geometric shapes in terms of complexion... but that may be why I can't write like Poe.

Dear Jim,
keep us posted!.

This is just a pondering but, have you ruled out all the tick-borne diseases? That is, have you been tested using BOTH the ELIZA and Western Blot for the three or more tick borne diseases? it is much better than the CDC's protcol, although it is not perfect.

The standard MD test- for Lyme et al..( and the only recommended by the CDC-even though it has very high false negatives) is only an indirect detection test.

Our neighbor hood had multiple cases of late diagnosed Lyme,, some of us had previously false positives by the crappy CDC screening...One neighbor is now in a wheel chair, another -a trim 29 year old vegetarian who first had arthritis, had a stroke.. others of us have Chronic muscle pain, join pain, high C reactive protein and high cholesterol, sleep disorders, to mention just some things.
NYC is supposed to have the best diagnostic Tick borne skilled MDs. Time for Lyme is but one site with some info.. and I think links to MDs in the field.
I applaud your reconsidering your MD regime and hope you stay informed, and eventually find an MD who is better skilled.. they are out there.. cause,, well , we wish you to give 'em hell for a long time!

Hey, Q, I am so pissed! Did you marry my wife?

But then you have some of the town pump in you. Everybody does. So uncle bill may be gone but you resemble him.

The Worm that dieth not. We all have it. It' makes people want to blend all people together in a bland tan color and then call it diversity. Talk about comedy becoming tragedy.

Thanks, John, for the film tip. 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' is very interesting and engaging. I have just read the March Harper's cover story, 'Starving Your Way to Vigor'. It, too, is well worth reading regarding diet, drugs and medical practice. Juice Fasting probably won't fit in with TLE, but in the mean time it looks like something to try, especially for fighting obesity. The Juice Fasters in the film glowed! The Harper's article deals with the more hard core water fast. Again, the results are impressive and in times of shortage it might be something to have had some experience with. For now, I'm sticking with local omnivore and plenty of walking and outdoor activity, but the Juice Fast has piqued my interest! C

So Imeldia Marcos lives on! And never underestimate the feminine desire to "fit" into a size shoe that is 1/2 to one whole size smaller than her actual foot. Or are those days thankfully gone?

Well, what can you expect when fashion dictates that we walk around in heels that are 1/4 inch or so off the ground? And the pointy toes! They say that Ginger Roger could do everything that Fred Astaire did, only BACKWARDS in HIGH HEELS! Shucks, she sure looked good doing it, though. Just my two cents :D

But you get to enjoy the benefits of her toned body - or perhaps not. Likewise, if we have goverment health care - meaning paid for by the People - what right does anyone have to abuse the public trust and not exericse? Or smoke? Or not eat right?

We are signing our lives away with this Legislation. Even some Companies have begun to demand exercise since they foot the bill.

It's true the in futurity, a more advanced Humanity will consider it their duty to stay healthy for the good of All. But that presupposes a far higher level of personal responsibility than most people are willing to embrace. In any case, it can't be imposed from above.

Don't forget the newest: freeze your way to slimness. Burn that fat off with cold - your body's reaction is to stoke up the furnace.

The highest example is the Tumo of the Tibetan Monks. It was studied by Herbert Benson of Harvard who got to wire up some high practicioners that the Dalai Lama lead him to. They can meditate all night in the ice and snow with no injury.

Give it time. I would think it would take about 6 months to heal, if you've been poisoned by drugs or dietary deficiencies.

Personally, I do eat all the things listed, in moderation. I believe the body needs all those things and the modern advice to completely shun fats is dead wrong. I agree with Michael Pollan's advice to "Eat [natural, whole, not processed] Foods, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants."

Make sure you find good organic food. Yes, organic is a racket, too, but I think it's better to find organically grown foods than the alternative. Eat in season, the way "god" intended.

Personal recommendations.

*** These are personal recommendations and not intended to provide health advice or direction. ***

Upon waking, disrobe and exit the house. Immediately find ice-cold water from garden hose and drink the water. Then wash your face.

Towel dry and proceed to breakfast: Oatmeal in 16 oz water. Bring to a boil, add oats, cook 7 minutes.

While cooking, perform the following yoga poses:

side angle
Extended side angle
Warrior I
Warrior II

Add 1/2 cup raisins, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, dash of allspice, a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil, and a dash of salt.

Eat hearty.

Now get dressed for bicycling.

Leave the house at full speed, never stopping until 20 minutes or 5 miles are accomplished.

You should find yourself in front of a coffee establishment. Have a cup of joe.

Repeat every day for the rest of your life: happiness.


Once upon a time I might have declared you're a sport injury waiting to happen, but the older I get the less I know. But I will state this: the finest/sharpest edge is also the most fragile. I guess the trick for each individual is finding that state of 'almost sharp' without actually manifesting an steel edge that is razor sharp but fragile and without temper due to 'overheating'.

I posted these old Chinese chaps practicing Hsing-I about a year ago. The 85 year old man man at the 1:48 mark is the real deal, a true master of this most esoteric (and brutally effective) martial art:

Buck, I don't know what you see in this. Worthless. I got fat just watching it.

Check out these amazing American innovators:

My recommendations aren't strenuous. They're pretty tame actually. I was going to throw in a run but that is knee-and-hip dependent. Running is not for amateurs or the unconditioned.

I'll add to the caboose of a growing freight train of thoughts. Thank you so much, Jim, for sharing these experiences with us. From a look at this and last week's volumes of comments, I'd say most of your readers agree with you or have had similar experiences. The proportion of commenters supporting veganism strikes me as similar to the proportion of the population at large that does well on it (at least short term) because they are physiologically able to handle it. I suspect, though, that the most strident among them are not handling it well, though.

For years, it looked like a person had to espouse veganism in order to have any credibility among the sustainability, transition or progressively oriented preparation movements. I am happy to note that is not the case now, because my experience with vegetarianism was about like yours, minus the Lipitor. I think the GMO soy I was eating gobs of for protein, as I realized I needed to go low-carb to lose weight, did a lot of damage. Years later, I am doing much better. So take heart. You'll find ways of overcoming the problems you are experiencing.

Dr. Joseph Mercola's website has great archives of useful information and ongoing discussions of various concerns. They probably have useful information for Lipitor victims.

BS said "Once upon a time I might have declared you're a sport injury waiting to happen, but..."

Sport injuries are as avoidable as they are inevitable. My long, and frequently painful experience has taught me this: injury is a great stimulator of healing and regeneration if you know how to do it right.

An injury is an opportunity to take the blade back for sharpening, so to speak. A refractory period.


I am using the term parenthetically.

Personal recommendations.

OK Bust, I said to myself "what the hell, why wait till tomorrow, I'll give it a try right now." But I never got to the part where I'm supposed to drink the cold water from the hose. Just my luck, as I exited my front door a cop spotted me naked and arrested me. I'm sitting in the town lockup freezing my ass off, legs crossed, hunched over hugging myself, trying to hide my "shrinkage." I made a call to my wife to get over here with some clothes. I have already been interviewed by a shrink. I told him to access Clusterfuck Nation and read your comment at 11:14 PM. I saw him raise an eyebrow when I said the word Clusterfuck. THANKS for the great "personal recommendations."



This is from 'trurth about bills .org'

'My feelings about Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman are irrelevant to the issue at hand and the glaring inconsistencies that have arisen with the media attention to this case. I want to leave you with a few of these inconsistencies.

1. Why picture used most by the media of Treyvon Martin five years old? Why is there only one picture of George Zimmerman available and why is it cropped to look like a mug shot?
2. Why is it okay for The New Black Panther Party to put a bounty on the head of a guy who hasn’t been charged with anything? Where is the media that cares so much for human life on this issue?
3. Why isn’t it widely reported that Treyvon Martin was found to be in possession of “burglary tools” and women’s jewelry at school?
4. Why is Treyvon Martin being compared to Emmett Till?

'$8 freaking bucks for a burger, fries & coke'
Have you been to a Movie Theater in US lately?
You got a deal!

Actually those moves are quite demanding. In fact, I have seen very traditionally fit gym rats reduced to quivering heaps within minutes of holding a Hsing-I posture.And frankly there is a tremendous amount of internal movement on display in that clip that probably escapes the untrained eye. If one looks closely, and/or knows what they're looking for, there are perpetual opening and closings dynamically occurring within the entire body. Openings and closing that boot Languid Lymph out of the easy chair. In Chinese this is called Kai and He; expansion and contraction . And what is the universal rhythm of life, the heartbeat if you will, if not opening and closing, expansion and contraction.

I realize this discussion is geared toward cardiovascular issues but one of the real health dangers for the elderly is falls, and Tai Chi, and other similar arts - Neijia - are very excellent training methods for balance and the prevention of falls, and the possible hip fracture as a result. There have been several studies done on this particular aspect of Tai Chi etc.

And thanks for the bicycle clip; I believe we will look like the streets and parks of Mao's China in more ways than one :)

Hi Jim
I believe the healthiest diet in the World is the Mediterranean diet. It not enough to reduce bad cholesterol you must increase the good cholesterol.

No animal fats: no meat and no dairy products such as milk or cheese.

You get your fat from Olive Oil which increases good cholesterol and reduces the bad.

Eat fish,vegetables, fruit and Wholegrains. Drink red wine in moderation.Go organic everything if you can.

Exercise. Difficult cause you have an artificial hip joint.Swimming would be best do lots of that.

I hope your health improves.

Alternative is Asian rice with anything other than animal fats.

A little advice for the lonely. The number one thing a woman at the gym looks for in a man is not huge pecs, nice clothes, bulging spandex or wavy locks. A woman is looking for a man who will clean up the exercise machine he just sweated on.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth...

K00sh-stick, a man naked in his own yard is not a crime.

Am I right?

I believe that Bustin. To clarify a bit, and the reason I qualified my opinion in the first place, I have seen too many people who, if not completely defying the concept of a 'fragile edge' sure seem to maintain some kind of edge for incredible amounts of time.

Case in point: A Tarahumara runner I saw competing in the Leadville 100 wearing sandals made from rubber tires. And yes, that was a hundred miles over the high altitude of the Rocky Mountains:

Not in Cali, perhaps in other states.

And the key to successful navigation of age:

@ James Kunstler

Yeah - there's something fundamentally inequitable and disarming about being leaned over naked by a guy wearing clinical garb while he talks about his golf game and your... assets.

Recommended reading:

"One Upmanship" - a short satire on the dynamics of one-up relationships, which includes a short scene in a doctor's office (the one-upman-ship of doctor-ship).


Amazon books:

Failed to read the article, the article may have been deleted out. File Path: E: Bugs Software Bugs blog 2009 translation articles ghj789 971437748 touched me, sometimes just a word. Html

If JHK wants to feel better he should check out what's up with the Eisenhower Memorial plans for the Mall in D.C. The Eisenhower family is demanding that Jim's "favorite" moron architect be thrown off the project! Yahoo! Feeling better?

Information Creates Problems

The Information is the Problem, Creates Problems. If you don't know anything, everything is fine, you don't have anything to compare to, but if you have information you start comparing things, and wanting more or different or seeing the relationships you otherwise were oblivious to and such. So information create instability, desires, tasks and goals and conflicts and desire to change and modify and act and fight or anything else based on the new information, the new facts or events that you now know and receive (and you now know who is winning and gaining and who is losing and such, who is the winner or who has the upper hand and you want them to not have the upper hand anymore and such). But in the end, you just have ever more problems, ever more failed goals, ever more frustrated desires or you take sides on ever more affairs (and issues, political issues and such, and thinking about, getting mad and angry and such and trying to figure how how "to solve the problems the new information set up in your mind" as the information generates thoughts and work for your mind (the Information Generates our Work, Generates Work and such), ever more work and problems and anger and debates and conflicts, the whole bag of crap and such) hoping your side wins and such, ever more fights ever more anything, when you were fine before you got the information and such. And in fact the "Information Economy" should more correctly be called the "Problem Economy" as ever more new problems, desires, goals and task are generated by ever new information, ever more changes, as information provokes changes, and choices and fights and so on.

But it is said that some information maybe avoid future pain if you know something, if you avoid something and such, but in the end it is always vain, you will end up in pain or defeated always by something else and such, there is the law of conservation of pain, or problems, nay, even the law of conservation of information in that more information is just the old information dressed up with a different dress and provoking the same old ever new problems, goals, tasks or whatever (the new information is just a new instance of the same basic Information Relationship all information has, a one bit universe, A against B, A different from B, convert A to B, set the target B starting from A and execute the steps to reach B and such). For example you know that a road is dangerous to travel you avoid it, but by traveling the new road you end up randomly getting a flat tire but you try to change the tire and then another car runs you over: if you traveled the old road you wouldn't have gone to the hospital and such: but of course the entire idea of predicting and guessing the right events that you will be subject to is impossible because the events don't exist until they occur and since not even god, history or the laws of physics know the next state of the entire system of Matter - Mass energy the entire universe will transit to, the entire idea of avoiding pain is a falied goal, a failed endeavor. Of course you can try to avoid the most obvious mistakes, but even in that case, you never know and such.

Hence we must get rid of all information, kill information, we don't need to know anything, the less we know the better off we are and such. The less we know the more advanced we are, the more we know in a sense, the more we have won and have achieved and such, and in fact totally dead items don't know anything and are totally stable and satisfied.


There are no solutions, end of story.


And g0od old:



I see the subject of gyms and gym rats has inevitably come up. I've always been suspicious of both, thinking of them as a haven for homos, narcissists and bullies and criminals.

One summer just out of the service I got a job building railroad tie walls. These were real railroad ties from when they were ripping up the tracks round here, cumbersome, heavy and loaded with nasty slivers. Extremely hard to handle. One day the boss, also the coach of our towny baseball team, announced he hired a weightlifter as part of the crew. He would show us how it was done. The next day a muscled up dude appeared, muscles upon muscles. The guy couldn't do shit. Sure he was strong enough. But his hands were soft, his legs were skinny, and he was so concerned about using the correct lifting techniques on those heavy ties that nothing got done. We told the boss to fire this a--hole, which he did. All those muscles were useless, with no practical value, likes tits on a bull.

Oversized muscles from lifting weights seem to be a late 20th century manifestation emanating from the prison culture, not at all about good health, part of the American Freak Show, like multiple tattoos and nose rings.


Turns out Zimmerman is half Jewish and half Peruvian. His dad is a Judge. Some white supremacist, eh!


So here I am...number 240. And I will add my health story to the others. I was dizzy, weak, confused, unand in pain from my arthritis. The doctors had diagnosed rumatoid arthritis (requiring a battery of drugs) and "old age" (I am 64.)

At the chiropractor (for orthotics...I would NEVER trust one for my actual physical health!!!) He suggested that

So here I am...number 240. And I will add my health story to the others. I was dizzy, weak, confused, unable to properly digest food, in pain from my arthritis. The doctors had diagnosed rumatoid arthritis (requiring a battery of drugs) and "old age" (I am 64.)

At the chiropractor (for orthotics...I would NEVER trust one for my actual physical health!!!) He suggested that I try omitting the eight most common inflammation causing foods from my diet. He also thought that too much Advil had affected my stomach lining. Well, they were: gluten, eggs, shellfish, soy, dairy, tomato, sugar, peanuts. What a hard thing to do. But I wanted to see what happened. A week after eliminating these, I had a day and night of feeling like I was at death's door. ( I think now, it was like the DTs of a dry addict.)

After that day, the clouds in my life lifted. I felt great, had energy, started a gradual loss of weight, and had a clear thinking mind. On a bike trip that summer I left my arthritis pills at a campground and started to feel even better. I kept at it for six months, and then started to add one food at a time, finally concluding that gluten and soy were my biggest problems. I have given up advil except for physical injuries. My rheumatoid arthritis does not appear to be bothering me, and they can't detect it with any tet they have. The osteoarthritis is kept in check by full body exercise 4 times weekly.

Now I can eat those in extreme moderation, but can feast freely on all other foods. The body apparently needed a reset.

My doctor finds it amazing. All of my test results show me to be healthy. But more importantly, I feel healthy. You never know where your life saving idea will come from!

OPh yes, I also eliminated CORN. A touogh one.

The Deception of Progress

As a corollary of the "Information is Equal to Problems", "Information is Equal to New Problems" therefore we do not need any further information on anything: "The Biggest Lie in History has Been the Lie Of Progress".

The idea of progress, of "going forward", of "getting better", of "Improving" of "Scientific Progress", of "Overcoming Problems and Achieving a Result" and stuff is the biggest lie in history, is not true, is essentially impossible and so forth. And why ? because there is the law of conservation of problems, and similar laws of conservation of conflicts, of pain, of problems, of fights of you name it. And why is this ? because the Man Brain is an old contraption that works according to a one bit universe, a one transistor circuit based on the Identity Principle and Non Contradiction and constant conflicts with itself and with other Man Brains as in you say A and I say B (or NOT A), you want something and I want the same therefore Resource Contention and such. And fights and conflicts.

Because even if you do obtain some result and progress, it will always be short lived, it will only last up to a certain moment and then get destroyed or disappear or something else will come by and make you lose and such. Of course just as you can assign and define the idea that Information is the Problem, so you can assign the opposite that No (or less) Information is the Problem, and strive to achieve more information and such: either way, it is a variable, something assigned for no reason at all, just because, another one of those arbitrary assignments the Man Brain makes pretending that is has any value or is related to anything absolute, but if there are no absolutes, then nothing at all matters or even exists and such).

The greatest state of Existence is Death, Pure Death, Nothing at All, No Existence, No Information, No Goals or Tasks, No Identity Principle and Non Contradictions, Pure Oblivion, Pure Nothing as Nothing Forever, as in Please Give Us Back our Nothing Forever, our Pure Nothing Forever and such (but as a corollary if Death is the number 7 and life the number 8, then there is a number 3 and - 45 and 4,788 and such where each one is a more extreme state of the corresponding state of Existence on the scale of Existence Types and such). So as such a Baby doesn't Progress and go forward with time, doesn't evolve, but goes backwards, goes from the maximum state of not knowing and Innocence to the hard coded piece of turd that it will become as the years go by and create ever new constraints, memories, rules and laws, and social conventions and all else since each new knowledge and precision gained is actually detrimental, is the baby going backward, becoming ever more primitive compared to the maximum state of Innocence and Oblivion and Possibility that it is when starting out. We start out life at the maximum level of achievement and evolution and progress possible and gradually keep on going backwards, ever more backwards until we become this huge hard wired turd of the stable and static and typical Man Brain.

Another interesting thing is the "common world" as all Man Brains share this common world, this mirror image of a world where all items exchange and relate to and communicate to express that they are all living in this "common reference system" and what happens to one Man brain is equivalent to what happens to another and such, so strangely intimate as information and the common world make all Man Brains belong to One only, but at the same time so divided and conflictual and such.

We must change the design of Man Brains, shove in new Microprocessors with new programs, new circuits, new Chemicals, New signals, new block diagrams of new possible designs of Minds and Mindforms and Man Brainforms (notice how contradictory I am, as the whole idea of New is based on Progress and Better, as going forward and such, but I thrive on contradiction, contradiction is a sign of Progress and a sign of a deeper and more valuable thoughtform), connect the wires in the most radical fashion, connect all the information subsystems in the most colorful ways, total information disjunction from itself, you can do it man, trillions of new block diagrams where everything is new and changes, new emotion structures, new thought machines and memory patterns, new universes and virtual simulations (as the world is all a simulation since our sense organs only receive electrical signals that are then converted into a worldform, but these signals can be converted and formatted into any other worldform, any other meaning and universe and such).

What is this "New" (what a joke the word "New" is) Mindform experiencing ?

"Q JJE $ % % %%KKD KD K$$$ %%%%%%%%%% ))$===$)))))))))))) $))%MM NOMOO$ %Iii3919485nmkm5 "

All contradictions are welcome, all attacks are welcome.


"K00sh-stick, a man naked in his own yard is not a crime. Am I right?"

"Gough's latest conviction is his 17th in 10 years. Since May 2006 he has been in a run of short sentences broken by the same fleeting freedom: he's effectively been in custody for nearly six years for refusing to get dressed. At a recent hearing, it was suggested he could be in prison for the rest of his life. "People often have to go to prison for many years," he said, "before others see the light."

"I think the GMO soy I was eating gobs of for protein, as I realized I needed to go low-carb to lose weight, did a lot of damage."

I grabbed a bag of toasted soy beans on the way to work one sunday morning {the cafeteria was closed}. Not having any breakfast, I finally got into them about 1:30. I left for home at 3:30 and on the drive home noticed my hands were "puffy". At about four twenty I showed my wife how my hands looked and noticed my ring finger getting blue, she said to go to the emergency room. This took about twenty minutes. They gave me a pill, and went and got little machine and cut off my wedding ring! I don't eat soy anymore.

I don't believe there are any non-GMO soybeans grown in the FUSA anymore. And these "food crops" are doused with amazing amounts of pesticides and fertilizers (of petrochemical origin) to help with yield. I've heard some real horror stories out of Missouri just lately about these practices from a mechanic for a big monoculture operation, and application of these substances increases by the year. I haven't looked yet, but I wonder if heirloom soybean seeds can be acquired by small growers? Probably a good thing for the FFA to look into, as all those fine nerve-gas products might become unaffordable soon...
(Not for me, I haven't the decent soil to support enough of a crop to feed anybody else, much less ourselves. I see those dreaded 'taters in our future!)

Good grief Bustin, how did you find this Richard Simmons retread - riding his tricycle down to the "playground" ?

At any rate, he's wrong, otherwise we would simply will cartilage back into our joints. Or learn languages as easily as young children.

That didn't take long. ;o)
I wasn't aware that so many varieties existed.

Get to it, rich-valley-soil people!

" The doctors had diagnosed rumatoid arthritis (requiring a battery of drugs) and "old age" (I am 64.)"

You know Suzie, I realize "the most privileged generation" - those now between 60 and 75 - believed they had every right to take it all and leave nothing but a wasteland and empty store in their aftermath, but the one thing they will never be able to escape is the reality of aging. Yes, you're getting old and sixty-four is no spring chicken.

Frankly my dear, those of us bringing up the chronological rear are sick and tired of supporting your lavish retirement entitlements promised on the back of another era. And now Most Privileged Generation is tormenting us with their health woes as they declare their 'not really old'.

Good bye, and good riddance ( nothing personal against you of course :)

...And, yes, you can get local grass-fed, organic beef 'round these parts. It'll only cost you about 14 bucks a pound. (Well, that IS for porterhouse.) Cheap, for those who perch atop the economic pyramid in Gt. Barrington...

As we all attempt to make good decisions and try to understand the world around us and the self within us, one's intuition can come into play. Here is a very helpful guideline for recognizing what is will prove practical guidance. Sent by a friend recently.


"First of all, to recognize the kind of feeling that indicates true guidance, look for three qualities: calmness, clarity, and joy. Intuition is always based in a deep sense of calmness and detachment. When you’re trying to tune in to the superconscious mind, ask yourself if the guidance you’ve received makes you feel excited or restless. If so, then it’s safe to assume that you’re just... going along with your own desires. Try to associate true guidance with a sense of calm acceptance. When you’ve received an answer rather than thinking, “Yes, YES, YESS!”, your attitude should be, “Whatever is, is. It doesn’t touch me personally.”

You’ll experience a certain power with inner calmness, but it’s also very steady. If you find yourself jumping up and down in an agitated state, thinking, “Oh boy! I got this guidance. It’s just great!!” then it’s probably worth questioning.

The second thing to associate with true intuition is a sense of clarity. If you’re visualizing different alternatives, or if guidance comes to you in a dream, it’s important to distinguish between subconscious and superconscious influences. Subconscious images tend to have a certain obscurity or cloudiness to them, and the colors appear dim or muddy. These signs indicate projections of the subconscious mind and shouldn’t be trusted. In superconscious experiences, the colors will be bright, pure, and brilliant, and the images filled with clarity or radiance. The clarity of colors and images are strong signs that you’ve tuned in to true intuition.

Finally, look for a sense of inner joy. The basis of this kind of joy should be calmness and deep impartiality. If it makes you feel emotionally excited, then it probably only reflects the temporary happiness that comes when our desires are fulfilled. True guidance should have a joy that takes you inside rather than outside of yourself. Like a current of energy, this kind of joy should take your consciousness inward and upward – not inward in the sense of self-congratulation, but upward with a sense of soaring freedom."

from "Intuition for Starters", by P.Yogananda

Low fat, vegan diet? a vegan diet shouldn't be low fat. Vegi fats are an important part of any healthy diet. Also, every diet requires constant refining/consideration and a vegetarian or vegan diet is not for everyone but i doubt reintroducing lots of animal based foods is going to make you feel better.

Hi WSP, I know the type. We've got some muscle bound numbnuts where I work. They can't do dick without pulling a muscle or tweaking their back. I think it is the steroids they take or have taken in the past. If you ask me they look like shit! A little ditch work or maul swingin' should fix 'em right up. Then again they wouldn't have time to do the cock walk for the ladies at the gym.

"I haven't looked yet, but I wonder if heirloom soybean seeds can be acquired by small growers?"

Well, it wouldn't matter to me if there were any, since I don't eat soy. Its like mushrooms for me, some kill you fast, so I don't trust any of 'em.

There's enough good stuff out there to stay away from the iffy stuff. I wouldn't put potatoes in that category - just balance it out.

I'm sorry for your statin-induced problems, but glad to see someone else speaking out about them and the hoax that we call health care here in La-La Land.

My doctor put me on Lipitor some years back because, although my overall cholestrol was 177, she was unhappy with the proportion of LDL to HDL. Now, X years later, I have severe muscular atrophy in my arms and suffered through a depressive crash when my cholesterol got down to 134. (For that I got antidepressants, which are a horror story unto themselves.)

I got much the same reaction from my doctor as you when I refused to take Lipitor ever again, although she did give me a prescription for physical therapy, which will cost me about $180 a month. She stomped out of the examining closet in a huff and came close to slamming the door.

"Good" cholesterol levels are a number plucked out of the air by Pfizer, the maker of Lipitor, to sell more drugs. Lipitor, in fact, is one of the major causes of memory loss. You might find this article interesting:

Hey MD, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Learn your local wild "shrooms and you will be livin' large when they are in season. And O3 heres a link to a place with grass fed. It's down in the holler so you can coast. I have not been there so I really can't speak for them.

Scum bag Spike Lee tweeted George Zimmerman's address but got it wrong. An elderly White Couple has to flee their home.

The rules of "Extremism":

1) Mass media is never "Extreme" in their POV.

2) Militias are always "Extreme" in their POV.

3) Any viewpoint that's inconsistent with that of mass media's owners is "Extremist".

And the walls, come tumbling down.

A federal judge on Tuesday gutted the government’s case against seven members of a Michigan militia, dismissing the most serious charges in an extraordinary defeat for federal authorities who insisted they had captured homegrown rural extremists poised for war.

Once again, the only guy in the room talking about blowing stuff up is the [FBI] plant.

To be more specific regarding who is really to blame for this fiasco:

"The FBI had secretly planted an informant and an FBI agent inside the Hutaree militia starting in 2008 to collect hours of anti-government audio and video that became the cornerstone of the case."

When is it time to start prosecuting, indefinitely detaining, and impoverishing the FBI, DOJ, and more specifically the AG, for some of their murderous crimes?

"Hey MD, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater."

Yea, I might eat a Morel, but its only cause I have close friends who would help me find 'em {and eat them first, while I watch for symptoms}.

Easy on the MD, after the last two JHK entries I'm starting to prefer md {maybe}.

They are born to it - in the deepest possible sense. If a White Man was born there, and raised there living the same life, he would never be half the runner they are.

Nature is very creative and makes adaptations over time. The natives of the Peruvain Plateau have lungs half again as large as our's. The natives of Tibet live even higher and don't have this. Their blood must be able to oxygenate much more effectively. Nature has many ways to do the same thing.

A few Norwegian Fishermen have the Innuit/Sami ability for enhanced blood flow to the hands. But in general, we are not an adapted race except for the lack of Sun and the AIDS immunity among some British Islanders. The Mongolian Race is the most adaptable, living in all enviroments from the Arctic to the Tropics.

Our strength has ever been in our IQ and military prowess.

It actually looks like People are starting to get it. The Liberals have badly overeached on this one. Both they and their Black Clients are losing credibility. In the long run, there is no substitute for decency and honesty.

Yes amazing. Could there actually be hope to save this Nation? Or are things like this just the last gleams of sunset before night?

What about Pa Kua?

The old man at 1:48 was amazingly fast and fluid Guys like him can make it all real on the steet. But they are few.

I liked you point about points. Lao Tzu says as much. Tai Chi produces tremendous inner strength which results in tension at the level of the Chi and Emotions. Thus without a meditation practice to do something with the energy, it can lead to things like alcoholism or sexual excess. It is a Taoist Art but unbalanced if taken in isolation.

WSPS said "I see the subject of gyms and gym rats has inevitably come up. I've always been suspicious of both, thinking of them as a haven for homos, narcissists and bullies and criminals."

It takes all kinds to make a gym. Sure, there are all those people in the gym, just as there are all those people behind the white picket fences in the suburbs, business parks, and office complexes.

"Oversized muscles from lifting weights seem to be a late 20th century manifestation emanating from the prison culture, not at all about good health, part of the American Freak Show, like multiple tattoos and nose rings."

Mostly right on that one. Many an insecure man is trying to get bigger, taller, thicker, all in the name of 'aesthetics'. Of course, height is limited by bone structure. Lifting weights, seriously, paying attention to proper form, makes one stronger and more resistant to injury. Actually there are a lot of other benefits as well.

The "hugeness" is a capability only achievable by drugs, which are more common than people think. I have no problem with it. Take a look at Arnold's body and you see the drawbacks of carrying more muscle than is typically necessary.

But some aspect of strength training is
the prevailing "missing element" of general health and fitness practices. Any idiot can diet and move their ass from point A to B, or stretch watching Yoga Butts on a DVD. Resistance training is the "third leg" of fitness, without which you are just quite, but not really, "healthy".

Gyms are efficient places to work out, where you can apply a science to your body. I'm not huge. But I am approaching my natural potentials. In a well-equipped gym I can be in and out in 30 minutes, doing 10-12 different sets. I figured it out, I lift around 5000 lbs. in that 30 mins. I go three times a week, and so, by the end of the year I've lifted 130 tons of weight total. Thats about 3 full days in the gym in terms of hours spent.

In terms of the intangible benefits, the list is as long as my arm (in circumference). Imagine your body as a community of specialised cells. The preponderance of cells are muscular or adipose (fat) cells. Its like a democracy. If your fat cells are the only ones being stimulated, they tend to take over. So exercising is like funding the opposition. When muscle cells take over they deplete and quiet fat cells.

Unfortunately, it takes real effort to stimulate muscle cells. Actual physical "work" in the sense of classical physics. It is antithetical to the 24/7 leisure society. The beauty is that once you have muscle mass, it requires very little to sustain it- maximum exertion of the muscle once a week- to prevent loss of mass and function.

What? Did I miss it? Nothing about the shocking demise of Burt Sugar? All of this prattling about good health and doctors, all this dread of disease, all this desire for longevity and no one mentions the obvious answer to it all - cigars.

No you say? Milton Berle, George Burns, Winston Churchill, Groucho Marx, etc., etc. So there.

Burt, God bless you, you were an anomaly. Only made it to 75. Jeez, nothing worse than a bad cigar!

D.h. says "If JHK wants to feel better he should check out what's up with the Eisenhower Memorial plans for the Mall in D.C. The Eisenhower family is demanding that Jim's "favorite" moron architect be thrown off the project! Yahoo! Feeling better?"

I'm feeling better. Gehry's design is so maudlin and juvenile he should be tarred and feathered.

On the artistic side of Eyesoredom, I think that Christo should be thrown off a cliff. Just thinking about it makes me happy.

Hey RT, Bodybuilders on the crew can be cool, too. We had a heavyweight champion on ours, an effing huge man. He got plenty of, "Hey, Robert! Get over here and haul this!", "What, you can't shoulder load 200 feet of 5-inch?", etc. One of his comebacks was, "These are for beauty, not for work!" His favorite joke was:
Q~What do you call a well-hung bodybuilder?
A~A beginner!

hi James, thanks.
And for those interested in the coziness of some docs w/
BigPharma, go to "Dollars for Docs" at
propublica dot org

The joke on America is that high cholesterol is good for you important don't have heart disease.

"Could there actually be hope to save this Nation?"

I think I know what you mean by "this Nation" but I also think I will ask for a definition before any prognostications are offered.

I knew one of the guys in the "Oklahoma Constitutional Militia". There were two of them. The FBI snitch got the guy I knew to go into a feed store and by some fertilizer, even gave him the money for it. All the while he was taping everything, even what THEY planned to do with it. My aquaintance spent 11 years in club Fed for that one.

But when a citizen {NYPD Officer} tapes them perpetrating crimes, HE gets arrested and has his career ruined.

I read his dads an Ex Judge and the shooter is a registered Democrat.

What a mess. We just spent some time with a couple who have bought the whole thing on statins and vegetarianism plus estrogens for the wife. They are in shocking shape to my eyes and look prematurely aged. And they have had all kinds of health problems that we have been spared, in spite of our sloppy health habits. We eat what we like, in moderation, and exercise gently sometimes.

Absolutely! Some to consider (in no particular order) in whole foods, seeds, nuts or refined oils:
Avocado, flax, hemp, pumpkin, coconut, cashew, macadamia, chia, walnuts, almonds, sunflower, brazil, cashew, filbert, hazelnut, pecan, pine nuts or pistachios.

In addition, one can't arbitrarily eliminate animal based foods and stay only on the other ingredients typical of a Western diet. You've got to look at things like buckwheat, amaranth, couscous, quinoa, wild rice, millet, spelt and teff.

Jim - 164.5 at 5'-9 1/2 is not bad. The question is...are you shorter now than when you were younger? If so, your neuropathy is probably due to disc degeneration in your lower back. For more conclusive proof, you could get a chiropractic xray of your lower back. Then it would simply be a matter of regenerating the discs, so that your circulation would be restored. Again, I urge you to look up "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" on youtube.


You really got the timing right this week. Today's big headline--most research about early stage cancer is bunk. Amgen tried to replicate 51 studies that were published in top-rate publications like Nature. Only 11% were confirmed as credible. Good call.

Change of subject:

This is a observation that Vlad will appreciate--Last night we had a meeting of parents of art students at the high school. We are planning a big art show with fancy food, fabulous art and amazing flower arrangements (I'm the designated florist for the committee.) Of the 10 parents present, all were blonde. It was what PTAs in Stockholm must look like. Nevermind that whites are a minority at the school. The Latino parents are no-shows when it comes to supporting school programs.

Yow CB,muscles are cool. Sometimes they are misplaced and do not perform as designed. We should all be thankful for what we have!

Ah Shit,Webs! Don't get me going on the crew jokes. I will be here all damn night! 9more days and and a wake up to paraphrase the'nam,31 years on the box and stories. 32 two years total. I am fill'd up to here with shit and stories. I had to take a kids bike out of a gotdam treee. The sumbitch was 25 feet up in the air. Poor kids parents were in the road. I still have fuckin' nitemares!Bite me!

"Dead Doctors Don't Lie" on youtube.

Well, where do they lie, on FaceBook?

Yep RT, I retired after 25 yrs, 1 year ago this week. You are gonna love it! I liked being there but I like being retired a helluvalot better. And, yes, I'm reminded of jobs just about every day.

Rt says, I am somewhat apprehensive about leaving my family at the Firehouse. I have spent the last quarter of my life there. The experiences and the stories would spin yer head. Well all good things must past. My best friends live there. Man I will miss them.

"I understand that he (cheney) got Kim Jung Il's heart."

Is he taking to whiskey and young women now? Maybe he's a bit kinder anyway.

Just heard of a thing called Tangy Tangerine today. I think I will try it sometime. Another natural superfood. Niacin makes me tingle all over but it gives me a headache so I can't take it.

Blonde hair is no longer the norm in Stockholm, certainly not for men who are usually darker. Blonde men are now only common in Northeastern Europe - the Baltics and the part of Russia adjecent to it.

Our subrace is dying. What will you learn from this incident at school? Nothing. So we go into the night of history unmourned. The existing Whites are all about the other - Latinos are "vibrant"! Yeah right.

Not a word about poor Treyvon on tonight's news. Every night for the last week it' been a constant refrain of "Outrage is growing" - as if they had nothing to do with it. They blew it this time and they know it. Black is so boring. These people are one trick ponies. Without the outrage they have nuthin'.

Thanks for picking up on that. Glad someone is paying attention. But this time I was just speaking conventionally about America as it has been for the last few decades: a multi mess, but still better than alot of places, with some of the old idealism still lingering.

And even Obama Care might be thrown back or out all together. And it seems Americans are finally getting wise to the Rev's Al and Je$$e and the Mau Maus. Only took 40 years.

Try whipped cream cans if you like to tingle. Just don't get the damn whipped cream up your nose!

It all depends if your wife still likes you. Many men find out how deeply their wives hate them when they can't stand having them home.

Remember that movie Firehouse? About the Black Fireman who was corrupt? It was great how the New Haven White Firemen won their discrimination case.

I hate to bring up old CFN memories, WideSpread, but you really freaked me out with this post:

"Turns out Zimmerman is half Jewish and half Peruvian. His dad is a Judge. Some white supremacist, eh!" -wsp-

Because I've been thinking - how in the hell can we fill an impartial CFN jury for Zimmerman?
Since Mika will declare Zimmerman incapable of error, and BeanTownBill would defend him "to the death," based on Tribe?

Fortunately for CFN, Zimmerman does not appear to be Jewish, based on my usual exhaustive 10 seconds of internet research. You got a link, to prove me wrong, WSP?

On a related? note -

I'm wondering if the Trayvon Martin story is failing to hold the public (MSM??) imagination - because it does not the fit the Proper Narrative.

If Zimmerman had been an old Pure White bastard with a racist grudge and a lethal weapon - he might now be UNDER the Sanford, FL jail - or CERTAINLY, locked up in Federal custody.

But because Zimmerman is White Hispanic Peruvian Whatever - the Sharpton/Jessee Jackson indignation brigade can't get a toehold.

Add to this the fact that Martin was, according to some evidence, willfully engaged in beating Zimmerman's head into the ground at the time of the fatal shot -

and the Grievance Coalition assembled to avenge the tragic death of this particular young man - falls apart without bang or whimper.

Maybe. We will have to wait and see, won't we?

You've uncovered one of the biggest problems with our health care system. It's easier (and safer from a liability standpoint) for doctors to simply prescribe a pill to cover up symptoms rather than taking the time to discover the cause and fixing it.
In spite of the boatloads of money spent on high tech health care, outcomes in the US are no better than in most third world countries.

My father was a chemist for Merck in the 70's and 80's and was forced by his supervisors to falsify data. Drugs were sometimes never tested at all and they completed made up studies and of course they erased any data that did not fit into their marketing plans. I doubt things have changed much since then except possibly that they are more unethical and greed driven. Personally, I avoid pharmaceuticals as much as humanly possible. Eat organic and cook everything myself. I also agree with a previous post that Chinese medicine has been tested over thousands of years by countless people, not one company with patent rights to all profits. Seems pretty clear to me which system to trust.

Problem is, there's no money in people being too healthy in this country...unless you want to consider the absurd vitamin and health food racket that soaks up the excess cash of those well-to-do boomers who think they'll stay young and beautiful for evah-n-evah. Just eatin' simple food and getting a bit of exercise everyday will keep you mostly healthy, and if you want to live a bit longer, then drink a bit of wine and have some dark chocolate now and then. But walk into any of the millions of over-priced "health food stores" and look at the 10,000 different types of vitamins and supplements they offer to keep you eternally 20 or 30 something. And of course, the doctors you go to just love to pump you full of pills that are essentially the same story as the health food stores...take this, eat this, swallow this, and you'll fill better and better for evah-n-evah.

Guess what, we are setting all these baby boomers up for a massive disappointment when they wake up one day and look just like their grandpa or grandma. They'll want their money back, or maybe try to get a quick appoint with the plastic surgeon, or maybe, just maybe, they'll accept the fact that aging, death, and turning back to dust are part of the bargain for having lived and enjoyed their brief time on this little blue marble.

Like NickelThrower, I've been vegetarian for 18+ years. I was chronically depressed and my stomach seemed to bother me more than others. I would rather be depressed than take a happy pill, but still didn't want to be depressed so I started trying other alternatives. Some didn't work (church - definitely not, exercise - healthy but no), so I looked at vegetarianism for its granola factor: mostly expoused by fruits, nuts and flakes. Since this fit me to a T, I stopped eating meat but not diary or eggs for a month. Over the course of a month I felt so much better I haven't gone back. There are a lot of happy meat-eaters out there, but I'm not one of them. My diet isn't low fat, but as I've grown, ahem, "more aware" (OK, "older") I've worked on good fats over junk and higher fiber content.

I've never convinced anyone, even my depressed blood family, to try not eating meat and have given up for the most part. But you reading this may want to try it for a month if you are usually below C-level.

But on topic, I've been on Lipitor for 14 years, and have poo-poo'd my muscle pain as natural and not related to my statin. Well, thanks to comments from Jim's post I looked up "rabdomyolysis" and saw a vial of brown urine in the wikipedia entry. Last Saturday I celebrated not having a cold anymore by a very heavy workout. I'm 50 and expected some pain so I took ibuprofin before and after dinner. I woke up at 3am with severe "all over" pain and nightsweats. The next morning I noticed my urine was unusually brown. I don't know if this is actually a "hit" for last weekend's weird pain and piss, but it's enough for me to stop taking Lipitor. I'll tell my doctor at my next scheduled appt and have my blood drawn in a couple months to see if it's in the 260's like when I started in 1998. But I am SO grateful for Jim's post. He usually just cheers me up. This time he may have prevented my death due to self-inflicted poison.

According to Radio Show there were almost 11,000
News Reports on Treyvon today.

James, you've described the classic symptoms of lead poisoning. Your illness probably has nothing to do with a vegan diet and everything to do with the lead drier in your oil paint mixing medium.


I write this, the name “Trayvon Martin” yields over 15 million results on Google, up from about 11 million yesterday.

In contrast, the name “Allen Coon” coughs up fewer than 8,000 hits.

The unfortunately named Coon was the 13-year-old white kid in Kansas City who was doused in gasoline and set ablaze by two black teenagers as they told him, “You get what you deserve, white boy".

Here is a link with Dr. Mel Siff taking on Pilates (Siff was not a proponent of static stretching methodologies/ core training etc):


Not sure what your question is about Pa Qua, but it resides under the umbrella of Neijia.

It's another deceptively excruciating form of training. Walking at various speeds in a circle while holding the arms up at shoulder height for an hour - eventually some use weights - is pure tears.

Well Jim, you're on the right path. Here's what I'd do. Call the local Weston A. Price chapter leaders: Ask them about the local farmers: who's got the best soil, the best pastures, the best practices. Buy from those "best" farmers only (to the extent you can afford it) and avoid any edible consumer product that comes in a package (it may look like food, but it rarely is).

What you're looking for is the highest quality (read: nutrient-dense) food you can get your hands on. Eat that food and in time, all of your problems will go away. Read the Weston Price Foundation's info on oils and use the oils recommended in the proper ways (some for cooking, others for salads). Yes, you can gorge yourself on butter, provided it comes from a pastured cow. Learn how to ferment foods and make bone broths to improve your digestion. Eat more fresh, wild caught fish. Since you're growing some of your own food, find out how to improve your soil without synthetic chemical inputs.

Finally, stay away from doctors (MD=merchant of death). They are awesome when you need antibiotics, surgery, or emergency treatment, but useless for everything else. Your health is primarily related to the quality of the soil on the farms where your food comes from.


Said this myself very often: There are No Absolutes, but then it just ends up going into an infinite Recursion, since any Relative entities or items must be based on Absolutes, some Invariants, but any and all Invariants have Variant parts of them and are composed of/can be Variables and so on. The solution is to take it is a VAGUE IDEA, AN APPROXIMATION, AN IDEA THAT IS STRUCTURALLY CONTRADICTORY, BUT THE CONTRADICTIONS ARE OK SINCE YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO ELIMINATE THEM, etc. The problems is thinking in Absolute terms like saying "There are NO Absolutes" meaning every point in Space and Time and every Entity imaginable and Every anything else and such. The problem is in the word ALL, you can't see ALL and be sure, you can't talk for the entire Universe and for all Time and for all Possible Possibilities (and Combinations of Matter and Possible Interactions and Events and such as in New Modified Man Brains plunging into a New Instant Singularity by suddenly and immediately changing the Neural Wiring of the Mind and such or dumping Wild Chemicals, Wild Symbols and Signals in the Man Brain), the problem is with the Universals and Generalizations.

So just say, There are not Many Absolutes, Most things Seem Relative, But I may be wrong, etc.

Jim's head must be aswim with all the "advice" he's been given by the "road to hell is paved with good intentions" CFN'ers. No two people are alike. A 280 cholesterol for one guy is a death sentence while for some it's a sign of booming health.

The medical community is throwing statins and beta blockers at people who give the doctors endless credulity. Sorry ... the side effects of these meds are a case of the "cure" being as bad or worse than the "disease". Neuropathies, insomnia, liver problems, carcinomas.

I'd bet that from a purely statistical point of view, if you do everything the doctors say you'll live 2 or 3 years more with lots of side effects and enormous pharmacy bills. I'd rather croak. Their new cry of "preventive" medicine just means that they often want to put you on the pills sooner. Bah, humbug!!

I visit doctors when I am REALLY sick. Otherwise, they can fill their wallets with someone else's money.


Progress Achieved

As you know in Brainium, every point in Space and Time is a Brain, a new Brainform, a new Mindform, a new design of an Observer, and every combination of points in Space and Time, every combination of items, elements, and entities, every concept, every design, no matter how disjoint is a new Brain, a new Processor, an Observer, etc. so the Mountain is a new Brain design, wildly different from ours and processing information (and undergoing an experience of existence and life and living, a new Lifeform a new Consciousnessform and experience of life and such so wildly and incredibly different from ours, trillions of times "Higher" and "More Advanced" and "Better" than ours and such) in a very wildly and completely different way from our Old Klunker of a Stone Age APE MAN BRAIN. So imagine what the car over there is as a Brain as an entity experiencing a lifeform and existence and consciousness: and imagine what the pebbles, and the ocean wave over there is as a new brain design and such, and imagine all the combination of material items and designs, all wild contraptions and such, a chunk of a highway, a chunk of a Stop Sign and a chunk of Food and a chunk of a Skyscraper and a chunk of a car dashboard and a wristwatch and such all mixed together to create a completely new and better and wild and interesting Brain Design, a new Brainform, a new form of Man Brain (maybe using other designs as signals as emotion subsystems, as circuits or neural networks, as thought machines, as the arguments of the functions as the Variants of the instantaneous Invariant a new Man Brain Design is and such), but actually of the Overman, as it is something that completely overcomes our puny one transistor circuit mind based on our puny Identity Principle and non Contradiction Principles and such.

But now, each brain decides to modify each other brain, each contraption decides to stick wild chemicals and signals into the other contraption and that other contraption becomes a new brain and that brain decides to modify the other brain so A modifies B, but then B modifies A and so on in an infinite loop, so the original universe from which A came from is lost forever, all reference points are lost forever now they are brainforms modifying each other reciprocally and recursively forever getting further and further away from the original universe, the memory of the past is gone forever and such, and then all of the points of Brainium are doing the same thing to all other points: the entire Monolithic Slab of Matter defined and delimited as Brainium self modifies itself recursively, ever faster and forever reaching infinitely higher levels of existence all stable infinite points, all achieved, all higher, and ever more metaphysical denotations and abstractions becoming real and such forever, all symbols upon symbols upon others all mixed, all experiments of all combinations forever 10^10^10000 (exponents of exponents, numbers so large you couldn't fit them in the universe) new combinations each one infinitely further away from the previous and such.

So the entire idea of Absolutes falls apart in a jiffy: you just need to instantly change the wiring of our Man Brain instantly, just shove new circuits inside the Brain, just open the brain, mix it all up and close it, and you get the Instant Singularity, you don't need Science or Reasoning, or the Evolution of something gradually leading to a Smarter and Deeper brain as in the Traditional Singularity that thought that Computers would reach a point of designing ever smarter computers into a singularity point, you just need to instantly and wildly experiment inside the Man Brain (as crazy as possible, be as illogical and contradictory and wrong as possible, invent the most impossible causes and effects just for fun (lie like crazy), like shoving a V8 engine in the Man Brain making it become a new Experiencing contraption, and then explain how it works later, make up all kinds of imaginary and fake and make believe mechanisms to justify the insanity, and then who cares if the Man Brain simply dies in the process, the goal is (was) very ambitious anyways, it justifies all and any experiments) chaotically and randomly inserting and mixing and changing the neural circuits inside it to reach a new experience and universe, etc.


What do the CFN Homies think about "Chinese doctors"?

Here, I mean bona fide, qualified Chinese doctors, not the Chinatown quacks. Thanks.

Where are all the interesting commenters? Where is Wagelaborer - why haven't you tried posting again, Wage? I love your posts.
LBennett, why haven't you tried posting again?
please try I miss you too.
Loveday, where are you? I miss you as well.
Alexandra please pop in and see us.

Please come back. The blog is not the same without you.

“You get what you deserve, white boy".

Whatever happened to Tawana Brawley?

"But this time I was just speaking conventionally about America as it has been for the last few decades: a multi mess, but still better than alot of places, with some of the old idealism still lingering."

In that case you are quite limited. But, we must not mix up our "oughta be~s" with our "is~s", as Patrick Henry used to say.

We were warned to beware of the Leaven of Herod. The bloodthirsty descendents of Esua wiggled their way in and wreaked havoc on the people then, and now they have had their chance once more. Time to repent.

Hey P2C, I got Zimmerman's heritage from an article in the Orlando Sentinel (a pretty good newspaper incidentally). I wasn't being critical of it, just trying to point out that contrary to what the commentators on MSNBC were saying, he is no Klansman. From what I've seen so far I think Zimmerman probably should be arrested. He seems to be an overzealous neighborhood watch guy with a gun he wasn't trained to handle. There is hardly any excuse for gunning somebody down like that. But I find it interesting that on St Patricks Day weekend there were 49 people shot in the city of Chicago, most of them black, including a little 6 year old girl shot dead, and Obama, Jesse Jackson or Sharpton didn't day anything about it.

-- WSP7

Wow. Haven't seen any other comments from you quite so harsh. Any particular reason you are opposed to old women enjoying the life they have worked hard to create?

I reject the notion that I am sucking up "lavish entitlements" (And what in my posting makes you think that I am?) My mom and most of my living relatives are in their 90's and living independently (I call that old.)

And I was a very early adopter of environmental preservation. Have made it an personal focus and issue most of my long life.

I understand your pain, but please direct it to someone who has caused it, not a poor old lady blog poster.

Finally, chapter 7 of Nettiquette online "the art of flaming" says: If you must flame, don't flame gratuitously. Choose your target with care. In other words, hold back on flaming the newcomer to a discussion group..." (Nothing personal against you, of course.)


CFNation is a hardass country; I found that out at the gitgo. Buck Stud, along with BustinJ and a few others, seem to be the resident academic, super intellectual, cynics and misanthropes. That was a harsh response he gave; don't take it personally, and don't let it scare you away.


Of course " your" was followed by "Most Privileged Generation" and this isn't the first time I have lashed out against the general decadence and overall sense of entitlement of Most Privileged Generation.

But thank you for making my case anyway. After inferring that you were not that old by placing quotation marks around "old age" you fall back on the old lady defense as if I should be holding a metaphorical door open for and letting anything you type walk through the door unchallenged.

Sorry, Little Suzie, wake up.

Does the little old lady - say a teacher who is receiving a relatively opulent govt/municipal provided pension in the midst of decaying peripheral economic environment- deserve a "earned pension" when those paying her way via taxation are barely making it, and who certainly will not be the beneficiaries of promises made from better times?

You see the little old lady in this instance, whom you claim worked hard to create her retirement is in fact draining the economic lifeblood of a community which has to foot the bill.

Can you step back and see the big picture instead of championing a deleterious sense of entitlement that you couch in the myth of the fragile old lady?

In fact, a good portion of elderly women from Most Privileged Generation have it made in ways that the younger generation will never have the opportunity to experience. Your husbands( and women themselves) worked jobs that were often cradle to grave gigs with the promise of a pension to elongate an accustomed lifestyle.(Indeed, it was Most Privileged Generation who constructed the obscene and despicable media image of two-silver foxes holding hands in the twilight of a tropical rendezvous as a result of their "hard-earned pensions", or as previously mentioned, pensions provided on the backs of the younger citizens negotiating the economic wasteland created by those they are now required to lavishly support in retirement.) You bought the houses, the cars...your avarice built the casinos. And when you lose money at the casinos, you complain about the dire state of your economic affairs.

And now that Most Privileged Generation is getting long in the tooth they once again assert their deplorable sense of entitlement by lashing out at modern medicine, the very medicine that has made it possible for so many of them to continue ranting on about the injustice of their privileged lives.

That evil, sinister health care monster of modern medicine - how dare it not yet have discovered the properties of Ponce De Leon's fountain in their lifetime. After all, the promise of an "earned retirement" - Most Privileged Generation's retirement - needs to be fulfilled.


Your comment is the first to demonstrate thinking outside the box. The lead poisoning angle seems like a genuine possibility. JHK may not be reading every one of these comments so I'd recommend you write directly to his email address. I've written to him twice on other issues and have received prompt responses in both cases. Here is his address:

kunstler james howard ;

Wait a minute Buck, are you implying that the Baby Boomers ARE NOT the most special, most accomplished, the most deserving generation in the history of the world? The hell you say!!


Apparently the system won't accept email addresses in the usual way so let's try this:

jhkunstler at mac dot com

"And now that Most Privileged Generation is getting long in the tooth they once again assert their deplorable sense of entitlement by lashing out at modern medicine, the very medicine that has made it possible for so many of them to continue ranting on about the injustice of their privileged lives."

Opinions seem logical but contain much emotion. What fuels them? The answer it turns out is basic biology.

Too Smart for our Own Good.

The conclusions of logical thought produce warm fuzzy feelings in the thinker. Unfortunately the same is true of opinions which masquerade as logical thoughts but which in fact are reasonable on surface inspection only.

Commitment to full single payer health care for all including assholes is a good first step in coming together as a pack. Only by coming together as a pack can we endure.

That which brings dogs together is good, that which divides them --- bad.

Unless your ancestors happen to have come from Stoccareddo, an isolated village in the Italian Alps, a cholesterol count of 280 is by no means a sign of booming health.

The overwhelming reason why American doctors prescribe so many statins and beta-blockers for high cholesterol and blood pressure is because most people are unable or unwilling to change their diet such that their cholesterol and blood pressure numbers will normalize. "It's too hard" or "I'm not going to eat that way" is what doctors hear over and over again from their American patients.

That leaves medicine. And truth be told, while some potential side effects of these medicines are serious, most people (>75%) do not experience any of them. If nothing else, these medicines buy a lot of people several years of additional time that, hopefully, they will use to get their act together on the diet and exercise fronts, so they can taper down, or off, the meds.

Proper diet and exercise are wonderful things. And so is modern medicine. But none of them will do you any good if you're unwilling to take them.

A test of HTML special character 64. Lets see if it works.

Thanks for the link. It's also very cool that they have links there for a big bunch of local producers. Hard cider anyone? Mmmm-mmm!

That was a fucked up thing to do. This case has national attention and we need to let investigation find the answers. The rule of law needs to prevail. If charges are warranted they need to be filed, if not George Zimmerman needs to be left alone. Anybody feeling strong emotions here needs to look inside themselves and find out where they are coming from.

Spike Lee needs to to more than apologize. The a-hole needs to pay their hotel bill and send them on a two week sea cruise of their choice.


You and Marlin as Everly Brothers:

Little Suzie, wake up
wake up little Suzie
wake up little Suzie

What country are you in and where do you stand on Immigration?

Atta girl Suze. The Leftists with their Death Panel mentality are saying the same thing about Dick Cheney. He shouldn't have got a heart - he's too old.

Buck is right in a way though: we get the morality (and the health care) that we can afford. If we wanted to take care of all our Elderly in grand fashion, why did we ship our industry overseas? Why did we import tens of millions of 3rd worlders in to overwhelm our social services? Why have we wasted countless billions helping every other Country but our own?

Sow the Wind, reap the Whirlwind.

At last the People begin to awaken about what Blacks are - even a some Blacks are disgusted by the "Reverends" Je$$e and Al. Al has his own show and so he natually covers his own activities. A male Oprah.

The couple has hired an Attorney. Hope they take the little low life to the cleaners.

No recourse possible yet against the Black Panthers. Holder will not go against his own People - nor will Obama. That countless Whites will vote him again show how strong the Evil Spell is.

Women are supreme in this category. In the Men's Rights Movement, we call this mentality "The Hamster" since the Hamster runs endlessly on her wheel getting nowhere.

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Hey Dog, can you tell me precisely all the keystrokes you used to produce that email address? Did it involve the Alt key? And when you entered the numbers did it matter whether the numbers were entered on the number pad (while in NUM LOCK) to the right of the Enter key or the number keys above qwertyuiop?

The reason I ask is that I've been trying in vain to produce some special characters using HTML and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. To be specific I want to produce the letter n as an exponent as in "to the nth degree."

Not only harsh but logically flawed as well. Consider people as individuals and don't place them in artificial categories that result from tribethink.


Take this link and you will understand. Four keystrokes suffice to bring in special characters that the text entry box screens out.

Again, unless your ancestors happen to have come from Stoccareddo, an isolated village in the Italian Alps, it is not OK to gorge yourself on butter, whether or not it comes from a pastured cow.

While the Weston Price/Nourishing Traditions perspective has some good points (cut out the use of refined flour and sugar, eat whole or minimally processed foods, etc.), it neglects to take into account that the average life expectancy of our ancestors was 35-40 years old, so most people died before any deleterious effects of a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol would show up. Even Atkins, after 1990, recognized that sauteing in olive or canola oil was healthier than doing so in butter or lard; Atkins was convinced by the medical science that came out post-1970, when first publicized his diet program.

While you can do worse than Nourishing Traditions--the Standard American Diet is clearly worse--you can do better (South Beach, a Standard Japanese Diet, etc).

Save the butter for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The rest of the time, dip your whole-grain bread in olive oil. You, and your body, will be glad you did.

Exactly Buck. We must break the public unions. That they exist at all is an abomination. The whole thing is graft. The union dues pay the Democratic Machine. But more to the crux: what right do Institutions that serve the Public have to dictate to the Public how much they get paid? And by what right does the NEA get to foist its Extremist views of the Public?

Coolidge got it right: he fired the entire Boston Police Department when they went on Strike. They had no such right as Public Employees.

Another test:

This text is superscripted!

Price loved butter. As an East Asian, such products are a closed book to you. We have different bodies. Try to understand. Michio Kushi never did.

At last the People begin to awaken about what Blacks are...

Er, Blacks are part of the People too, Vlad.

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The Greatest Generation was the worst. They raised these monsters. First they destroyed Gemany and then came home and let the Leftists destroy the United States.

They believed "their" Media when it smeared heroes like Joe McCarthy who tried to warn them. And when people told them "their" Media was owned by Leftist Jews, they smeared them too. Good little Gentile Fools.

Great. How many Blacks does Japan want? Tell them how Japanese stores warn customers when a Black enters the store.

For this and for many other reasons, I deeply revere your culture. Stay strong. Robots not immigrants.

I want to cede Hawaii to Japan btw. The Japanese would keep the Polynesian Thugs in line and protect White Citizens. Our authorities are weakling and cowards in the face of Political Correctness.

Price loved butter. As an East Asian, such products are a closed book to you. We have different bodies.

Not a closed book at all. Butter made in Hokkaido is the best-tasting in the world. Love it. And highly recommend it.

Price did indeed love butter. And given the state of nutritional science at the time, his Healthier Western Diet V1.0 (cut out refined flour and sugar, eat whole or minimally processed foods) was a good start.

But you can do better. Even Atkins admitted it. He stopped sauteing in butter after 1990, when he became convinced by the science on saturated vs. poly-unsaturated fat.

The South Beach Diet is healthier than both Nourishing Traditions or Atkins, even though in some respects, Agatston took inspiration from both. SBD is the next step forward, Vlad.

Ethnic Japanese are super racist as are many other asians. There is good and bad in all populations but asian racism is super nasty. Americans in general are totally ignorant of what many asians think of them.

No opinion here, just a fact of life that my lying eyes has seen firsthand. Some asian blogs can't talk about quObama without using the n word which apparently translates quite well through Google translate.

Chinese: 黑鬼

Japanese: 黒人

Common character: 黑 = Black

Other Chinese character is 鬼 Ghost.
Other Japanese character is 人 people.

Simply translating text does not mean much but based on my own experience and the fact that quObama can't seem to be mentioned without reference to 黑 means something.

My sample size of Asian blogs however is far too small to make broad sweeping conclusions.

The rest of the time, dip your whole-grain bread in olive oil.

All I ever hear is olive oil, olive oil. All the cooking shows mention EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). But what about peanut oil... assuming one is not alergic to peanuts?

The other day my wife and I went into a Waffle House in Maryland for a quicky lunch. I ordered an egg/cheese omlet with sausage and hash browns. The meal was delicious. In particular I felt I had never tasted hash browns so good. They were shreaded potatoes with some onion mixed in which is fairly standard. I asked the cook why these hash browns seemed especially GOOD and he said they're cooked in peanut oil.

Buck, you are right in general about the Boomer generation, but there is a "but". I am not a Boomer, I'm a little bit older, but close enough to almost consider myself one. You have to understand where Boomers are coming from.

Parents have an enormous amount of influence on children. The Boomers' parents lived through the Great Depression which was incredibly hard. Then, just as the economy was beginning to come out of the depression, our fathers had to go and fight in WW2. For them life was very difficult - 1st the economic suffering, then living in a major league war time.

When things finally settled down in America, parents didn't want their children to have to experience what they went through earlier. It kind of was a general theme: we'll make sure our children will never worry about only having ketchup and water for supper (homemade tomato soup) like we did. The parents were driven to insure their children - the Boomers - would be better off than they were.

Unfortunately, Boomers grew up with being lavished upon, they didn't ask for it. In the 1950's no one was taught that resources were finite - in effect, they were told that resources would last forever. Boomers never had a chance; they grew up being told they eventually would get whatever they wanted.

So now reality has set in, and the younger generations that grew up being told what the Boomers were told - they could get - everything they wanted - are justifiably bitter, because they are realizing they won't have what their parents have, and worse yet, have to labor to keep paying for the goodies the Boomers demand.

It's no one group's fault, Buck. Blame all this on the immaturity of the human race, not on a bunch of older people that never knew any better.

Elena Kagan helped write the Obama Health Care Bill. She should recuse herself or failing that, be taken of the case.

Thank you for the correction, Iwasaki San. As a Japanese, you are an honorary Aryan. Not racially, but in the other meaning of the word: Noble.

You have some bad apples but know how to deal with them. It's fun watching Japanese Police crush Communists.

Needless to say, I don't agree with the excesses of WW2, such as the rape of Nanking and cutting of the heads of American Soldiers out of bitterness when Japan's defeat was imminent.

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^This link has lots of special characters. Scroll to the section on MATH and there you will find a set of characters for producing n as an exponent. They are ⁿ (even the semicolon on the end is important). I tried it in the body of a yahoo email but no luck. Maybe there is a technical wiz here at CFN who knows the answer?

Uh, America, was at war with Germany, legally declared war, not what we do today. And I think Germany declared war on us first. You are supposed to destroy the country that has declaed war on you so that your country doesn't get destroyed first. That's just one reason war is hell.

McCarthy was a drunken, paranoid bigot who destroyed innocent lives. He stood for everything that America wasn't. Patriotic, my ass. He went way overboard.

And of course, what's a Vlad post without mentioning Blacks or Jews? Of course, it was the Jews' fault for what happened to them in Germany. Although, according to you, not much did happen to them. Human mental wiring is so fascinating: You look but do not see. I'll only rest when I see scourges like you vanished from the face of the Earth.

As for the Boomer generation of monsters, see my post above to Buck. Schmuck!

黒人 just means black (skin-colored) person. Just like 白人 just means white (skin-colored) person. Nothing more is implied by either of these two words.

They are ⁿ (even the semicolon on the end is important).

Well I'll be go to hell... I typed the series of characters and it produced n as an exponent. Soooo, it works here at CFN but doesn't work in yahoo mail.

You think Japan should accept Afican Immigrants? Really? Think the would blend right in? Be a benefit and not a detriment? Why? Where have they done that?

There's reason why Japan has lasted 5000 years and could last another 5000. And the biggest one is Homogeneity. As for the racism: some of it is inevitable, natural, and therefore healthy. As the great Anthropologist Sir Arthur Keith said, it's the Law of Amity and Enmity. The former for your group and the latter for outsiders. Psychic Skin so to speak, keeping infection without.

For sauteing, olive or canola oil are better.

On the SBD, your Waffle House breakfast would be this:

egg-and-cheese omelet (two eggs, one yolk, cheddar cheese instead of three full eggs and American cheese)
Canadian bacon, 2 thin slices (instead of sausage)
sauteed spinach (instead of hash browns)
whole-grain toast, one slice
grapefruit, cantaloupe or strawberries

You threaten genocide against us - exactly as I have said. You intend to wipe out the White Race and you are well on your way to doing it.

I suppose you have no problem then with the pogroms against the German People after the war. And the tortures at Nuremberg to extract confessions. Too bad the Morgenthau Plan to turn Germany into "an agricultural state" fell through, eh? Morgenthau wanted to starve tens of millions of Gemans to death just as had been done in the Ukraine. And the Kaufman Plan to sterilize all German Men fell thru too. Oh well, hope springs eternal in Jewish breast. You'll get us this time.

"Where are all the interesting commenters? Where is Wagelaborer - why haven't you tried posting again, Wage? I love your posts.
LBennett, why haven't you tried posting again?
please try I miss you too.
Loveday, where are you? I miss you as well.
Alexandra please pop in and see us.

Please come back. The blog is not the same without you."

Something is wrong with the site's spam filter.

Wage & Lbendit are on the other side of a proxy server, grinding their teeth. It takes about 60-90 days for a ban to cycle through, as I recall. Thats too long. By then the shit will have hit the fan.

黒人 just means black (skin-colored) person. Just like 白人 just means white (skin-colored) person. Nothing more is implied by either of these two words.

Emperor Kawasaki, if I say "Blacks make up the majority of players in the NBA" this is not considered particularly offensive here in America although as a TV sports commentator I would be on much safer ground employmentwise saying "African American." But if I said "Niggers make up the majority of players in the NBA" this would be offensiveⁿeven though nigger is just a slangy way that the word negro evolved until it became a heaviliy negatively freighted slur.

The jewish comedian Jackie Mason (I think) got himself in trouble using the yiddish term "schvartze" for blacks. He tried playing dumb by claiming it was nothing more than a yiddish word for black, as in color. But au contraire, even the dictionary says schvartze is "often disparaging and offensive."

So I ask of you, are you being truthful when you imply the character/word you showed us above and defined as "black (skin-colored) person" is entirely innocuous?

Knowing, as we do, that Japanese are prejudiced against "blacks" (not to mention Koreans and others) surely there must be a spoken word and a character that represents it even if it is not the character that means "black (skin-colored) person." What is that character/word and how would you define it?

I have raised the mind-body's psychosomatic ailments theme a couple of times this past two weeks here. here is a good example:

So I ask of you, are you being truthful when you imply the character/word you showed us above and defined as "black (skin-colored) person" is entirely innocuous?


Knowing, as we do, that Japanese are prejudiced against "blacks" (not to mention Koreans and others) surely there must be a spoken word and a character that represents it even if it is not the character that means "black (skin-colored) person." What is that character/word and how would you define it?

The discovery of any and all such characters is left as an exercise for the reader.


i.e. offensive to the nth degree


Let's see, you have a southern white fucker confronting a black teenager after he was told by the police on the phone not to do so. This southern white fucker then murders this black teen and is absolved by the police because he was acting in self-defense(!!) in a confrontation that he clearly initiated? How does that work? A black teen, concerned for his own safety, confronted by a guy who outweighs him by at least 50 pounds, is, by definition, the aggressor when acting in his own self-defense? How does that work?

You fuckers are just unbelievable.

Of course I'm wielding a broad brush, K-Dog. The same brush I would use to paint the general Deep South as politically incoherent and suffering under the strain of fundamentalism. I simply look at the election results from the last 30 years or so in addition to Rick Santorum's assent as a result of the Deep South ladder.

But I sure would like to be corrected by presidential candidate K-Dog? But to anticipate a possible response from you, society is past the point of enlisting low-paid, part-time, in debt college students laboring under non-union working conditions to come out and defend the privileged status-quo of govt union employees. That's simply a non-starter at this point.

We're at this very strange intersection where past promises signed with the ink of opulence and largesse is being hoisted upon those struggling in the barren aftermath.

So please tell me how my thinking is illogical; I am open to correction?

The discovery of any and all such characters is left as an exercise for the reader.

^This makes it clear that slurs of some kind do exist in written/spoken Japanese but why you're unwilling to save me the trouble of research is beyond me.

My daughter's best girlfriend spent 2 years in Japan learning the language in one of those intensive "immersion" schools. She is married to a lawyer whose father is caucasian (Canadian) and mother is Japanese and this girlfriend currently works for a Japanese/Asian art gallery in NYC. I will check with her at the first opportunity.

I want to cede Hawaii to Japan btw.

OK, but I should warn you that Japan will simply turn around and grant Hawai'i independence, either as a republic or a monarchy, whichever Hawai'ians prefer.

Self-determination for Asian peoples includes Hawai'ians.

Now, let's get back to the issue of JHK's sky-high cholesterol numbers and his sudden foray into Nourishing Traditions--for what seems to be all the wrong reasons, shall we?

"And YOU think YOU'VE got problems..."

Here's one I saw on the local news last week. It was a snow day, and school was cancelled. The cameraman focuses in on the note in the school's window stating, "No school do to weather."

But really, what actually rubs me the wrong way about all this pharma-quackery is that these old folks are munching 12-24 different pills of toxic poison every day, most of which simply runs through them and into our land/water supply.

The scary thing about these statins is that my mom was put on them about 6 years ago or so, for "elevated" cholesterol levels (270 or so). Around that time she also started suffering numbness/pain in her extremities, and weakened arm muscles. She also became depressed, and was prescribed different mood-enhancing drugs. I don't know if she's still on any of these, but I should prolly chat with her about it. This "treating the side-effects of the other drug that treats side-effects" loop can become quite exponential in nature...

Buck, on behalf of seniors everywhere, thank you for keeping those Social Security checks coming. My pension is not huge, btw. A lot of women of my generation spent a good deal of their working career giving birth and raising children, so we were in and out of the workforce. Had I stayed with one I worked at for thirty years instead of just sixteen, I'd be bringing in about $40k a year, instead of a paltry $20k. I once thought that my 401k accounts, having balances of about $500k, were sufficient to see me through to a comfortable old age. Now I'm not so sure. God forbid I should live to be 100. Purchasing power just ain't what it used to be, you know?

Pensions are going the way of the Do Do Bird. All of that malarkey about how 401ks were going to "empower" their employees to manage their own $$ was just a way of booting young folks like yourelf (and me, in my later working life) in the rear. Ouch!

Most of us seniors are just thankful to have homes that are paid off and enough cash to put food on the table. Extras, like tropical vacations, are a luxury, even for "the most indulged generation".

I understand as a 50 yr old fat, bald blue collar guy with stage 2 diabetics due to weight, your frustration is understandable, and the for profit sector of health care has destroyed the doctor patient relationship. BUT be ware of the right or left wing quack cures, for proper research or or I just finished juror duty and I was impressed with our legal system compared to the good old days of witch burning or a king or queen screaming for your head,but all the cases I saw showed the decline of our thinking, values based society into one of pure greed and consumption. Vote Rick! Beware of a politician who yells kills the lawyers, because you would be next.

No, we have a Jewish [zimmerman] guy who may have shot in Self Defense.
Also 911 operator is not Po-Lice.
Clearly Trayvon was a druggie,burglar,thug.

Does anyone know if this is accurate?:
Spike Lee
153 East 63rd Street
New York City, NY 10065

Also Qtip, does 'shishkie' mean 'filthy beast'?

AM Radio says Spike has paid the Zimmermans off.

Misanthrope? Womanthrope, I think. But thanks for the encouragement. Kunstler is the one I'm here for.

From what I have been reading, Japan will be hardly be a nation in five years, forget about 5000 years. They are in the process of committing national suicide by their handling of the nuclear disaster. They are shipping highly radioactive waste all over the country, particularly south of Tokyo and burning it, which spreads the radiation very effectively. It seems they want everybody to share the misery of living in a radioactive hell. There are no limits placed on how much radiation there is in the food being sold or even in the soil around schools.

Just by living in Tokyo they are slowly getting lethal doses of Plutonium as we speak. And we are not safe either, it is drifting here on the jet stream 24/7. And sooner or later it will get the attention that the most important story in the world should be getting.

You're assuming that our MSM is going to actually report on this. They won't. They haven't in the past and they sure as hell won't do it now. The only way I keep up-to-date on Fukishima is to read Elaine Supkis' blog. She backs up everything she reports on from news outside of the Western world MSM.

The most insidious part of the whole thing is that the radiation poisoning in people won't really show up for twenty or thirty years. By then, everyone, including TEPCO will have washed their hands clean of the mess.

What is to become of Japan? Well, I'm not exactly a world traveler anymore, but if I were, Japan would be the very last place on earth I'd choose to visit - business or pleasure.

For frying in a pan, you should research the benefits of coconut oil, which doesn't turn into transfats at high temperature.

"Now, let's get back to the issue of JHK's sky-high cholesterol numbers and his sudden foray into Nourishing Traditions--for what seems to be all the wrong reasons, shall we?" -K.I.

Um, not so fast thar pard'ner... the pooch has already been screw't.
You've dipped your toe into the laddie's cesspool, and now the only way forward is total immersion.
Have fun, and enjoy the aroma (at least the "water"/"liquid medium" is warm)!

...And to all the rest of youse who firmly believe in wasting human potential: I dearly hope you get exactly what you so devoutly wish for. (It no longer concerns me much if I should be consumed by the same grinding suicidal idiocy; I'll just be another "problem" that needs a "policy", so I'll at least serve to be an irritant.)

Place your bets, and good luck.

"No school do to weather."

It could have been worse Ix, the note in the window could have said "Know school do too whether."

What does that have to do with the way the racist police mishandled the matter? This guy [zimmerman] should have AUTOMATICALLY been charged with manslaughter, if not homicide. The courts should then sort it out.

I was in Japan in December. Fukushima was always in the news, but not obsessively so. As I recall, the sudden death of Mao Asada's (the figure skater) mother, and how that might affect her future performance, was getting a lot of press as well.

Fukushima hardly means the EOJAWKI. I do feel sorry for all the pets and farm animals, though. More should have been done for them early on.

Interesting tidbit about Weston Price. He personally appears to have been more of an ovo-lacto pescatarian rather than a carnivore. In a letter to his nieces/nephews, he urged them to follow this diet:

"The basic foods should be the entire grains such as whole wheat, rye or oats, whole wheat and rye breads, wheat and oat cereals, oat-cake, dairy products, including milk and cheese, which should be used liberally, and marine foods."

Not a word about beef, pork or other high-fat meats.


hey Jim

Statins reduce high levels of LDL ("bad cholesterol") particles by inhibiting the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase in cells, the rate-limiting step of cholesterol synthesis. To compensate for the decreased cholesterol availability, synthesis of hepatic LDL receptors is increased, resulting in an increased clearance of LDL particles from the blood.

Insulin induces HMG-CoA reductase activity, whereas glucagon diminishes HMG-CoA reductase activity. While glucagon production is stimulated by dietary protein ingestion, insulin production is stimulated by dietary carbohydrate. The rise of insulin is, in general, determined by the digestion of carbohydrates into glucose and subsequent increase in serum glucose levels. In non-diabetics, glucagon levels are very low when insulin levels are high.

Niacin (vitamin B3), lowers LDL by selectively inhibiting hepatic diacyglycerol acyltransferase 2, reducing triglyceride synthesis and VLDL secretion through a receptor HM74 and HM74A or GPR109A.

A ketogenic diet ( high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet) may have similar response to taking niacin (lowered LDL and increased HDL) through beta-hydroxybutyrate, a ketone body, coupling the niacin receptor (HM74A), plus the effects outlined above on insulin vs. glucagon.....

Dr Zen

Add to this the fact that Martin was, according to some evidence, willfully engaged in beating Zimmerman's head into the ground at the time of the fatal shot -

Is that a "fact" P2C? Where did you get that "fact"?

I think you are just spreading more of your white racist vile.

The police video did not show Zimmerman has suffered any kind of attack, did not show that his head had been beaten in the ground as you say.

The young man was summarily executed by a fearful vigilante. Nothing justifies pursuing and murdering an unarmed teenager. Possessing a package of Skittles does not justify murder.

The police security camera video shows Zimmerman exiting a patrol car and entering the Sanford Police Department about 35 minutes after the shooting. Images of Zimmerman's head and face reveal no obvious cuts or gashes...

How would you know what went on ?He has not been charged despite the racist POTUS commenting.

'they are slowly getting lethal doses of Plutonium as we speak'
OR they are quickly getting lethal doses of Plutonium as we speak!



Previous comment was to P2C's comment at March 28, 2012 9:58 PM.


I think P2C is just spreading more of his vile white racist bile.

LOL! This is the best one yet. Thank you for making me laugh out loud. I wish I could get "down" to your weight! Getting there!

Organic good quality cinnamon can reduce blood pressure and may well have an effect on cholesterol and arthritis as well.

Best of luck on your new journey.

You will undoubtedly meet a lot of naturopath quacks out there, but put up with that and try several. If all else fails, there's the Tahoma clinc and Bastyr in Seattle, WA. Good luck.

I'll accept what you say about the characters. However unless I have a specific reason to refer to a persons skin color such as pointing them out in a crowd or something like that I never do. When I see others do so without good reason I find it is a red flag for intolerance and racist attitudes.

I have observed that it seems to be President Obama the 黑鬼 and not simply President Obama which to me is a sign of disrespect as I just explained. I fully understand there is a possibility that I make much ado about nothing concerning the characters. However I have seen Japanese racism firsthand and because of that it is reasonable for me to be suspicious until proven otherwise.

If what you say is true then Google translate needs to be fixed so it translates the characters correctly because right now the translation gives n-----, the same exact word that makes so many people go bat-shit which is why I don't use it here. I'm really not afraid to, its just a word but I choose not to open that can of worms.

黑鬼 is actually the Chinese version.

All I was doing was agreeing with you that Japanese people are racist and pointing out that most Americans are totally unaware of how racist the Japanese are. Your response makes no sense to me.

I made my comment because you jumped on SUZIEBIRD and accused her of being some kind of symbol representing an entire generation when all she was doing was describing a health care ordeal she went through. I agreed with Widespreadpanic7 that you were being mean for no reason. I don't see how your criticism of her was justified by her post. Perhaps you can explain how it was. I don't necessarily disagree with you. My point is that I don't see a cause and effect relationship between SUZIEBIRD's comment and yours.

But this is a good time for me to give my opinion on health care.

I'm for full equality in health care. Let the rich get the same quality of care the poor do. Were this to happen, (a single payer health care system) we would go from having a health care system that is an embarrassment to the civilized world to having one that is the envy of every country on earth. The transition would happen with stunning rapidity.

Rich people grow old too.

Ront said "I have raised the mind-body's psychosomatic ailments theme a couple of times this past two weeks here."

Something to think about the next time I work out. Rode 6 miles today, hiked 4-5.

President Obama is quite popular in Japan. China perhaps not so much. In any event, I believe the Chinese used to refer to President W as a 白鬼, white ghost. 鬼 has been used by Chinese to refer to non-Chinese for millenia, and still is today.

BTW, Google Translate can't even correctly translate most simple Japanese sentences into English. As a language tool, it's quite limited. I would take any translation (of any language, really) it makes into English with a dump truck full of salt.

Racist attitudes against Blacks in Japan do exist, of course, but, for the most part, it's "a mile wide and an inch deep", meaning that it is not something that is deeply embedded in the culture, in the way that it often still is in the U.S.

If you take the effort to try to learn to speak Japanese well, take a real interest in Japanese culture and history, and (most importantly) know how to skillfully use chopsticks, Black or White, your experience in Japan should be an enjoyable one.

Hey Dr. Zen,

Nice description of the biochemistry involved for statins, niacin, insulin/glucagon. Very clear.

So what pathways do statins and niacin interfere with that, in some people, result in serious side effects?

You're such a stupid fuck. What's there not to understand about the statement that he should automatically been charged and that the courts should then sort it out? There is a person dead. This is standard police procedure in any normal country.

Whatever! flame on........................

Some may find this an interesting tangent on so-called health/dis-ease insurance, by D.O.

Shake it up, baby now;
C'mon and work it on out...

I think I have made my explanations clear enough that you and I should not be having issues over characters. As a reasonably intelligent and somewhat literate individual I fully understands that Google translates poorly. Poorly enough to be dangerous.

If what you say is true then Google Translate needs to be adjusted to eliminate a certain word with 6 letters in it that roughly translates to black person. Use of the word here would most likely set off the spam filter and kick me off the website so I'm not going to type it.

I live where a lot of mixed couples live. Seattle is a diverse and tolerant city. Some couples here are of mixed Japanese and American union. Frequently the Japanese half of the unions has been disowned for marrying an American. Shit happens.

I was in a employment situation once were I was able to observe groups of Japanese businessmen before and after they had met with American Clients. I did not have to understand the language to know what they were doing and talking about once their American clients had left them alone. Body language and haw-haw laughter was sufficient to tell me what was going on.

About ten years ago I learned to weld. No particular reason it is just an interest of mine, something I always wanted to know how to do. Near where I worked their was an AirGas supply store where I would get welding supplies and fill my tanks. I was a regular customer.

One day a black man came into the store. He went to the will call counter where something was waiting for him. I noticed he was treated a bit rudely but he was nonplussed finished his business and left the store.

I was in an opposite corner of the store near the door forty feet from the will call counter where two other customers and two store clerks were standing. The black man had just left the store.

Suddenly loud haw-haw laughter erupted. I could not hear the joke and soon my tank was fill and ready to be picked up.

As I went back to the will call counter I made sure I sounded comfortable and relaxed when I asked 'What was that all about'? I aped being a good old boy persona and being as I am of the correct complexion I was let in on the 'joke'. I was already acting so I feigned a bit of laughter knowing that no matter what else I did I wasn't going to change the way those ignorant bastards thought. Besides I was forty feet from the door and needed this fool to help me load my welding thanks in the car. I played along.

That store used to get about a hundred bucks a month from me but that was the last time I ever went there for anything. I'm sure my absence was noticed.

The behavior of the white assholes in the Airgas store and the suited up Japanese Businessmen who thought they were completely unobserved in a semi-public space was identical.

Ignorance exists in all cultures. Tribal territorial instincts run deep and without enlightenment these territorial instincts will control thought and personality.

Some ethnicities think white people smell like wet dogs. I have friends and relatives who have told me this. They would know.

I'm a dog, so the entire human race is my tribe.

I use chopsticks very well.

It's an inch deep because the Blacks are few and contained. Mostly on military bases. The rest are mostly students and mostly peaceful. They're not staying and not a permanent problem.

But stores still announce when one of them is in the store. And that's a good thing.

That I make no sense to you makes no sense. I do understand, but your attitude is tragic (and very popular). As if genetics plays no role in the life of man. As if iceberg lettuce is just as good as dark green lettuce since it's just a color thing. As if all cars are equally good since they're all cars. As if all dogs are the same - they're all just dogs.

Think Man, Dog, K-Dog. You are a smart pooch - your're just not using what the great Dog God gave you.

To say that all people are just interchangeable units isn't a very eddifying view of man, man. In any case, the Japanese know much better. Sending in millions of Africans would be a death knell for Japan.

Yeah and some people believe that psychedelics make people experience colors more brightly. Who are you to say that they don't? Or that we don't smell like wet dogs to Asians?

Universalism is just another conventional, tribal viewpoint held by Liberals, mostly Whites. The others use it to advance their own tribal agendas - and the oh so smart, superior White Liberals don't even see it. They are far less clever than they deem themselves.

As the amazing Randi said, scientists are the easiest people to fool since they have so many preconceptions about how the world works. Children are must harder. You need to regain the eyes of a child.

Old timers in Japan take pride for feeling no animus when they see the "No Whites allowed" signs outside some Japanese Clubs. They know that's how the Japan they love will surive.

I can only ask for reciprocation and that Japanese who love America and the West support White Nationalism.

How about ceding Hokaido to the Ainu? Too White, huh? Or just not enough of them anymore. They were genocided, but it's not taught in your schools for obvious reasons.

The Polynesians are terrorizing Whites. It is a real problem. I would be in favor of giving them their own lands there - even a whole large island and complete independence. But for the rest, they have to be kept in line and since there are so many Japanese there, Japan is the logical ones to do it.

As you know, my slippery friend, the Japanese have a very low opinion of other Asians, except for the Chinese perhaps. Even the Koreans who are closest to them linguistically and genetically. Certainly the South East Asians are looked down on and the Polynesians came from there originally.

Obviously I don't agree with the excesses of the WW2 era: the rape of Nanking, the enslavement of the Koreans, turning their women into prostitutes, the death march to Bataan, the cutting off of American heads when defeat was imminent, etc. But when the Americans tried to break you psychologically after the war, you all stood strong. Unlike the Germans who believed all the slander the Americans threw at them.

Lowlife Roseanne Barr tweeted the address of George Zimmerman's parents. This is the kind of people Liberalism produces. No concept of justice whatsoever. And no respect for the Constitution, or other legal and moral traditions. Gays are pushing the envelope here: publishing how people vote for example. Obviously they must have goverment collusion when that happens... At the University of Massachusetts, the local gay newpaper was displayed right next to course lists and registration materials.

Unionized govt workers figure they have everyone by the balls ie cough up or they bring things to a dead stop. We'll see how long the public at large - especially the younger crap-wage temp employees - puts up with it.

Ever suffer from male refrigerator blindness? I have - it was terrible. Without the help of a woman, I was in danger of starving to death. I just simply could not see the food right in front of me in the refrigerator.

Ah, you need the help of technical knowlege! The line of descent is thru the mother. A half Jew is a Jew only if the mother is. Thus Zim is not Jewish and will recieve no help from Mika Bill.

Many such do identify with Judaism though. And there is talk amongst the Reformed Jews at least. Maybe the Conservatives too, not sure. But the Conservatives wont act without Orthodox approval, and the Orthodox wont budge on something like this. Thus the Reformed would be out on the branch on their own. With women rabbis now, they really are getting pretty far out there. Some of the more conservative Reformed are probably getting uncomfortable and moving to the Right - and into Consevative Synagogues.

error - talk of changing the Law and allowing half Jews thru the Father to be considered Jews.

Seattle is a diverse and tolerant city. Some couples here are of mixed Japanese and American union. Frequently the Japanese half of the unions has been disowned for marrying an American. Shit happens

Indeed. Some Japanese fathers are indeed that way. In the end, they live to regret it. In the majority of cases, the other members of the family--the siblings, for example--are not so harsh (the fathers get updates through them, in fact).

Disownment is one of the great American family traditions as well, I might add. In both cases, it usually happens when the father is obsessively controlling.

I was in a employment situation once were I was able to observe groups of Japanese businessmen before and after they had met with American Clients. I did not have to understand the language to know what they were doing and talking about once their American clients had left them alone.

Yes...Businessmen of any culture do have a disturbing tendency to be boorish in their behavior, don't they? In any event, so long as their personal opinions did not unduly interfere with their ability to close the deal with their American counterparts on mutually beneficial terms...

I use chopsticks very well.

And your Japanese?

It's not about Zimmerman, it's about your racist police. When was the last time your racist police let a black guy walk after he shot dead a white guy? That's right, NEVER! But letting a white guy walk after he shot dead a black is standard operating procedure for your racist police.

Tweeter Nation, a country of bird-brains. And FB is not far behind.

I thought I already did.

At any rate, I was at gathering the other day and this elderly white dude - I would guess him at 63- started spouting off that "Obamacare"

The Ainu-speaking people are not agitating for independence from Japan. Until they do, the point is moot. They have been agitating for recognition as an indigenous people of Japan, and they have been (in 1997).

There IS a robust independence movement among Hawai'ians, though. If the U.S. chooses to respond to it by requesting Japan take Hawai'i "off its hands", Japan may do so, but will only turn around and grant it independence. I'm just saying...

Japan may choose to keep control of Midway Island, though. Purely for sentimental reasons, of course. :-)

My pinkie inadvertently hit a very important keyboard key because my above post just spun off into the irretrievable zone.

Anyway this elderly man was spouting off that "Obamacare" must be stopped along with the re-election of Obama himself. Some elderly lady, a classic liberal Democrat type,or so she sounded like, asked him why the alternative was better. And out of his mouth spewed the classic 'Socialism is evil' mantra. She then asked him what he did for a living and he stated that he was a retired school teacher. She asked him if he was receiving a public financed pension and he stated yes, but that 'he had earned it'. She then asked him why he wanted to in essence close the door behind him and deny younger teachers the same benefits that unionization and govt financed education/retirement had provided him. He stated that we can no longer afford it and besides that his taxes were already high enough- I have heard that mantra before in Doomer Blogland.

There are many facets of incoherency and incongruity to the greater Most Privileged Generation. And just because I focused on one aspect above does not mean I was singling anyone out or being mean. In fact, I stated as much in the final words of my initial post to Suzie.

Rufus: Yo, listen up!
Dufus: Wassup man?
Rufus: Look'a heah, le'me tell ya. That spook Spike done got down and showed his true colors. Black to the bone my man, black to the bone.
Dufus: How he do dat?
Rufus. Cat gave out the wrong crib on two honkeys.
Usually, give out the wrong crib, something don't get delivered. This way, two honkeys almost got delivered. To the morgue.
Dufus: You ain't jive'n?
Rufus: Straight up, brother, straight up. Dude be makin' movies on race and shit, had one called "Do the right thing". "Do the right thing", can you believe it?
Dufus: Damn!
Rufus: Had a production company called Forty Acres and a Mule. Now dey be callin' it Forty Acres and a Fool. Forty Acres and a Fool!
Dufus: Forty Acres and a Damn Fool, my man, Forty Acres and a Damn Fool!
Rufus: Word, baby, word!

"It's alarming to me that I've seen bounties for a suspect on a case before they've been indicted. The rhetoric has taken on such a violent tone."
-randy reep-
Zimmerman's brother said the hatred in the case is astounding. He said the case is being driven by a "carnival of hatred" and a "mythology" surrounding George Zimmerman that isn't true.

CFN thanks should go out to asoka and to mika, for demonstrating and making visible, the sort of hate filled stereotyping and rush to judgement - that this tragic case is engendering among segments of the American public.

There isn't nearly as much crime of Whites against Blacks. In any case, the half Jew Zimmerman is not "at large". He is in contact with the Police if not directly, than thru his lawyer. As for the overall correctness of the situation, can't say. It's a technical point and the experts are disagreeing. One of the Detectives wanted to hold him by was over ruled.

Many Blacks have gottena away with murder - OJ for one. I deeply admire how Mr Goldman fought this beast until he finally went down. Who knows if Mr Goldman helped crack him by keeping the pressure on? I loved when he got one OJ's trophies by court order and then filmed breaking it with a sledge hammer. Mr Goldman relates how he was approached after OJ's trial by a man who expressed his condolences and offered to take care of the situation. Mr Goldman felt it was a serious offer by a very serious person. JDL, perhaps? He turned him down desiring to stay within the law.

But at least the offer was made. Look at how you turn your back on Zimmerman!

You are PC - which is very bad. But a Japanese PC: you love Japan and the Japanese and just focus all your hatred on Whites.

Truly the White Race is under assault from all quarters. But the Enemy Within is always the most deadly.

Vlad, Vlad, Vlad. You have to calm down.

You need to eat better. Put aside the Bacon Double Cheeseburger and have some oats, barley and other whole grains, beans, eggplant and okra, nuts, vegetable oils, apples, grapes, strawberries and citrus fruits, foods fortified with plant sterols and stanols, soy, fatty fish, and fiber supplements.

If you do, you'll feel a lot better. I guarantee it. :-)


I don't know much about you beyond what you type, but please consider sleep apnea as a possible cause for this. Several of your symptoms were my symptoms before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Especially the memory/brain fog thing and insomnia.

If you snore or have a relatively large neck size, consider the possibility more seriously. If not, probably not.

If you are diagnosed, fortunately, there are no drugs for this. Just a basic machine that takes getting used to, but eliminates the problem.

Good luck.

"Fukushima hardly means the EOJAWKI."

Whew! Now I can *breathe* a sigh of relief. But why whuz it, again, that there's no threat? Oh, yeah:

"I was in Japan in December."

Well, there you *have it*! Straight from the 'Kaiho Iw*ASOKA*'s mouth!!! Penguins testing positive for biological chemicals, indeed. It all runs down the drain, correct?!...

Mr. Howard, your subject matter might prove to be top priority for humanity.. why protect, change, save a government if we end up in the bone yard from lack of decent diet, medical care and who knows what else the Monsantos have cooked up for us?

Couldn't agree with you more, Ixno! It's as if we can all sweep this nuclear poo under the collective rug. I don't think so. If a big, radioactive turd is flushed into the Pacific, who is it to say, one day, it won't turn up in the wash basin of one of our most ravishing Pacific coast socialites on Wednesday morning, say April, 2021?

Everybody is a god damn expert for the past two weeks. Eat this, don't eat that, exercise more take vitamin C,Folic acid, blah, blah, blah fucking blah. What the F? Live your life and don't worry about it. Stress is the number one killer of middle aged men. I don't think I even saw anyone mention it.I can't count the number of "otherwise" healthy men that keeled over in full arrest in my box over the years. Be cool people. I find myself reading too much gloom and doom shit on the internet and it gets to me. My wife tells me to knock it off but it is some sort of weird fascination. Rest up, pet the cat or dog, read a good book but please calm down. That will be all.Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

My wife took her Mom and drove down to Maryland to help out my son and his wife with their first kid, my first grandson, 8 days old. They're overwhelmed. It's eat sleep poop piss eat sleep poop piss poop piss poop piss. So my son emails me and says I must be in utopia with the house all to myself with nothing to do but watch the market and blog. I replied:

"Good one, hahaha. Yes, I'm having a good time. I saw Hunger Games this afternoon/evening. (Got a buck off the ticket for being an old fart.) It was much more boring than Avatar. Slow, not that much action, very little character development. In the future, like in a few weeks or months, people (like me) responsible for driving "the gross" numbers on this flick to all-time records beyond any previous movie will wonder with embarrassment what on earth possessed them. What this movie is is a tour de force in the art of hype. Children of Men was a far more believable and dramatic view of a dystopian future.

There were a few good characters (like that of Woody Harrelson which I'll leave undescribed so you can judge for yourself) and a guy who played the Hunger Games TV host... reminded me of the guy in the same role in Slum Dog... ) and some great costuming that evoked a time in the future where (some) people wore clothes reminiscent of 18th century France yet with a modern flair. There were also some weird hairdos on both men and women. Basically though I would advise "save your money."

BTW, tell your Mom I ate the Enchiladas for din-din and they were Dee-lish!.

How is the baby doing?"

Edgar Cayce predicted a series of disasters culminating in Japan slipping beneath the waves - like Atlantis long ago. It's a gradual process and most wise people will be able to get away. But to where?

Right on, Ripped. Even Jim, who is self employed, may not be aware of a considerable self-imposed stress dictated by his lifestyle. Deadlines, travel, strong preoccupation with the darker side of things, etc. Some thrive on it, some fall to it.

Paradoxically, even his exercise regimen seemed to have an air of stress about it. Simply put, it's the body-mind thing, and one can be dangerously unaware of "hidden" stresses.

Here's one of the better sites fighting the media blackout on Fukushima, IxNoMor.

I would suggest the Bershires or Adirondacks, maybe the Green Mtns. Sure its cold in winter. but the growing season is decent. Water supply is excellent and the soil in the valleys is fertile. Some folks say the western rockies but from I have seen most of it is dry and rocky/sandy soil. They don't have the nuke plants but for some reason they are not really on my radar. Perhaps I am wrong. 2 cents don't mean shit. Maybe a river valley in W. VA. But I don't know the people. To each his own.Don't worry about it. When the sh$$ comes down, if it ever does. I really don't think any of our best laid plans will make much of a differance anyway. The old saying goes the first ones to die in a nuclear holocaust will actually be the lucky ones!

If Cayce is right, Vlad, the plan is to take over Australia and New Zealand.

Did EC ever predict anything Correctly?
I read a bok about his 'Prophecies' and it was not so favorable.
Far as Kushi goes I know someone who ate that way for 35 years and [as I have posted before] according to MDs had 'the arteries of a 3 year old.
So it works if you can fore go the animal food etc.

Michelangelo wrote that 'he thrives on what kills others'. I think "The Deer Hunter" was probably the best cinematic portrayal of the subjective nature of stress: One man wills an empty chamber, another has a nervous breakdown on the spot, and yet another tempts fate by engaging in Russian Roulette until it eventually kills him.

And then there's the story of Jim Fixx, the long-distance runner/author who died of a heart attack. The couch potatoes vilified ' the stress' of his exercise regimen while more reasonable minds suggested it added quality years to his life, that he might have died earlier if not for his running.

One man's stress - Janet Jackson asking Vlad to drop his drawers - is another man's delight - Stud bucking up to the plate.

How dire is Japan at this point?

And you hit a double, at least.

Long ago, but I still remember the stress pouring into me from the screen. God, like I was there.
That was stress of immediately high order, sudden life or death.

Jim Fixx, who knows? My take is that he overworked his heart, would've lived longer otherwise.

All I can say on your last point is that I'd substitute Tina Turner for Janet Jackson.

"Everybody is a god damn expert for the past two weeks."

Not me - my suggestion to do a lemonade/maple syrup cleanse is at least 6 months old!!!

Not only that, but the niacin/cayenne/vita-c diet is *NO JOKE* (aspirin - injuns *SHUN*).

Add D, E, and B-12 = and you're ***SET***!!!

Oh, and don't forget to include a daily dose of 3-5% alcohol!!! I'll smoke a few *ROLL MY OWNS* for *U*!!!

CFN thanks should go out to asoka...


I don't post to CFN to receive thanks, but I appreciate that you think CFN thanks should go to me for providing the evidence of a police video which showed no evidence of a struggle or "beating" of Zimmerman. You did not provide any evidence Zimmerman had acted in self-defense.

Self-defense is an affirmative claim that places the burden of proof on Zimmerman.

The call tapes show Zimmerman acted out of fear, the opposite of love.

There is no limit to the number of people you can love.


P2C said: CFN thanks should go out to asoka...


P2C, I don't post to CFN to receive thanks, but I appreciate that you think CFN thanks should go to me for providing the report of a police video which showed no evidence of a struggle or "beating" of Zimmerman.

Seriously? I forgot to mention a clove garlic and 1/2 of a medium *onion*?!?

My Bad.

quObamacare is something I'll spout off about.

It's unconstitutional, You can't force people to work which requiring everybody to have insurance does. It is not a tax though there are clever attempts to confuse it with one. it is tyranny however how slight or small. Instead of admitting defeat quObama caved and called it a compromise. He wins we loose.

Now one of two things will happen:

  • The Supreme court tosses it and we are back to square one with a four year delay and deeper in the hole.
  • Ho ho it's a tax after all. If you don't think so perhaps a Paul Krugman or two can sooth things over and explain it to you. Imagine that, fooled them again. Now inequality in the heath care system is carved in stone and if you are poor you are in steerage. This means free aspirin for your $1500 a year or whatever $1500 that you don't have.

    Cedar Sinai, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo clinic will be redecorated because they will be doing just fine. No longer having to take care of the poor at all will certainly improve things there. Inequality carved in stone. It's only a matter of time.

Either way quObama gets re-elected.

Unless I win.

Lincoln objected to slavery because he knew a man has a right to his own labor. Taking a percentage of what a man earns is a tax, that's OK. Render to Caesar what is Caesar's after all. We have to pay something for the social order that let us earn.

But a mandatory insurance payment is something else. It is not simply taking a percentage of something you chose to earn. It interferes with the free market in which we sell our labor. It is mandatory and it forces you to work and that is called slavery.

The fact that being forced to work will always depress wages is hardly worth mentioning, your already a slave how low can you go.

The supreme court decision will be interesting.

That retired teacher was a dickweed.

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You've probably already seen this, but here 'tis again, in case you missed it:


I once asked Asoka if he was a racist asshole in response to some of his comments. And he said he wasn't. But one can read the sulphurous turds he deposits on this site and judge accordingly.

...Another country heard from on stress and its' repercussions:

Bullshittery, ignorance and stupidity do have actual consequences. Who knew?!? ;o)

Earned it my ass. They got their pensions through raw power - union muscle and political clout. If he had at least been honest about it I would respect him for that. Hypocrisy is alive and well, bullshit rules and self interest wins the day.

I hear unionized public service workers say all the time that they pay taxes too. Well yeah but they use our taxes to pay their taxes. And I hear them say that they provide valuable services. Ok they do provide services. But value like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And how much does it cost the rest of us to get this "value". I'll bet that you could turf a third of the staff of the average federal govt department or agency and the remaining workers could easily cover the work of the departed employees without breaking a sweat.

This isn't only a matter of govt employees extorting benefits for themselves. Who can blame them? Everyone does it and if you want to talk preposterous just look at the compensation of any CEO. Just work in any large company and look at what goes on there, the idiots in power, the deadwood clogging the place. This is just as much a problem of politicians bringing home the bacon, getting their fair share of the waste and purely incompetent management in govt executive ranks. Govt as much as any business is a locus for fraud, corruption and theft.

Eat this, don't eat that, exercise more take vitamin C,Folic acid, blah, blah, blah fucking blah. - RT

I agree, people should just chill. I remember one guy in his eighties that had lived since he was a little kid on a cup of coffee and a pastry for brekkie, a bologna sandwich and a coffee for lunch and two hotdogs and a coffee for dinner. And that's it. Asked why he ate this way he said that was all he could keep down. I also remember reading about some world class marathoners back in the day - Bill Rodgers used to survive on a diet of junk food, a Japanese marathoner lived mainly on beer, fish and rice and Rob DeCastella was a Pritiken adherent. All were contenders for Olympic gold. I don't think there's any one answer but rather the human body can live on a wide variety of foodstuffs.

Your right. It's a combination of lifestyle & genetics. So, a person has to decide what works best for them and be responsible for their own health.

Through education and self-awareness, an individual can decide the risk/benefit equations for themselves. Not just swallow the big pharma, processed food and vitamin/herb industries hype.

Too late Iwasaki San. The Chinese have them in their sights - and the traitorous White Elite are all for it.

You should have been nicer to the Koreans. And you should have taken Hawaii when I offered it to you. See what happens when people go against my Will?

What to do? Have some Sake - and wait for My Orders. I will save you but you must admit to the ranks of Kami in exchange. I want my Temple on the upper slopes of Mt Fuji. The waters should not reach that high.

Yes, No. As far as I know he was wrong about everything. The Sleeping Prophet was a dope. Ditto Jean Dixon.

Oh and btw, We know about your plot to use Tofu to emasculate the White Man. It will fail.

asoka has made an unusually blatant and deliberate distortion of my words to him, so I will repeat them verbatim:

"CFN thanks should go out to asoka and to mika, for demonstrating and making visible, the sort of hate filled stereotyping and rush to judgement - that this tragic case is engendering among segments of the American public." -p2c-

It is quite possible that the evidence in the Martin/Zimmerman case is going to make it impossible to charge Zimmerman with an offense that can be successfully prosecuted.

It is possible that no number of protests and louder and more hate-filled cries of "RACISM" are going to change this fact. Even if Zimmerman is arrested, he might have to be released. Even if Zimmerman is charged and prosecuted he might be found not guilty, and released.

This means that the black underclass may carry an even higher level of anger and hate into the coming long hot summer. This will reduce the (already very limited and finite) number of persons that can be loved in This World - still further.
We have, sadly, lost many of our good CFN Conspiracy Theoreticians to the recurrent waves of screenname bannings that have occurred.

But someone should ask if asoka is unintentionally making manifest for CFN - what is a large and deliberate manipulation of Minority Public Opinion, a manipulation that may have very negative long term outcomes for US race relations and politics.

Who would benefit from such a thing?
Who would do such a thing?

Endgame, for TPTB?

Too much fruit. Very yin. Michio clucks his tongue in disapproval.

Rhino, my friend, the Internet is a wonderful place, but we have all noticed that it can also provide people with the means to insult (like calling someone an "asshole") and harass others without taking the full responsibility for their words.

If CFN as a community allows that type of behavior, it will quickly decay. Please don't contribute to that decay, Rhino.

You are free to disagree, but to attack people simply for your amusement could result in your removal by JHK. Apparently several people have already been banned. I don't want to see you banned, my friend.

I have never seen the Media so blatantly biased and hateful. And alot of people are calling them on it, but they don't seem to care anymore. They seem intent on provoking Black rage. And if Zimmerman is found innocent, there may well be violence. If so, it is on them.

P2C, what if a member of your family was followed by a Black person and shot dead? (Let's day later your dead family member was determined to have been unarmed.)

What if that Black person claimed he suspected your family member was up to no good and claimed self-defense justified the murder?

I suspect you might protest that situation.

If someone then accused you of racism and hate because you protested a member of your family being murdered, that would be hurtful.

I sometimes get that feeling too. Alot of people who spent decades planning will die anyway of heart attacks or because they don't have their meds. And others who didn't give a thought will enjoy their provisions.

Another chapter in the comedy, "Man"? Not quite: preparing ups your chances for sure. But no guarantees. At All. In any case, there will be alot of funny/sad stories and not very funny/ugly stories.

What if the White actually attacked the Black? Somehow you left that out...

Whites accept real Justice far more than any other race. East Asians are next. When a Japanese American in custody for killing someone said he wished he had a knife to kill himself too, his father in Japan said, I wish I could give him the knife.

For Blacks, Jews, and most of humanity, "Justice" is just what is good for them. And if Zimmerman goes to trial, he will be found guitly if the jury is Black - no matter what the evidence says. And he will be killed in prison by Blacks if they can get at him.

All this for a man who tutored poor Black children and had many Black friends. Too bad he really isn't White because this experience would have made him a White Nationalist.

As for your own posts, I get to make my own assessment of them. If I call them sulphurous turds, well that's my own opinion. If you don't like it that's too bad.

It's JHKs site and he can do what he wants. If he wants to ban me he can.

Were it my own site I would ban racist hate mongering. We know where it leads. We don't need to speculate.

Well K-Dog, you're going to have to get a little more up to speed on the issues if you're candidacy is to be taken seriously. In fact, to get insurance under Obamacare does not require an individual to work - where did you come up with that goofy notion?

As far as constitutional or not, there has never been any monolithic consensus when it comes to interpreting the constitution among minds far greater than to be found here on CFN. So you're "unconstitutional" declaration needs to be taken with a grain of salt, it not a salt mine.

What is truly hideous about the entire Obamacare fiasco, however, is that it's survival or not looks more and more likely to be determined by one man: Chief Justice Kennnedy.

However one lines up on this particular issue, one man - a lifelong judicial appointment- having the power to effectively dictate national policy strikes me as nothing less than pure evil. Clearly, the assumption that future men would interpret the constitution without ambiguity was the fatal flaw in the Founding Fathers master plan.

Fair enough, Rhino, and I agree with you about racist hate.

I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the risks inherent in your own uncouth behavior.

What if the White actually attacked the Black?


With a package of Skittles? With a 50 pound weight disadvantage compared to the Black? With the white being unarmed?

The Black guy just has to chase him down, then shoot the white guy, and then the Black guy claims self-defense, as if he was standing his ground, after chasing down the White.

When David Duke and the white nationalist groups protest, they can then be labelled as being hateful racists.

5 grams of C a day? Say goodbye to your liver and kids.

Skittles will turn out to be a thug in training once we know more. See the later pictures? You can see the evil in his face. No wonder they use pictures of him from years ago.

He messed with the wrong guy and his career was cut short.

It's JHKs site and he can do what he wants. If he wants to ban me he can.

I will repeat this for the third time in hopes that several people here understand what is going on with the supposed "bannings."

Sometime on or before Feb 20th I found myself unable to "Sign In" to make a comment. Around the same date, and possibly the very same day Wage, Ilbend and others ceased posting comments. (Wage wrote privately to Prog's email address and complaimed that she had been banned.)

I wrote to Kunstler at his email address (jhkunstler at mac dot com) and he said he had banned Mrs Beasley (aka OEO, Tootsie, etc) that particular day but no one else. I believe his banning of commenters is quite rare. I responded back to Kunstler that if he hadn't banned me there must be some kind of technical glitch causing it. He responded (see bolded text below) in a way that told me he had other fish to fry and wasn't in the least inclined to get involved with my problem... perhaps he was thinking about his diet and the tingling in his hands and feet?

Anyway, eventually I got around the problem by establishing a new email address and creating a new screen name. If anyone suspects they have been banned I recommend they write directly to Kunstler at his email address. Maybe a deluge of email will prompt action.

I dunno what's going on with the site, technically....


James Howard Kunstler
"It's All Good"

Recent research indicates the placental environment of the mother dictates the healthresponse later in the life of the fetus.

In other words, eat like your mom did when she was pregnant. Same calories, same foods. Otherwise you run the risk of hypertension, etc.

Another possible reason why reasonable diets backfire.

Asoka, talking about being uncouth here's one of your own snarling posts. It oozes hate, bigotry, broadbrushing tens of millions of ordinary people:

asoka. | January 24, 2012 4:36 PM | Reply
"Rhino, I'm still waiting for you to explain why the tattooed, beer drinking, NASCAR, military-supporting, pro-war, anti-Iran, anti-Taliban American workers deserve to continue to consume 25% of the Planet's resources when they are only 6% of the world's population.

Karma's a bitch.

But American workers earned their comeuppance with their unsustainable bellicose lifestyle. It's payback time. Now they get to be Third World for a while. It is a blessing in disguise. Believe me."

End of post.

You imply criminality in their consuming 25% of the world's resources. You don't even seem to consider that maybe these resources were actually bought and paid for as opposed to being stolen (Bought from whom? From the neighbors living in the country to the north for example).

So you advocate for collective punishment for tens of millions of ordinary folk whose very existence (like my own parents) revolved around going to work day in and day out, providing for their families.

Not very enlightened Asoka. What would you as an unbiased observer make of dialogue like yours?

Heres my theory as to what may have actually happened.

Zimmerman follows Treyvon, and Treyvon confronts him. Treyvon gets in Zimmerman's face and Mr. Neighborhood concerned citizen, looking for trouble, finds it. The verbal escalation involves light shoving. Soon Treyvon is righteously kicking Zimmerman's shorter, fatter ass. Zimmerman does what any dumbass 'concerned citizen' does and pull his cheap 9mm and fires.

Then, Zimmerman concocts a story that absolves him of any responsibility.

Treyvon's problem was being immature at 17. He didn't know how to ignore Zimmerman and de-escalate. Zimmerman's problem is that he is a douchebag without a life, and owns a gun.

Wrongful death lawsuits will follow and Zimmerman will pay. The neighbourhood organisation that fostered Zimmerman's role will pay.

Thats all there is to this story.

"ObamaCare takes private tax collection one step further: under it, the tax collectors not only collect the taxes, but also set the level of taxation as they see fit."

A sure recipe for abuse.

rhino said "So you advocate for collective punishment for tens of millions of ordinary folk whose very existence (like my own parents) revolved around going to work day in and day out, providing for their families. "

Responsibility doesn't work that way.

Look up "hubris". People had the best of intentions. Their true responsibility was shielded from them by their own ignorance. When did you hear about global warming? After you heard about it, were you more or less responsible for the effects on others of your own tailpipe emissions?

Sorry to be off topic, but I just wanted to pass on to CFN a little vignette I experienced this aftenoon. I was downtown shopping and was hunting around for an affordable gift basket which I have been assigned to provide for a specific fund raising charity. Well, the place I wanted to do business with ( a small, locally owned, party place) is now out of business. I was disappointed, because I like to support local businesses whenever I can.

Calling on my cell phone, I reached another small, locally owned place that does baskets. I told the clerk (owner?) that this basket was for charity and I really couldn't afford to spend a whole lot of money (more than $50.00). I was told quite snootily that they didn't offer "sales" on any baskets...period...end of sentence. I hung up somewhat dumbfounded. WTF? There's a recession on and you don't DO sales, you dumb piece of shit? Even for CHARITY?

I was a little discouraged, but nevertheless continued downtown in the direction of a bistro with outdoor seating. Long story short, I met up with some friends at the patio of said bistro who suggested I put the basket together myself, and market it as "Home Movie Night". Some microwave popcorn, Dollar Store boxes of Junior Mints, etc., maybe even a couple of champagne flutes with a bottle of Sparkling Cider.

I guess the economy isn't as bad as the MSM is painting it. No wonder small businesses are failing, with attitudes like "We don't do..." fill in the blank. I've been in business for myself (briefly successfully) doing catering. "I won't or can't do" wasn't in my or my staff's vocabulary. If a deal was to be made, I'd do anything I could to make it happen. Business = money in my wallet.

JHK is right. People today are stupid and down right lazy. They'd rather wear a sign around their necks saying, "Looking for Work...homeless, please give what you can."

Really? How about the time when I asked one of these "Looking for Work" dudes about hauling debris from the fallen plaster ceiling in my apartment out so I wouldn't have to pay the ceiling guy to do it? The answer? "Well, lady, I've got a bad it in Nam. I was really just looking for something light to do, like raking leaves." So I said, "You're going to stay pretty hungry with that kind of work ethic. Good luck"

Needless to say I wouldn't have said this if my own, 55 year old, bulky "hubby" hadn't been right beside me. Good night nurse! It's no wonder this country's in the shape it's in.

Ignorance is never an excuse. This the "good german" problem. If it turns out GW cooks the world, future survivors aren't going to see us as anything but monsters.

To paraphrase D. Jensen, they aren't going to give a shit if we recycled, or if we installed low-flow shower heads. They are only going to care about whether or not we left them a stable atmosphere, a web of life, animals and plants, and so forth.

The world is filled with people who think of themselves as good. It isn't worth shit if the consequences are bad.

Consumer morality is simplistic evil. Many if not most people assume that the ethical basis of their actions are justified as long as it appears everyone else is doing it. A moral relativism practiced by a whole society or culture is still moral relativism.

It was pouring rain when I left my house this morning, on my bicycle. I was cold and wet when I arrived at my destination. I might claim to be justified when I say I made sacrifices to help diminish global warming. But I don't. Virtue is its own reward.

No one is coming after carbon polluters demanding restitution. Maybe they should be. That's another virtue- Justice.

Poc said "CFN thanks should go out to asoka and to mika, for demonstrating and making visible, the sort of hate filled stereotyping and rush to judgement - that this tragic case is engendering among segments of the American public."

Oh please. Crimes with no witnesses serve to bring to the foreground important points about a society, but the clear implication is that an unarmed 17-year old was killed by a man with a gun. Common sense argues unarmed individuals don't typically pick fights with people they don't know on the sidewalk.

This "black box" of perception allows for speculation- but the facts imply something obvious: George Zimmerman was a man looking for trouble. It is harder to establish a credible motive for Treyvon, who was carrying no weapons.

Its not character assassination of Zimmerman to conclude he is a douche-bag on the grounds that he is a stalker, a profiler, or a snitch. Because he is ostensibly all three. Now we can add man-slaughterer to the list. The only way this guy could have wound up shooting a boy in self-defence is by being belligerent and concealing his weapon.

The gun in question is a cheap, small and easily concealed 9mm. It would seem likely that if a gun were actually displayed a physical altercation would have been less likely to occur. Zimmerman is a thug, a suburban gangster.

He grew up in to follow in the footsteps of his mainstream family- his father a magistrate- in a justice system that imprisons people for crimes like smoking weed. His choice of occupation to serve humanity was in the insurance industry- a protected monopolist racket of matrixes that controls much of the financial system. He lives, we might remind everyone, in an ugly subdivision in a state where most of the natural resources have been destroyed, in a place subsidized by public money and yet claiming to be exclusive ("The Retreat At Twin Lakes")... another psychotic suburban development, up shit creek in the peak oil age, a reserve for the physcially and mentally deteriorating inmates of Clusterfuck nation.

"He lives, we might remind everyone, in an ugly subdivision in a state where most of the natural resources have been destroyed, in a place subsidized by public money and yet claiming to be exclusive ("The Retreat At Twin Lakes")... another psychotic suburban development, up shit creek in the peak oil age, a reserve for the physcially and mentally deteriorating inmates of Clusterfuck nation." BJ

I can almost hear the theme from "The Twilight Zone" in the background, with Rod Serling, cigarette in hand saying in place of "Clusterfuck nation"
"...a reserve for the physically and mentally deteriorating inmates of...the Twilight Zone". Long drag off of cigarette, release of smoke, eyes fixed on camera, fade to black.

What's especially interesting about the Zimmerman case is the lack of outrage by the white community over the "I am Treyvon" acts of terror. One such act includes setting ablaze a little white boy by a group of black thugs, the looting of several high school kids who did a "walk-out" of their high school, deciding to break store windows and carry off merchandise in "support" of Treyvon.

As Wage suggested a while back, TPTB have us all fighting amongst ourselves while they sit back and enjoy the infotainment.

I don't know if Zimmerman is as psychotic as it appears in print and media. It does sound like he was a bit trigger happy, especially considering the boy was not armed. And as long as he had 911 on the line, why could he not have asked for a policeman to cruise by the area, if he had suspicions that this boy was up to no good?

On the other hand, Treyvon was not the innocent angel the MSM portrayed him to be. He walked, talked, and acted the role of "street thug". That doesn't give anyone license to bump him off.

Funny story: The day after word was out that Pearl Harbor was attacked, people in America were asking: "Really? What was she wearing?" , "Was she 'cheap'?" or "I'll bet she was out alone at night at the time!" Ah,,, memories. "You will never lose money underestimating the intelligence of the American public." P.T. Barnum?


























Funny story (?) Aren't you supposed to be dead by now? Can you, will you, pleease just "play dead" for a little while, you miserable, stupid old cunt? I'm sure that I and the rest of the Clusterfuck gang would rejoice in your sudden death by heart attack or something. Die, already!

Personal to MM, You're comments are about as interesting as the Chink bullshit that follow your ramblings. DIE, BITCH, DIE!








 ;; ;;管理しやすくするため、下宿生が校内で自習して、先生に管理して、先生の授業がない。もし学校に通学生朝晩自習のなら、きっと7時間以上のタイムリミット。だから、学校側からのやり方が大原則的には規定に違反して。






 ; ; ; ;学校説明――学校のやり方は安全を考慮



 ; ; ;これに対して、学校側はさせないと説明して通学生に朝晩自習は教育局の規定により、学生のための安全のため、灵璧県教育局の担当者は学校側の原則はまずいやり方が、存在と家長コミュニケーション不良、はっきり説明できない問題。

 ; ; ; ;親質疑――は学校で食事をしないで自習









 ; ; ; ;刘銮雪表示に従って、地元の教育局の関連要求、ホスト学生は参加させない朝の自習。通学生の親の子は寄宿学校に来ても朝晩は、父兄に自習して、学校はこんな要求に同意しないの。




It is interesting to note that if young black men and women were truely interested in furthering there lot in life they would pursue a life dedicated to learning. They would go onto colledge and obtain a degree. The black youth have no interest in doing anything other then wearing bling, having a grill on their teeth, and rapping about how big the whores they're mothers and sisters and girlfriends are and how much they love to fuck them - both in the face and in the ass. Really nice roll models the black kids have today. Yo mamma is a ho, yo daddy pimps her out, yo sistah is a ho. Why ain't yo makin money out of dese bitches, punk? Yeah, and wear yo pants hangin off yo knees to show da werl you aint affraid of prison. We all know that 3 squares and a cot make yo comfortable in da hood while whitey gets to pay fo yo ass. Ya'll black dudes must get a kick out of visiting yo homies every now and again when ya'll get busted. The prison system is a revolving door for blacks. Sort of like a homecoming event or something.

You have some Mother issues Kramps? Is she the one who turned you gay? No wonder you hate her.

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You imply criminality in their consuming 25% of the world's resources. You don't even seem to consider that maybe these resources were actually bought and paid for as opposed to being stolen

The governments and companies in countries all over the world had to sell or they would risk being bombed by the USA.

You don't even seem to consider the sales of the world's resources were sold under threat from the USA government.

Here is a list of the countries bombed by the United States since the end of the Second World War.

Note that these countries represent roughly
one-third of the people on earth:

Afghanistan 1998, 2001-

Bosnia 1994, 1995

Cambodia 1969-70

China 1945-46, 1950-53

Congo 1964

Cuba 1959-1961

El Salvador 1980s

Korea 1950-53

Guatemala 1954, 1960, 1967-69

Indonesia 1958

Laos 1964-73

Grenada 1983

Iraq 1991-

Iran 1987

Kuwait 1991

Lebanon 1983, 1984

Libya 1986

Nicaragua 1980s

Pakistan 2003, 2006-

Panama 1989

Peru 1965

Somalia 1993, 2008

Sudan 1998

Vietnam 1961-73

Yemen 2002, 2009

Yugoslavia 1999

Rhino, I'm still waiting for you to explain why the tattooed, beer drinking, NASCAR, military-supporting, pro-war, anti-Iran, anti-Taliban American workers deserve to continue to consume 25% of the Planet's resources when they are only 6% of the world's population.

Better Kramps. I can see my influence is helping you. Now let's work on your homo tendencies.

jus when ya think ya read it all....

Recently I reported on the nearly unbelievable case of the man in Texas who was fined for not cutting the grass on his foreclosed home, but the shocking case of this individual in Minnesota makes that seem reasonable, which is saying quite a lot.

In fact, the case of Mitch Faber, from Burnsville, Minnesota, is so blatantly ludicrous that the Minnesota Senate Committee on Local Government and Elections – which investigates abuse at the local government level – has contacted the Fabers to investigate their case.

This case is a symptom of a deeply sick society which preys upon the weak, exploits and abusesthe people of the United States as much as humanly possible, spies on us without any remote semblance of probable cause, assassinates us without due process, all while treating us all like suspected terrorists for the most innocent of activities.

KTSP, a local ABC affiliate, first reported on Faber’s trials and tribulations last week. They reportedthat Faber was unable to finish his stucco and decorative rock project on the exterior of his home after running into money troubles when the recession hit

I apologize Silverdoctor, I sometimes get over zealous. Thanks Prog for pointing that out.And who the heck is this Zimmerman character whom I keep seeing brought up? I gotta get out of the woods more and watch the goddam TV! I honestly do not know what this conversation is about.

My "Gay dar" is working overtime for that nelly man-child, asoka. He is clearly over the top in his proclamations. Like you, he doesn't see the forest for the trees. He insists that all things are the fault of "whitey". Now, you, you Mother fucking racist PIG, hate all blacks. Asoka is your alter ego. He hates all whites! Suddenly this guy Zimmerman is a racist because he knocked off a black dude trolling his hood. You both see things as black and white issues. You're tiresome and despicable. Most people, I'm sure, scroll over your comments. I can always guess what both of you are going to say before I get done reading the first sentence of your posts.

Asoka claims to be some sort of pro-humanity, "Gandhi" while at the same time proclaiming that this guy, Zimmerman, is a racist, in your face, out to get all non-whites hoodlum.

Worst, you seem to think that just because a black youth passes through a neighborhood looking "suspicicious" should be murdered in cold blood. Your delusional, Krantz. Plus, you hate homos! If getting sucked off by a homo is the worst thing that ever happens to you in life, I'd say you beat the odds by not getting beat in real life (by homos or blacks).

I say lock her up!

Global warming alarmist equates climate denial with racism

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, March 30, 2012

Comparing skepticism of man-made global warming to racist beliefs, an Oregon-based professor of sociology and environmental studies has labeled doubts about anthropogenic climate change a “sickness” for which individuals need to be “treated”.

Professor Kari Norgaard, who is currently appearing at the ‘Planet Under Pressure’ conference in London, has presented a paper in which she argues that “cultural resistanc.........

Asoka makes some very good points about the overwhelming criminality of the US gov mafia. Her MARCH 31, 2012 7:45 PM to RHINO is a very good case in point. But the criminality of the US gov mafia is a reflection of the overall criminality of the US population on the whole. On this Asoka too brings to the table very salient points which I have yet see anyone refute.

You are a criminally degenerate society, of which your criminal gov mafia is just the tip of the iceberg. You fucks really need to reform your behavior. Although, personally, from everything I've been able to observe so far, you fucks are beyond reform and redemption. And therefore your future will be that extinction.

No, what's beyond redemption is you jewish assholes who think you can play war games annihilating muslims and have the whole god damned world at your fingertips. Remember 1942, BITCH? The entire Western world was well within their reach of exterminating each and every one of you bitches, when "whitey" stepped in to save your ass. Have we ever hear a "Thank you, whitey"? HELL NO! You fools are so intent on exterminating muslims and non-jews that you over look the very fact that WHITE, "CHRISTIAN' assholes are throwing the "Jesus will SAVE US ALL" meme, that you can't imagine another holocast happening again. IT CAN AND IT WILL, you STUPID FUCK! You, Krantz, and others will never understand the basic fact that when you start a religious war, the carnage is magnificent. Your blood will be dripping from the walls of your home (whether in Israel or wherever else your holed up_) Make no mistake "Mika", your ass is grass, as is every non-white, gay, or otherwise "non-Christian".

Save your regurgitated CIA/Vatican propaganda and lies for the ignorant muppets, you talking monkey. You fucks didn't save anybody. In fact, you fucks went out of your way not to save anybody. The result was a complete annihilation of European Jewry. A genocide where 95% of European Jewry was murdered by you. Because Hitler and Stalin were YOUR CREATION. You raised them. You supplied them with the propaganda. You supplied them with money. You supplied them with vital technology. You supplied them with arms. You supplied them with everything that made them what they are. They were your agents and creation in every sense of the word.

Let's see.
Your immediate ancestors survived to And the U.S. did nothing to "persuade" the nazis to stop exterminating you people. Okay. And I don't doubt your assertion that the Vatican is responsible for most of the hell we see on earth. What astounds me is the ignorance of both you and your people as to how vicious the tide can and WILL turn against you. The white assholes you rail against ARE OUT TO GET YOU! By exterminating Muslims, you become part of that problem (killing people just for the fuck of it). Other than that, you appear to make some intelligent arguments.

What the fuck are you talking about, CIA monkey. Who's exterminating Muslims? Where the fuck do you get this crap from? Let me guess, it comes straight from your Vatican/CIA programmers.

"What astounds me is the ignorance of both you and your people as to how vicious the tide can and WILL turn against you."

Not so true. Many of us realize that. That's why the term "never again" was created.

And, post if you want, but please, please change your handle. Vlad Kramps makes me think of intestinal spasms.

A state's attorney will ultimately decide if Zimmerman will be charged for a crime.

Bill, why is this decision not automatic? A person was shot dead. We know who did it. Why is this not automatically referred to the courts to sort out the mitigating circumstances. Why so much discretion allowed for the police and state's attorney? Seems to me, this is just asking for corruption and abuse. Which I guess is the intention to begin with.

Your immediate ancestors survived to

My immediate ancestors WALKED to from Europe to Kazakhstan to survive your Vatican/CIA inquisition. This was my 12 year old grandmother and her 6 year old brother. My grandmother become a kindergarten teacher to Muslim kids. Today, because of your CIA fucks and their propaganda and lies, these Muslim kids would cut her throat just because she was Jewish.

Zimmerman cooperated with Police and was honorably released.
Now he is media screwed.

Bill, what astounds me is a few weeks ago his name
had some hits on google.
Then 10 million.
Then 14 million a day? later.

Take a deep saint trey/ 1.2? billion hits.
Media field day!

While Norway is not as deep in the HBD [human biodiversity debacle] as Sweden it too is on
perilous permafrost.

Ah Jewish gratitude - 150 proof. Aint it grand.

How can he get a fair trial now that he has been tried by the Media? And if he has a Black Jury, forget it. Even if the Jury is all White, how can anyone say it's objective at this point?

I'm reminded of the Olympics bombing in Atlanta - the bomb found by a security guard whose name I can't remember. His awareness and warning might have saved lives. For his trouble he was accused and relentlessly hounded by the police who leaked stuff to the press all the while. They had no other suspect so they poured it on. They destroyed his life and no one cared - just a plain, chubby security guard with no one on his side. I believe the governor finally apologized to him when it became clear that he wasn't the one. The police never did.

"You imply criminality in their consuming 25% of the world's resources."

You mean, he "partaketh'd"? Or do you mean, he has far too numerous sock-puppets to *COUNT*?

At any rate. Indeed. Ipso facto. Shit creek is merely a paddle *upwards*, through the pesticide/herbicide/water-treatment-center runoff...


Dr. Arthur Kramer is because an all in one Professor as part of your University relating to Illinois Department having to do with Psychology,going to be the Campus Neuroscience Program,going to be the Beckman Institute, and the Director relating to going to be the Biomedical Imaging Center at the University about Illinois.

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"Oh please. Crimes with no witnesses serve to bring to the foreground important points about a society, but the clear implication is that an unarmed 17-year old was killed by a man with a gun."

Now, thanks go out to bustinJ for demonstrating and making visible - a slightly more nuanced version of - the sort of hate filled stereotyping and rush to judgement - that this tragic case is engendering among segments of the American public.

If - and with a nod to Bill, I said IF - Zimmerman was tackled onto the ground and was in the process of being assaulted by Martin - then the shooting will be considered self-defense under Florida law.
To answer your question, Mika, that is why there has been no arrest or indictment in this case.

There may not be.

No amount of racial prejudice or love of racial Tribe - as manifested by asoka on CFN - SHOULD* be able to change the evidence in a case or the uniform application of the law to a Florida citizen/resident/migrant.

*Should? Public pressure on the part of Sharpton/Jackson et al may be about to change the uniform application of law in this case - or there may be a pending Civil Rights case on the part of the Obama DOJ. (A handy device for getting out the vote in November, perhaps?) There will certainly be civil actions against Zimmerman and his homeowner's association.

And there might also be civil action against the manufacture of the "cheap" handgun used in the shooting.

BustinJ, on a humorous note, seems to find it superior to be shot with an "expensive" handgun.
I find it superior not to be shot at all.

To answer your question, Mika, that is why there has been no arrest or indictment in this case.

That is bull shit, and anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see right through this bull shit. The system is set up for the benefit of whites and is selectively enforced for the benefits of whites. It is fundamentally biased, self-serving, and racist. As is the society that allows this system to continue.

"Sometime on or before Feb 20th I found myself unable to "Sign In" to make a comment. Around the same date, and possibly the very same day Wage, Ilbend and others ceased posting comments. (Wage wrote privately to Prog's email address and complaimed that she had been banned.)"

Let's agree on terms, first. Whether caused by technical glitch, or deliberate action, when a poster receives the 403-ban or some other message to the same effect - That is a BANNING.

The reason I mentioned it yesterday, is that BANNINGS of any type seem to affect the "conspiratorially minded" differently than they do the rest of us.

Hancock1863 wrote me a very well-reasoned email to the effect that the CFN blog is being manipulated as part of a larger conspiracy.* Hancock says that Vlad is retained here only for "plausible deniability."

After a while - if it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck.....
You all know the rest of this.

*Ozone Pete is the best of the remaining CFN conspiracy theorists right now. Keep up the good work and don't get banned, O3.

And the rest of you - FOR GAWD SAKES!! -
Change your screennames slightly and come back.


I know you are familiar with the historians:

Anthony Sutton
Carroll Quigley
Edwin Black
John Loftus

So I know that you know what a vile piece of shit lying vatican propaganda sith you are.

Ok, Mika/Met - whatever.

Let's not forget that it is not "Whites" who are to blame in the mind of Mika.

It's Catholics.

I was very specific when I said 'the vatican'. And the same when I say 'racist white society'. The two are separate issues. As to your 'whatever', you can shove it up your ass, you racist piece of shit.

Whatever, Mika/Met

And I consider the contents of my rectal cavity important enough that I have no intention of allowing you, or any idea shoved by you -

Up in there.

Good day to you, suh.

This is why you are a certified piece of shit. It is always 'whatever' to you, no matter what the evidence that is brought to your face. Always 'whatever', except when it comes to your racist white privileges. Then it becomes fighting words for you fucks. You are such a despicable people. Honestly, I didn't think my hatred of you could go any higher, but I'm learning every day this is to be untrue.

If - and with a nod to Bill, I said IF - Zimmerman was tackled onto the ground and was in the process of being assaulted by Martin - then the shooting will be considered self-defense under Florida law.

I was "there" 35 minutes after the murder, via the police video showing Zimmerman leaving the police car with no blood, no scratches, no visible trauma, no signs of having been attacked, no evidence of having his head "beaten against the ground" as P2C previously posted.

The law in Florida (776.013(3)(2006) states:

A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity, and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

The phone audio (which I have heard) indicates Zimmerman was not acting to defend himself, rather he was actively pursuing Martin, even after being told to desist.

Self-defense is an affirmative defense which places the burden of proof on Zimmerman to prove aggression, provocation and instigation of the conflict that gave rise to Zimmerman's need to murder Martin. The existing evidence, both police video and audio, does not support an assertion of self-defense.

It is not necessary to be physically present to reach reasonable conclusions.

Using evidence from primary sources (legal documents, videos, and audio source evidence) one can use reasoning powers.

AFAIK, Zimmerman has failed to provide any evidence, as required by an affirmative claim of self-defense, that he was in immediate physical danger of bodily harm from an unarmed Martin.


Zimmerman has failed to provide any evidence, as required by an affirmative claim of self-defense, that he was in immediate physical danger of death or great bodily harm from an unarmed Martin.

You funnin us RT? DHMO is a hoax.

DHMO is water. Water is called by an unfamiliar name, "dihydrogen monoxide", followed by a listing of real negative effects of this chemical, in an attempt to convince people that it should be carefully regulated, labeled as hazardous, or banned.

The hoax is designed to illustrate how the lack of scientific literacy and an exaggerated analysis can lead to misplaced fears.

"Dihydrogen monoxide", shortened to "DHMO", is a name for water that is consistent with basic rules of chemical nomenclature, but is not among the names published by IUPAC and is almost never used.

A popular version of the hoax was created by Eric Lechner, Lars Norpchen and Matthew Kaufman, housemates while attending University of California, Santa Cruz in 1990, revised by Craig Jackson (also a UC Santa Cruz student) in 1994, and brought to widespread public attention in 1997 when Nathan Zohner, a 14-year-old student, gathered petitions to ban "DHMO" as the basis of his science project, titled "How Gullible Are We?".

"Dihydrogen monoxide" may sound dangerous to those with a limited knowledge of chemistry or who hold to an ideal of a "chemical-free" life (chemophobia).

The only familiar common usage of the term "monoxide" is in the highly toxic gas "carbon monoxide", and the simplified term "monoxide poisoning" is commonly used to refer to poisoning by this colourless and odorless substance.

The joke has been frequently extended over the years. For example, a material safety data sheet—a list of information about potentially dangerous materials used in research and industry—has been created for it.

And, of course, the web site RT directs us to in his attempt of have fun with CFNers.

A reasonable person can not deny that the judicial system is tilted in favor of whites. But there's also reverse racism that occurs from time to time when a black victim or their family goes to the media. The media love to pounce on the white perpetrator to show how racist whites are. When that happens the white perpetrator has a hard time getting a fair trial, whether or not he is guilty or innocent. This is not to say that America is not filled with racist pigs.

Zimmerman DID shoot Trayvon. Because of the intense media scrutiny, the whole affair has become a political issue. I'd guess that the state attorney's office has told the police not to rush to arrest Zimmerman until the police have made sure all the evidence is gathered and it at least seems reasonable to have a trial.

The state attorney has been handed a no-win political hot potato. If he prosecutes, he will lose much of the white vote; if he doesn't prosecute, the blacks will label him a racist, so he will want to make sure he has enough evidence to be able to justify his decision. It's too bad that a straightforward legal procedure has to get so complicated, but that happens when the media makes it a circus.

I don't know how long Zimmerman was detained and I don't know police procedure down there, so I can't say if he was given too much consideration or not. Personally, I think he should have been held at least for a few days until the situation became more clear because he did kill someone. Part of that would be to determine if he is a flight risk.

The state attorney has been handed a no-win political hot potato.

True. But it has become political when it should not have been, precisely because the political media circus is not short-circuited by automatically taking it to the courts.

Well I guess you caught me again A, ;o), I send this link to other people less well informed than yourself and they are aghast!

I have been taking statins for years w/o problems. Yes, I take COQ10 (200mg a day). I get my liver functions checked twice year. I eat a diabetic diet. That means I limit sugars and starches and basically eat less than the normal diet. I would only caution that if you do experience muscle pain to contact your doc.

Vladdy Kramps
done pooped his pants
so then he blamed his neighbor
"Don't fault me please"
"You made me sneeze"
"Consider it a favor!"

At least Kramps fecal spewage came out of the correct orifice in this instance.
Is spewage even a word?

In a startling announcement the Greek government, crippled by economic woes amid a severe financial crisis and the subsequent bailout deal with Europe, declared their unanimous decision to implement the system of Meritocracy to save their country from total breakdown and anarchy.

In a speech broadcast worldwide, it was acknowledged that they are indebted to Osho to have come to this decision. They further stated that Osho, who had visited their country in 1986 had been wrongly expelled from the island of Crete because of undue interference by the then all-powerful church.

The selection criteria of the new members of the government are based on their merit and not on any membership to a political party. They will unite to implement the much needed reforms and a positive result will be achieved quickly, within the coming two years at most. It is hoped that this move will be an inspiration for the European Union.

It was also mentioned that Osho’s collected talks on Zorba the Buddha are to become required reading for school children starting from the age 10.

From the Urban Dictionary:

spewage: Garbled spoken nonsense from a gratuitous source.

Really how is it so tilted? Blacks attack Whites all the time but it seldom get labeled a "hate crime" - which carries higher penalites. Yet often witnesses report racial epithets being uttered as the White is pounded.

And have you heard of the Knoxville Massacre? The Zebra Murders? If these were Whites killing Blacks they would be world wide news for decades. But because it's White victims and Black perps - nothing.

If things are so tilted in this society, why does the popular TV show "Cops" which is based on real incidents, often change the color of the perps from Black to White?

You have your head squarely up your ass, which is bizare for a Boston Jew considering how the Blacks drove the Jews out of Roxbury with great brutality. I guess like so many, your liberalism trumps your Jewish Identity much of the time. But usually on matters of survival Liberal Jews revert to Ethnicity....Strange.

What does this have to do with my post? Or do you admit that you want all Whites locked up or put to death? Bill admitted as much a few days ago.

I often wonder about the agenda of those who claim " there is no difference" between a Dem and Repub". I tend to think they are typically hard-core Republicans attempting to sow discord and disillusion among the hard-core faithful from the left in order to discourage voter turnout. Unfortunately, some left-wing posters such as Wagelaborer, who are unable to grasp the subtleties between ideological gradation and absolutism, swallow the propaganda hook, line, and sinker. This is not a minor disntiction. If an ideolougue wants to ever arrive at her current conception of utopian ideology, incremental gradation is the only pragmatic approach in a politically divided nation. And yet, the absolutists such as Wage, enraged with political infantisim, and ironically representative of the get-it-now fast food culture of America, would rather cut all losses and leave nothing but a political scorched earth in the temper-tantrum aftermath.

Anyway, look who votes to support employers peering into Facebook accounts via a password: The Republicans:

Please sell that "no difference between the political parties" bullshit to somebody gullible enough to believe it - I ain't buying.

"If things are so tilted in this society, why does the popular TV show "Cops" which is based on real incidents, often change the color of the perps from Black to White?"

Another lie.

"But usually on matters of survival Liberal Jews revert to Ethnicity....Strange."

Yeah, I guess it's strange that when the survival of Jews is at stake they stick together. You'd think they'd have the decency to just willingly march to the gas chambers.

I wonder how Hispanics feel about one of their own being condemned before trial with a bounty on his head? Or do they not care as long as Zimmerman is categorized as White (which he isn't obviously as his picture shows). A real question since Blacks don't care about their own per se, but only when a White is involved. Are Hispanics the same way?

The difference is the one between real love and pride. A parent might love their son no matter what. Another might only show love when the son achieves and is a credit to the family name.

No it's true - Cops often does that. And when I said "strange" I meant about you not caring about Jewish survival when Blacks are concerned. Stop being a creep.

The similarity between democrats and republicans is that they both want socialism. The difference is that dems want it for the masses and repubs for business.

In the end, there's no difference between the parties in the sense that each would lead us to the same place, if by differing paths: utter ruin. This is because socialism can't work in an era of insufficient resources - IMO.

Well that's depressing alright. But the Democrats are just as bad when Govermental intrusion is concerned. Like taking our money and giving it to illegals and ne'er do wells.

When Wage and I or at least I say no difference, we mean at the highest levels. Look at Tim Geinther of Goldman Sachs serving a Communist Administration - the arch is capped is it not? And Obama did sign the NDAA just as Bush would have. And he has carried on his policies in the Middle East.

Obviously the two Parties have different electorates and have to use different promises and advertising strategies. But in the end there will still be rich and poor. And both will still be trying to expand the NWO, Capitalism/Socialism, and Feminism to all Nations. A Crusade? Why, yes.

If there was just on Party, then a real opposition might arise. But since there's two, the people can always be kept of balance and confused. As Lenin said, the best way to defeat an opposition party is to lead it. So they do. Both of them.

Here ya go smarty pants. Mr Shapiro was under fire for presenting TOO MANY BLACK CRIMINAL (what a fucking joke) and defended himself by saying that he fudged the numbers in favor of Blacks.

You called me a liar and owe me an apology. Are you man enough to give it?

That it is a political media circus is a reflection of the sorry state of our society. In a more just world it would be another unsensational murder inquest that proceeds relatively quietly and directly. But of course, it's not a just world.

Rhinose says "You imply criminality in their consuming 25% of the world's resources. You don't even seem to consider that maybe these resources were actually bought and paid for as opposed to being stolen (Bought from whom? From the neighbors living in the country to the north for example). "

I'd contend that the present generation is stealing from the future generations. Its the tragedy of the commons writ large.

People are apparently poorly designed to survive. What a pity that we have to go out like this.

Future generations will look back on us with contempt and disgust if they ever exist.

"Jumping Jehosaphat" you folks are sure getting wordys in here. You talk in circles but nobody says anything! Myself included. Have a nice April fools day, Fools! It's also Palm Sunday. I hope all you god damn gentiles went to god damn church today. You'll burn in hell! Brimstone will fill yor nostrils and fire will burn your butt hair. I'm just sayin'.

17.5 year old, 6'3", football team, BURGLARS are not 'kids'.
And who are you to speculate on Treys motives
[accurately, at least]?
Ever hear of 'Honor' [especially among gangsters and blacks?
If not check the '2 at funeral killed in Miami due to someone touching the deceased'.

Trey was [perhaps] proving he was a man.
Defending his turf. Read this to see how close to home he was when the shooting happened.

The best article on this case I have seen is:
'At heart of Trayvon Martin death, a one-minute mystery .........The Seattle Times'‎

Here in the OC a young LEO was killed on the county court steps, the latino killa had been told 'if ya wanna be a gangster, kill a white cop'. He did.

Why speculate any further on Trey?
Clearly BHO etc are using the case to further their anti white / anti American agenda.

"The Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad.
Friedrich Nietzsche"

Though I do admit that Christianity is a complete cosmology: it has answers for everything and puts everything in a place.

Unfortunately, its followers are morons and child abusers.

Jews too are victims of violence.
Not just in South Africa!

a.s. said "Global warming alarmist equates climate denial with racism

Paul Joseph Watson"

Global warming is science. Climate sceptics are anti-science. End of story, pretty much.

Infowars is just fiction and entertainment. Haven't figured that out by now?

A.s said "17.5 year old, 6'3", football team, BURGLARS are not 'kids'."

A kid is someone with a cellphone, skittles, a Big Gulp, no matter what size or shape.

Burglar? Shit, what were you doing at 17? Merit scholarship? Altar boy? I was a criminal trespasser, drug-using vandal, and all-around reprobate. Turned out to have good instincts too, as all the "Good people, working hard" were hard at work destroying the world with their Carbon pollution and mainstream votes. The appropriate attitude the young should have is that everyone over 25 is full of shit, and the project of society and corporate culture is to strip the individual of all proper self-interest and make him a slave to the machine.

Zimmerman was a storm-trooper without the uniform.

"And who are you to speculate on Treys motives
[accurately, at least]?"

I am a peanut in the gallery.

"Ever hear of 'Honor' [especially among gangsters and blacks?
If not check the '2 at funeral killed in Miami due to someone touching the deceased'."

I'm not sure what relevance this has.


Here in Colorado we have just had the driest March ever in recorded history. Not one trace of moisture on the front range and March is usually a huge month for precipitation in Colorado.

It's shaping up as a dry, brown spring. I went out plein air painting the other day and I barely touched a branch of a tree and it snapped off,completely severed. If the lack of moisture keeps up, the entire state may be on fire not by July or August, but May and June. Some truly serious shit.

" I'd shine my light to some cool Colorado rain" is taking on a very desperate meaning.

A missive from LBendet, to whom it may concern (Sennet):

"Hi Sennet,

I do follow the blog once in a while and am blogging under another screen name on Elaine Supkis' site. It's different, but I can still talk about the things that matter to me.

I have tried to get back on, but to no avail and I've been through this before last June, It demands too much work to get me back on and I don't want to ask for that again.

When I want to respond to JHK I can. So the real loss is that I can't be part of the CFN community anymore, but there are other fish in the sea.

Wage is doing fine.


"If he prosecutes, he will lose much of the white vote; if he doesn't prosecute, the blacks will label him a racist, so he will want to make sure he has enough evidence to be able to justify his decision."
-Bill, to mika, concerning the Florida AJ-

The "white vote," Bill. So you think whites will vote as a monolith in Florida, due solely to the AJ's decision in this case. Wow.

Now, I do agree with you that the Florida AJ has a big problem already, as in your words, "if he doesn't prosecute, the blacks will label him a racist."

Amen to that, Brother Bill.

This thing has already taken on a life of its own, and the easily energized and apparently limitless and self-sustaining hate of the black underclass is beginning to channel itself - as regards this one particular case, out of all the millions of black murder cases.

Regardless of outcome - I begin to predict riots this summer.
Zimmerman not arrested - riots.
Zimmerman not prosecuted - riots.
Zimmerman found "not guilty" - BIG riots.

This is taking on overtones of the Rodney King case. Hate gets whipped into such a seething froth that finally a riot occurs upon some inevitable injustice.

In addition to burning and looting liquor stores in predominately minority areas - some rioting crowd will single out random white(s) for random racially inspired beatings or killings.
Having white skin myself, and having relatives and many friends in multicultural and economically "diverse" areas - this concerns me.
Having a white son in public service in a large urban area - it concerns me even more.

Goddam', I hate hate.
And I hate the way the haters - bustin, mika, and asoka, for CFN - are Already whipping up a frenzy that will NEVER be satisfied with anything less than GUILTY for this Zimmerman guy.

Whether he's guilty or not under Florida law -
no longer seems to matter.

And you're right RT, and thank you!
Hope you had a good Palm Sunday.

We should all count our many blessings,
while we still have them to count.

Oops -
AG, not AJ
Attorney General

What the heck is an Attorney Jeneral?

My sek'shul health be just fine 03, ! Portnoy's got no complaints! Sheeeeet all I need is a fresh piece of liver every 3 days! I can still knock a fly off the chandeleir from 8 feet! Oh man, I crack myself up!!Cold freezing rain here today. I spend way too much time on this damn 'puter. I got more done when I did not have a laptop sitting on my kitchen table.

Amen to that Brother!

We'll all be tits up in the marble orchard before we know it. My parents both died young. I was an orphan at 42. I'm 55 now. The man with the scythe stands by my bed at night!

Good for youse! lol

Hey, that thar cold, grey, rainy, shitty day is just what the beginning of April should actually be like, 'round hyar. :oO

Palm Sunday intertwined with the Sacred day of Fools? Perfect.
It's no use asking da deb'bil for my soul; after all, I sold it fair and square; I smell burnin' butt hairs! Yikes!

I was down at the Crossroads with Bob. I just wish the Deb'bil made the same deal with me. I can't play da blues worth a damn! I guess I'm the wrong shade of white!

Pickin' and slide ! how can ya go wrong.

Pal Sunday, eh. The wind here is knocking the fronds off the palms all over town!

Has Montana, Texas, Colorado been in Drought, on and off, for years?

He is neither an Immigrant nor Cuban.
I doubt that many Peruvians are in Fla.

Do you ever go to vigilant
Its a fun look at Ms Gaga and her use of occult/satanic symbols.


I think your first paragraph is spot on, In the second you question the viability of socialism in the context of declining resources. So what form of Govt do you envision and who benefits?


Yes, those states have always had droughts. But I believe something more devastating is occurring beyond the cyclical drought. For one, I have never seen such an erratic climate and even the quality of the rain doesn't feel quite so pristine and refreshing as it used to. Of course I could be completely off base and suffering from some sort of climate nostalgia - we do reinvent our memories after all.

But I have to tell you, not a lick of moisture in March, the season of roof-collapsing snow? The baseball players are loving it though, and why wouldn't they in a state that names some of their late March tournaments " The Blizzard". And the high peaks look as if it's late July, that's how little snow is left.

Too bad Jerry and The Dead are no longer around; they always managed to bring some of that San Francisco moisture out to Red Rocks, or Wet Rocks as it was called during their stops in Morrison Colorado:

The NCAA semi-final womans' game between Stanford and Baylor is about to begin. This is the first time I'm seeing this 6'8" chick Brittany Griner who plays for Baylor. Looking at her face I would say, yeah, she's definitely a female but I'll tell ya, she hasn't got a tit to her name. Hate to admit it but I'VE got bigger tits. Somebody's got to check what's inside her underwear shorts.

Be that as it may, this girl needs to breed with someone like Shaq. Can you imagine the offspring from that union, male or femaale?

Just heard her speak...deep and masculine. Long body long vocal cords I guess.


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If there was just one Party, then a real opposition might arise. But since there's two, the people can always be kept of balance and confused. As Lenin said, the best way to defeat an opposition party is to lead it. So they do. Both of them.

I totally agree with this. Any ideas on how to wake the populace up to the fact that they're being played?

At some point the square cubed law comes into play.

Pulling Out --- There is a pun there but that's not why I'm replying.

The normal way the powers that be do these embarrassing things is to distance themselves but not really change anything.


A window manufacturing company is about to be shut down and moved to another country. The American employees offer to buy the factory so they can keep their jobs. It is more profitable to sell the company to the employees than to close it but management closes the factory and sells off the equipment to competitors for less money.

That the way things are done. The change that those with power believe in is none. I'm expecting in this situation (though I know nothing except what was in your post) that instead of keeping the Village Voice and cleaning up the act GS sells out their stake and the underage exploitation continues.

Is this your take on things. Will it be business as usual or social responsibility?

Here are some observations/questions regarding the Trayvon tragedy:

1. The picture of Zimmerman is 2012's version of Willie Horton. Z has the kind of face guaranteed NOT to win friends and influence people... chubby, 2-day beard growth, and worst of all, close set beady eyes. If this thing goes to trial his handlers will have him on a low carb diet, clean him up real nice and put him in an Armani suit. It will also help his case if he sounds articulate. Sad to say that none of the above has anything whatsoever to do with his guilt or innosence, it's just how things are.

2. Question: When Trayvon's body was found was the hoodie up or down? What was the temperature at 7:15PM on Feb 26 in Sanford, FL? This is NOT to say a person can't wear a hoodie even if it's a hundred degrees out. I ask this because Geraldo brought up the hoodie angle. Every innocent black male in the country can thank their ubiquitous incarcerated tatted and hoodie wearing "bros" for making "the hoodie" a dumb sartorial decision. Ya know, every day I take a walk wearing a dark blue hoodie and not one person I pass is the least fearfull at the sight of me. That's because I'm white and 71 years old.

3. How long had Zimmerman been doing this security gig? A day, a week, a month, years? Was this the first time he ever called in to the cops saying he saw someone acting suspicious? Was he a known and notorious bigot?

4. The claim that Trayvon broke Zimmerman's nose should be easily provable I would think.

So much for Liberal free thinking Colleges.
Have you seen the cartoon?
It was in NY DN.
Its a hoot, you have a sense of humor, enjoy!

From unamusement

Reinstate Stephanie Eisner! She was fired from the University of Texas student newspaper for her cartoon mocking the biased media coverage of the Zimmerman/Martin affair.

At some point the square cubed law comes into play.

Huh? You lost me on this^ one Dog.

the cartoon is so funny..its right on!

Cartoonist Leaves Paper Over Trayvon Cartoon Mocking Leftist ...
1 day ago – Cartoonist Leaves Paper Over Trayvon Cartoon Mocking Leftist Media ... sparked protests on Wednesday at the University of Texas at Austin,

It's a tragic situation. My opinion, I have one. I've discussed the situation with MS-Dog doesn't matter because I wasn't there.

It's doubly tragic now that people are giving this a life of it's own and making it into a symbol.

I suspect that the situation got out of control because of the personalities. What the witness saw (if accurate) counts for everything but if forensics were not done and Zimmerman was not immediately taken in for questioning how can the witness account be verified?

Smells of incompetence. If I were top dog I'd dial up that Eric Holder guy and ------ no better yet I want him front and center and I'd say.

Find out if Florida Law enforcement is has strict procedures to ensure that self defense claims are strictly and correctly investigated and that everyone's civil rights are equally protected. We are going to make sure that self defense laws are not and will not be misused. I want a report in a week and I'll have more questions then.

I'll be pulling federal funding levers to make sure things get fixed but I need to know exactly whats broken.

Get to work. I want to know whats going on down there. Names, statistics demographics I want the full picture. You've got one week.

Did you see the 60 minutes segment on the high end art market? It's even worse than I thought - pure obscenity. A cult of ugliness and meaninglessness for it's own sake. A Will to Degredation.

And the money keep pouring in. It has trounced the S&P. People want in and to be seen as being in. The ultmate futility. What C.S Lewis called The Ring.

Consider a man 60 feet high. A giant this tall would weigh 1000 times as much as a normal six foot man. Every square inch of the giant's leg bone has to support 10 times the weight borne by a square inch of human bone. At 10 times normal weight thighbones break with ever step.

Volume goes up by the cube 10 x 10 x 10 equals 1000. The cross sectional area through a thighbone only goes up by the square 10 x 10 = 100.

Big animals evolve thick bones to compensate. They have to, there is a limit to how big a land animal can get.

Does the dog know about the limits of growth or what :)

No. The People are far too stupid to ever figure it out. The High Elite average IQ above 130 - two standard deviations above the White average. It's the Sub Humans against the Sub Geniuses. The Peeps don't have a chance unless they turn to an Elite opposed to the Globalists. Only the Fascist has looked into the Abyss of Human Nature and come back wise. Only the Fascist can match these demons stroke for stroke, and blow for blow.

You don't have to read German or read Mein Kampf. The English have produced their own Masters: Carlyle and Burke to name two. As Russell Kirk said "Conservatism is committment to a particular people, in a particular place, at a particular time. Particular - the opposite of rabid universalism, which you subscribe to I'm sorry to say. Fascism, the ultimate boogie and shiboleth, is nothing other than what Kirk described.

Yes. Throw a noisy mouse out a 3rd story window and he will mock you all the way down. He will live to eat your potato chips another night.

Better far to disolve him in a glue trap if you have the heart to. I never did. Cockroaches are another story. But why? The Hierarchy of Creation. The roach is lower down the tree.

There can be no just society without a knowledge of hierarchy. After all, equal treatment of unequal people is tyranny. These are the a,b,c's of freedom my dear fellow.
more good news. A kid I have known for years and and someone my son went to vocational high school with. Killed in a tree accident. That oughta get my boy in a good mood. Life is short and sweet, Enjoy it while you can! F-ME

Some are now saying that Trayvon went "gunning" for Zimmerman based on some of his tweets. A thug whose career was tragically cut short.

His parents are cashing in for all they can.

What to do in our probable future situation is like what flight attendants tell you before you take off: If there's a loss of cabin air, air supply masks drop down. They say you should put on your masks before your children. This seems heartless, selfish and cruel, but upon reflection this is for the best. If by putting on your child's mask first, you could become unconscious and putting your child's life in jeopardy.

The same applies in times of dire resource shortages. Socialism redistributes wealth and/or resources. It would control personal resources to insure that everyone got some, to the extent many more people would perish because there may not be enough to go around.

Those who had the foresight and wisdom to plan ahead now might not survive. Losing individuals with superior survival traits is bad news for the continuation of our civilization.

In this kind of future, survival is the most important goal. Our government now consumes and redistributes many resources. In a long emergency government has to get down to basics: Protecting its citizens from attack by criminals and foreign powers, and that's all. Since in a LE we would be living a local lifestyle, our society would revert in form to the 18th or 19th century and the Founding Fathers' theories of governing would apply, such that the Constitution becomes relevant again. When and if TLE ends, we then could afford to re-institute some aspects of socialism.

"There can be no just society without a knowledge of hierarchy. After all, equal treatment of unequal people is tyranny."

I agree with your first sentence. But hierarchy of what? I'd believe in a meritocracy - hierarchy based on positive accomplishment, not based on a person's skin color or religion.

I disagree with your 2nd sentence until you define what kind of treatment you're talking about - automatic unequal treatment because of belonging to a population segment is tyranny.

I think the free fall survival limit can go all the way up to a small cat in size.

My definition of Fascism and I'm not alone in this is when state and corporate interests merge. Yours appears to be a bit different and I'm not seeing where yours deviates from perpetual conflict without end. Pure expression of power without restraint got us in the mess we are in now. Your fascism would suck the world dry in short order leading to death and misery for all. Your Fascism will produce conflict without end.

In my 'universalism' facts and moral principles matter. Striving for equality honors man. He who cannot love his neighbor really can't love himself. This means all neighbors.

Perhaps you dream of things as they once were and do not see or cannot see benefit in change. Perhaps I see things that never were but which to save humanity must now be brought into existence or we all perish.

The world has changed and to survive man must change, its now adapt or die.

Fascism is not adapting.

The knowledge of what to do is out there. Your 'elite' have found it. What must happen now is that the average person must acquire the knowledge, the new technology. People have been learning from others throughout our entire history. There is nothing new about that.

Dismissing the average person as stupid is a defeatist self fulfilling prophecy. The truth is people are smart enough but will only accept new technology when they must. People are more stubborn than stupid (in general). It's a matter of making the horse drink water as the old cliche goes. A horse knows how to drink but they'll only do it when they want to.

The crucial thing is to get leaders in power who see benefit in revealing truth and knowledge instead of being hell bent on denial and suppressing everything else but their own agendas. Right now people are placated by our leaders and the media. This must stop. We can't return to business as usual and believing that we can if only the right economic lever gets pulled or some new innovation saves us is madness. Changing the way we live is the only way. We need new living arrangements.

With good leaders correct incentives can be offered and people do respond to incentives. Incentives will make them thirsty and then they will drink.

We need a paradigm shift and fascism ain't it. Fascism by your definition is an extreme form of the same old, same old, nothing more. The cure must not be the disease. Simple technical innovation or a return to past ways won't work this time. The world has changed.

Fascism will destroy the preconditions for our own existence and eat all our remaining capital. A fundamental change in living arrangements is the only way.

Damian Hirst?
There was a record hi sale on a painting [Cezanne]
200? 300? Million Dollars.
Middle easterners, no doubt wanting the status of
'having paid the most'. Prior the hi price was like 150m.

Do you really think a shark in a vat of formaldehyde is art?
If you do Ive a bridge to sell you.

Warhol admitted he was putting people on.
'Art is whatever you can get away with'-AW.

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Everton’s Yakubu hoping to remain with Leicester

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"1. The picture of Zimmerman is 2012's version of Willie Horton. Z has the kind of face guaranteed NOT to win friends and influence people... chubby, 2-day beard growth, and worst of all, close set beady eyes."

I just saw the *ORANGE* jump-suit, and immediately though he was a 3 time struck out *DRUG USER*.

But yeah, he evidently didn't seek *ANY* treatment, whatsoever, for his *STALKER* condition...


Twice down, not sure I make it to point #3:

"2. Question: When Trayvon's body was found was the hoodie up or down? What was the temperature at 7:15PM on Feb 26 in Sanford, FL? This is NOT to say a person can't wear a hoodie even if it's a hundred degrees out. I ask this because Geraldo brought up the hoodie angle. Every innocent black male in the country can thank their ubiquitous incarcerated tatted and hoodie wearing "bros" for making "the hoodie" a dumb sartorial decision. Ya know, every day I take a walk wearing a dark blue hoodie and not one person I pass is the least fearfull at the sight of me. That's because I'm white and 71 years old."

I know if I whuz going to be profiled for how I looked, I'd wear long sleeves/pants and a *HOOD*. Too bad that didn't help the "F*n c*n."

And yes, I got sidetracked by *insignificance*. Shoulda left it to "big judicial," to sell out the best sentence..

"square cubed law"

You never saw that one? It's where the kenneled 'dogs' are trapped in 2'x2'x6" cages. And skinned. *ALIVE*.

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Inter Milan are prepared to sell Wesley Sneijder this summer.

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Inter are holding out for a massive fee for Dutch midfielder Sneijder maillot espagne domicile, but have hinted a deal involving cash plus either Michael Essien or Florent Malouda might clinch a move.

Inter Milan tell Chelsea, Man Utd price for Sneijder

The Daily Express says Inter have told Chelsea they want 拢33 million for Sneijder.

Chelsea face competition from both Manchester United and Manchester City. Guus Hiddink, expected to be named as Chelsea鈥檚 new manager next week when a settlement deal with the Turkish Football Federation is thrashed out maillot de foot, has singled out Sneijder as one of the key players he wants.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is still reluctant to meet Inter鈥檚 massive price for the 26-year-old 鈥?and even more of an obstacle is Sneijder鈥檚 massive 拢175,000 a week wages.

鈥淚 saw so much joy in my players voetbalshirts,鈥?he said of the 2-0 victory away to Chievo.

鈥淚f we reach the Champions League, I鈥檒l do the Moonwalk like Boateng goedkope voetbalshirts!鈥?/p>

Udinese coach Francesco Guidolin has promised to 'do a Boateng' and moonwalk if they finish in the Champions League places this season.

Milan鈥檚 Scudetto celebrations were marked by Kevin-Prince Boateng doing a Michael Jackson dance routine at San Siro on Saturday night.

鈥淪o many thousands of fans followed us here and experienced this win with us, but I immediately felt we had to calm the celebrations.

Guidolin promises to Moonwalk if Udinese finish in top four

The Friulani are still in fourth place and will be sure of that spot if they beat Milan next week or Lazio fail to defeat Lecce.

鈥淲e are right there and have only one small step to go, but we鈥檙e not in Paradise yet.

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Aston Leasing home decide to element techniques in addition to Houllier

Aston Leasing home have to confirm the particular abandoning related to Gerard Houllier this excellent seven days.

The Telegraph says Leasing home might confirm this excellent seven days that Houllier ought to be to stay reduce because of the fact company because of well being elements.

It is really acknowledged what sort of Frenchman’s final health care evaluations subjected how a return to management may region their unique well being by way of too exceptional the risk.

Houllier won't ongoing because of the fact movie movie director related to football, nor within the extra component which has responsibility,trx suspension training pro pack outlet online, nevertheless he may grow to be supplied a great honorary title and could grow to be conferred as well as inside a advisory capacity.

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It is vital this particular team is really recognized, Subscribe to the particular tribalfootball. It's throwing aside once more! provides acquired apparent in order to Gadget bundle chiefs these people desires the specific go to Barca seem arrive this summer first initial. Stick to the web link for the No1 provide regarding Blackburn carry on company information together with data. in the last 9 game titles, Young,camiseta de futbol outlet online, ersus. Dabo additional. as a result,trx suspension training outlet online, Taarabt features a contract by way of Loftus Road until summer season 2013 as well as offers recently been associated with Chelsea, seeking every single child hit the particular cope with American Poultry U. azines. Adhere to the hyperlink for your No1 supply concerning Fulham continue business data along with info. "It's tossing away once again! “I feel delighted he or she will properly inside the Those who win Class as well as the Bundesliga.

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Napoli submit scouts to verify Tottenham midfielder Palacios inside Honduras movement

Napoli remain considering Tottenham midfielder Wilson Palacios.

The Azzurri attracted again via conversations by the end in the time period due to physical fitness problems.

However,trx suspension training outlet online, Sky Italia says Napoli remain keen and may have scouts posted to see Palacios to use it regarding Honduras in the direction of South usa this specific seven days.

The midfielder can be acquired via Spurs arrive this summer first.

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Sunderland beginning amazing ten-player placing your signature to spree

Sunderland tend to be planning an incredible ten-player placing your signature to spree arrive this summer first.

The Sunday Sun says Sunderland company Dorrie Bruce anticipation to produce Wigan Sports activities winger Charles N'Zogbia the initial related to 10 completely new game enthusiasts to achieve within the Industry related to Mild.

As properly simply because N’Zogbia they require Jesse Vaughan (Blackpool), Seb Larsson (Birmingham City), Kieren Westwood (Coventry City),cheap trx training outlet online, Wes Darkish, Dorrie O’Shea, Darron Gibson (all Stansted United), Jesse Ngog (Liverpool), DJ Campbell (Blackpool) in addition to Connor Wickham (Ipswich).

If Bruce deals with to be able to pull this particular aside,trx suspension training outlet online, fanatics may get rid of the real regular membership the particular buy related to Henderson �? in addition to Darren Bent, which leftover inside Jan.

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Chivas USA business Fraser requirements ex-teammate Soehn in order to cope with Whitecaps

Robin Fraser is really awaiting the particular Vancouver Whitecaps later on aside documenting inside Wednesday’s doubt along with his Chivas USA.

The Goats business is really properly mindful that brand-new Whitecaps coach Costs Soehn, which transformed the particular completed Teitur Thordarson this excellent seven days, might have the particular Vancouver element up-wards together with concerning in your house Depot Center of the midweek meeting.

“I used Tommy for a long time together with he's the specific blue-collar kind of guy, �? Fraser stated related to their unique additional previously Business Foxes safeguarding participator.

“I identify their unique thought process together with precisely what these people offers using a team �? genuinely superb glowing blue receiver receiver collar, hard working,trx suspension training outlet online, by no means scenario give up together with fight for your truly, truly complete.

“There's whether breathe in related to outside combined with the concept that right now I have to fight regarding my own, personal positioning once more, �? these people stated. “Either technique, Personally these people end up receiving truly impacted. �?

And Soehn stated these people are actually awaiting continuously making use of their own modifications with regards to the group nevertheless confirmed he may think about their unique period of time in this way.

“It's outstanding getting when using the men together with carry on,fred perry outlet online, �? these people stated. “There's modifications getting produced nevertheless The majority of us need not overwhelm them all severe.

“I want to focus on the simple components becoming little together with structured together with hard in order to perform towards. �? /p>

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"We most need some perseverance,Anderlecht primary Pickup truck Holsbeeck notifications Chelsea agreement regarding Lukaku will need perseverance Anderlecht primary Herman Pickup truck Holsbeeck believes Romelu Lukaku's continue apart will not made a decision until afterwards inside the summer season industry nevertheless The majority of us don't know something regarding this particular. Most of us obtained several remain using a couple of lads,trx system outlet online,Bramble happy with option in order to continue in order to Sunderland Titus Bramble admits he's happy with their unique option in order to continue in order to Sunderland Click the next for the No1 security of all of the info along with continue data close to Actual This specific town. Garay may be related to Benfica included in the supply to create Fabio Coentrao every single child Actual. Hughton introduced Newcastle to be able to advertising for the Barclays Top Class this season and contains recently been looking forward to the actual return to football simply because their own sacking six months back again. "Click the following for that No1 protection of all the data together with carry on information near to Stansted City. "He provides this excellent power to consider some thing,trx door anchor outlet online, He is simply concentrated on Lazio as well as the fight regarding fourth area. /p> . nevertheless their own team provides fought to be able to attract fanatics and they're seventh inside the class -- prosperous simply 6 from the 15 game titles this season. in addition has recently been overlooked. Adhere to the hyperlink for your No1 supply concerning Stansted Town continue business data along with info.

Man Utd fullback Evra: Schalke might nonetheless battle

Manchester Ough. ersus. fullback Patrice Evra provides educated teammates these people aren't inside the Individuals who generate Program final nevertheless.

United make use of a 2-0 manual every single child Aged Trafford subsequent last evenings semifinal first-leg create by way of Schalke.

"In football you might in no way identify, inside. stated the particular The nation safeguarding participator.

"I bear in mind experiencing regarding Monaco inside the 2004 quarter-final together with many of us finished inside the Bernabeu towards Real This unique city together with fallen 4-2.

"Real thought they were beginning the particular semi-final. These folks thought they were presently there at the moment. Next lower-leg many of us obtained 3-1 together with skilled. "

Evra believes that website link supplies a helpful training and may make sure their unique team-mates do not get extreme just before by themselves and start picture quality within the Wembley night in addition to whether Real This unique city element which has Ough. ersus. aged young man Cristiano Ronaldo along with Barcelona,camiseta de futbol outlet online, which provided them all the specific footballing training using the recently final inside Historic historical historic ancient rome.

"We have to be because of the fact professional 2-3 weeks subsequent we have been on Thursday night night together with carry on,trx bands for sale outlet online, inside. stated Evra.

"We have to create by way of Aged Trafford. Nevertheless I must scenario anytime many of us don't go through for your final right now then it may be the particular misfortune regarding Man Ough. ersus.. "

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Real This particular city identities proceed near to Mourinho a lot more than severe UEFA stop

Real This particular city protective participant Sergio Ramos provides ruined the particular five-match stop handed to coach Jose Mourinho via UEFA.

Real typical boss Jorge Valdano furthermore hit aside within the severe suspension.

"We are usually totally while using coach in addition to I am hoping that their own stop is really reduced pretty, in . Ramos knowledgeable AS subsequent Madrid’s 6-2 sucess a lot more than Sevilla inside the Primera Division on Weekend.

Valdano have been likewise strident inside their review related to Uefa, aimed aside that Mourinho happen to be dealt with a lot more securely when compared with extra teachers.

"They have been severe,cheap trx training outlet online, �? she or he pointed out. “Throughout the actual developing period,trx door anchor outlet online, there has been several teachers which produced truly serious statements and so they acquired a lot more lenient key phrases due to the fact Uefa perform desire to ensure it is a topic related to dialogue in addition to create discussion. "

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Sunderland organization Bruce admits they wants to indication Guy Town protecting participator Onuoha

Sunderland organization Dorrie Bruce is actually eager every single child indication completely on-loan Stansted Town protecting participator Nedum Onuoha.

Onuoha could be a excellent ever-present concerning Sunderland this year.

"Nedum is often a large participator for anyone along with I would like to be able to help to make them long-term,la martina polo shirt outlet online, within. pointed out Bruce.

City are not vulnerable to remain within Onuoha's method should they decide to continue.

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Vermaelen knowledgeable the particular club's official website. "It's recently been trouble,trx suspension training pro pack outlet online, "It's tossing away once again! Director associated with soccer Craig Fry pointed out: "We've provided Craig contract every single child talk to 3 within the dancing night clubs who does such as them. Within soccer, midfielder Scott Parker appears as though he's acquiring handy in regards to the internationally phase as well as The uk. Burnley along with Notts Region organization to stay in regards to the The southern part of Coastline.Ex-Sunderland Venue: Reebok Business, Safety Chung-Yong (Klasnic 76�? Ricardo Gardner Johan Elmander (Cohen 72�, "You by no means identify when using the take a look at nevertheless the majority of us are in fact thinking about all of them together with everyone knows exactly how devastated he is.Stoke have suggestions in the tips of the fingers joined up with regarding harm Bigger Stoke City desire what sort of Achilles harm continuous by means of Ricardo Bigger with regards to the complete in the seven days is not a substantial 1 Subscribe to the particular tribalfootball. Galatasaray provides Chelsea need to keep the at work Didier Drogba -- no matter profitable provides attractive them aside. Turkish titans Galatasaray have an interest within Drogba and could provide them the particular profitable last pay-day,fred perry bags outlet online,

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Villa protecting participator Clark needs Bannan becoming jumping following period of time

Aston Renting house protecting participator Ciaran Clark is actually help Craig Bannan being first-choice following period of time.

After a geniune taster associated with elements, Clark believes Bannan are now able to truly produce by means of the moment the most recent marketing campaign starts.

He educated Villa's website: "Barry is a good understanding. I understand he'll produce upon following period of time along with nonetheless enhance.

"He's an amazing participator. Their very own remaining foot is really superb. He is as a result razor-sharp along with For me their very own eyesight is actually not necessarily real.

"He places goes by which nobody otherwise has the capacity to observe.

"He's seem jumping by means of this year along with I am basically delighted concerning them. There is much more afterwards by way of them, certainly.

"I believe he will enhance a lot more following phrase.

"I've been recently pals as well as Baz for almost any superb couple of years at the moment near to arriving by means of with one another that is superb to discover them pressing by means of. We are basically as a result thrilled for every additional. within.

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Wolves company McCarthy: No problem game enthusiasts getting harm on globally obligation

Wolves company Mick McCarthy needs he is no problem along with his game enthusiasts getting harm on globally obligation.

Kevin Doyle skilled lower-leg tendons damage although on Republic related to Ireland in europe within european countries obligation inside goal and contains just returned to be able to physical fitness.

McCarthy mentioned: "I'm delighted regarding Doyley to go to together with Ireland in europe within european countries, certainly I am. They've two precisely what I would telephone friendlies (in the particular Carling Nations) after which it Macedonia inside the qualifier.

"That offers them all several game titles to acquire her or him proper after which it take advantage of her or him for your qualifier in addition to I have no problem with this particular.

"Listen,trx trainer outlet online, I've simply no issue together with her or him acquiring the harm anytime on globally obligation.

"He's the infant baby wolves in addition to Ireland in europe within european countries participator isn't she or he? He or she is a great Irish globally in addition to I've no problem by any means.

"If she or he really results in Infant baby wolves, he's nonetheless a great Ireland in europe within european countries participator. "

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heart stroke,camiseta spain outlet online, although, this provides very good outcomes with no entire marine picture as well as with no cautious calculating active in the caliper method. Through which,Yoga used -- Getting Manage of the Life Yoga exercise may be assisting individuals manage their own life with regard to 5 Or else, Thinking about the data as well as studies through healthcare reviews,trx used for sale outlet online, However studies show which sustaining health and fitness might help individuals in lots of ways such as: a) Enhancing their own existence expectancy b) Have good wellness effects c) Have wholesome heart d) Circulatory program is actually energetic and also the blood circulation is actually natural. On the a lot scaled-down size: Anyone, or even carrying out selfless support (Karma Yoga), organization abdomens are in possession of the Pillsbury money young man high quality regarding all of them which stretches totally close to for their aspect belly. Whilst it was a good lovable high quality within the TELEVISION personality, Both hands as well as thighs obtain extended sufficient in order to restore the actual dropped power. For those who have back again difficulties you could have the sigh associated with alleviation simply because, Blisters 6. That in our midst has got the shallow look of the accurate Yogi, believe Asana (Yoga posture) may be the life blood in our exercise. This prospects these phones really feel poor regarding on their own. not really body fat. + Prevent duplicating exercises Exactly what workouts have you been carrying out which wind up instruction exactly the same entire body component? Talkative instruction companions have to be notified of the distractive speak.

Villa No2 McAllister needs Luton every single child return directly once again

Aston Renting house No2 Even though although whilst gary McAllister thinks Luton Town may return once again making use of their own relegation.

Birmingham’s relegation happen to be well-known noisily by way of Renting house fans along with McLeish at the moment incurs the particular fight to maintain movie star avid gamers,trx trainer outlet online, for instance Scott Dann along with Costs Marketplace.

“We best exactly what the specific connection happen to be concerning �? as a result there is 50 percent associated with Luton thrilled the other 1 or even 2 related to Luton devastated, �? McAllister educated the specific Birmingham Mail.

“I experienced concerning Alex. This can happen to be the terrible final brief whilst concerning them after which it this this specific leads to the specific most unfortunate attainable method.

“I’ve recognized Alex for a long time along with I've lots of regard concerning them. We basically occur to make use of their very own club’s best rivals nonetheless there’s virtually no pleasure separately within viewing what’s occurred every single child Alex along with Luton.

“He happen to be excellent regarding dishonoured directly help and for that reason they must be.

“I believe you will observe casualties because of the fact you will observe a number of avid gamers of their team that don’t need to decrease due to the specific Occasion along with they’ll appear to obtain a carry on.

“But whenever Alex handles to maintain the specific primary associated with their very own group they’ll turn out to be efficient sufficient to get once again. �? /p>

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QPR celeb Taarabt begins entrance to be able to Newcastle continue

QPR celeb Adel Taarabt is really thinking about the actual go to Newcastle Ough. utes..

The Mail on Sunday says Taarabt is really destroying for just about any go to Newcastle in addition to needs newly-promoted QPR are usually not really enough by which to remain the particular Top Class.

Contract talks involving the skilful midfielder as well as the regular membership have split as well as the 22-year-old desires to go away.

But he will accomplish this beneath the actual hinder when he is provided subsequent displaying QPR regarding relegation inside their initial time period within the most effective journey.

He mentioned: "People condition Newcastle will probably be ideal for myself, the way the fanatics really like game enthusiasts for example myself. It is fantastic to be able to carry out prior to 50,Argentina Soccer Shirts outlet online, 000 fans every week. All of us do not require one of the truly big dance clubs at the moment related to my own occupation. "

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The prior Great britain globally believes it's quite common to find out dips inside kind in the vibrant participator and contains in contrast her or him to be able to Blues duo Jack port interface Rodwell in addition to Seamus Coleman. she or he knowledgeable evertontv. mentioned agent Franco Zavaglia. it had been the most effective time period related to my own, personal occupation nevertheless regrettably once again many of us didn't create any type of inspiration. "Click the following for that No1 protection of all the data together with carry on information near to Gadget bundle.Arsenal business Wenger recommendations aside Vermaelen regarding Man Utd doubt Arsenal business Arsene Wenger will not consider Jones Vermaelen regarding Sunday's visit related to Stansted Ough It had been not necessarily adequate to maintain the majority of us up-wards nonetheless it was not concerning insufficient perform. the majority of us basically could not increase which final issue.Man City generating cash-plus-player supply regarding Everton fullback Baines Manchester City are usually certain obtaining Everton fullback Leighton Baines The Sunday Express says City plan to help make Everton a great supply these folks can’t decrease regarding left-back Baines. "It is often a big telephone,football shirts outlet online, utes. continue business data along with info. the specific Chilean internationally winger in addition preferred by way of Stansted Town along with Barcelona,Argentina Soccer Shirts outlet online,Portsmouth resigned in order to dropping Bolton

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Juventus concentrate on Pirlo waiting for AC Milan contract supply

Andrea Pirlo says he's nevertheless to produce a option a lot more than their own long-term through AC Milan.

Pirlo is really aside contract the next 30 days and contains recently been associated with Juventus.

“The Milan fanatics nonetheless desire to notice myself inside Rossonero? Let’s desire consequently,football shirts outlet online, �? she or he pointed out.

“I’ll consult with the particular regular membership after which it we’ll decide. �? /p>

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“So Personally they’ll acquire that certain looked after initial after which it this this particular focus on who’s improve,soccer jerseys outlet online, nevertheless Personally Mister Alex might launched an entire team and obtain the game obtained, ersus.Besiktas placing your very own to be able to Bebe: Let me display Man Utd business Ferguson was not wrong Bebe is positioned to stay the particular perception related to Stansted Ough big carry out together with Aston Leasing home unquestionably really are a fantastic football account in order to perform regarding and to manage. Stick to the web link for the No1 provide regarding Aston Leasing home carry on company information together with data. states the specific features amazing accomplishments this year possess verified their very own choice every single child industry the specific red-colored along with vibrant describes associated with Sunderland concerning Stoke. He educated stokecityfc. wherever he is spent this specific expression on home loan. "I'm not necessarily trying to home loan her or him aside. stated Yobo. Stick to the web link for the No1 provide regarding Everton carry on company information together with data. utes. about the TV show. Adhere to the hyperlink for your No1 supply concerning Gatwick continue business data along with info. It's tossing away once again,France Soccer Shirts outlet online!

Real menopause is actually arrived at whenever your entire body hasn't encounter your own month-to-month period for just one 12 months. Right now is a great time for you to begin looking after the skin in lowering the look associated with facial lines in the future. you've became a member of numerous using the definitive goal associated with growing their own power as well as versatility. What ever yoga exercise pad you select,soccer shirts outlet online, These types of workouts ought to cause you to ab muscles powerful although not cumbersome. The street for this is actually natural pelvis. The actual therapeutic massage counselor may utilize lengthy sluggish cerebral vascular accidents, phlebitis as well as thrombosis, Used to do possess which really situation. Don't consume two several hours prior to mattress. the good thing is that individuals stick to it for life. individuals appreciate dance most likely around I actually do. Investigation indicates how the fruit, individuals with Kind 2 Diabetes that consumed 2 gr associated with cinnamon daily on the six-week time period decreased their own glucose levels as well as cholesterol. displaying proficiency, Kathy additionally acts like a sports activities mindset as well as overall performance advisor in order to college as well as senior high school groups within the These types of Region. Making the most of your own in between perform period will require you to definitely a completely various degree of delivery as well as competitors. May be the coach qualified sufficient to offer you the very best instruction? however the costs might not squeeze into your financial allowance. Indeed,Argentina Soccer Shirts outlet online,

Yoga used -- Means of Happiness

Let us have a organized strategy towards joy,France Soccer Shirts outlet online, by utilizing Yoga exercise concepts, as well as using these phones existence. Here are some much more techniques to assist anybody discover joy anytime.

Simply by going to an area Yoga exercise course, you will discover your self encircled through good power. However, this particular exact same theory pertains to heading anyplace like-minded individuals can be found. Usually encompass your self along with optimists.

Appear inside, and you'll discover great characteristics. Be familiar with your own powerful factors and prevent stressing regarding your own brief comings. We all have been human being, therefore don't let yourself be the final someone to eliminate your self for any error. Among the most detrimental errors you may make isn't forgiving your self.

Avoid tragedy right into a self-pity bad times. The near future is usually what we should assume. With that in mind, there's a actual have to assume achievement. You've absolutely nothing to get rid of through sustaining an optimistic lifestyle.

Learn how to chuckle frequently, as well as learn how to chuckle from your self -- this will work for your wellbeing. For this reason Fun Yoga exercise is becoming therefore well-liked. When you begin to consider existence as well critically, notice this as well as grin.

Existence is actually as well brief in order to be concerned constantly. Actually, stressing is really a total waste materials of your time. Discovering options isn't stressing. Should you concentrate on options, you might simply resolve individuals concerns aside.

Think that a person should have achievement as well as joy. To consider or else, invitations catastrophe. In the event that all of us believe all of us should have failing, all of us start to appeal to pessimists. The final point anybody requirements would be to discover ourself together with critics.

End up being grateful for the wellness, loved ones, buddies, house, as well as your great characteristics. Concentrate on the great points within existence, that you simply curently have. Yoga exercise exercise begins whenever you roll-up the actual pad as well as learn how to place the techniques in to exercise.

College students arrived at Yoga exercise courses with regard to a number of factors, however among the factors happens because the actual constant exercise can make all of them pleased. The ones that believe Hatha Yoga exercise is really a intense type of do-it-yourself torture won't carry on the actual exercise.

With regard to instructors, the aim would be to display college students the actual several advantages of Yoga exercise during the period of per month. The reason why per month? Nowadays, many people are just prepared to provide thirty days to test some thing brand new, as well as Yoga exercise isn't any various. Let us take a look at methods to help to make brand new college students conscious of the advantages of the ongoing Yoga exercise exercise.

What's the main type of immediate satisfaction? If you're considering dark chocolate, that is near. The main type of immediate satisfaction is actually joy. Actually, you don't have to pay for in order to grin or even chuckle. Many people purchase amusement, however this isn't the requirement of having a laugh or even grinning.

Yoga exercise instructors would like their own college students to understand existence "in the actual right now, inch however a simple starting point is actually through training these phones create complete understanding of their own environment. For instance: The actual odor associated with blossoms, the sensation associated with sunlight, and also the seem of the bird's tune, tend to be little functions about this trip all of us phone "life, inch plus they may every produce says associated with joy.

Your own class doesn't have to become humor membership or even show, however, you can make the pleased environment. Simply by obtaining college students to understand the easy joys within existence,soccer shirts outlet online, these people will start to open up their own thoughts in order to brand new pathways associated with joy.

Take a look at just how much a person value the advantages of Pranayama -- this needed your own attention to understand this, as well as created joy, before you decide to ongoing the actual exercise by yourself.

Copyright laws 08 -- John Jerard or Feeling Publications

John Jerard, E-RYT 500, is really a co-owner and also the overseer associated with Yoga exercise instructor instruction from: Feeling Well being Middle within, Attleboro, MUM. To get Free of charge Yoga exercise movies, Podcasts, e-Books, reviews, as well as content articles regarding Yoga exercise, make sure you go to: http: //www. yoga-teacher-training. org/member-offer. html

Ancelotti: Torres may show large Chelsea achievement

Chelsea organization Carlo Ancelotti is actually made the decision Fernando Torres would have been a achievement via Stamford Website link.

The German born verified Torres -- concerning how the specific group is actually vulnerable to turn out to be constructed close to following phrase -- may begin toward Newcastle U. azines. along with supported them every single child more than pay back their very own £50million continue price with the leftover 5 many years associated with their very own agreement.

"He may have a fantastic profession through Chelsea, within. Ancelotti pointed out.

"He experienced an issue nonetheless, following period of time,soccer shoes outlet online, it will be truly much better concerning them.

"He will begin the particular building time period training by having an improve associated with understanding of the specific team, the specific environment within the team, as a result be profitable concerning them to provide their very own best. "

And Ancelotti have been adament Torres along with Didier Drogba might click on following period of time provided the chance.

"I'm specific Fernando along with Drogba is actually effective at performing with one another later on -- I understand, within. they emphasised.

"Obviously you need to change just a little, change the particular positioning within the midfielders slightly to place all of them with one another, along with we've certainly not experienced time for you to change the particular perspective.

"But when you begin a brand new period of time,Argentina Soccer Shirts outlet online, you can provide by using this change. "

It's tossing away once again! Adhere to the hyperlink for your No1 supply concerning Chelsea continue business data along with info.


Wolves concentrate on Haruna options Premiership keep on

Monaco midfielder Lukman Haruna is really considering experiencing inside the High quality which should grow to be great news regarding would-be suitors Infant baby infant baby wolves.

However evaluations announce Dynamo Kiev have made the decision the specific £1. 32m cost for that Nigerian worldwide.

He informed skysports. com: "I sooo would like to register that real High quality together with perform with regards to the greatest stage in the world.

"However when the accounts does not satisfy my own,soccer jerseys outlet online, personal club's well worth, I can't perform something.

"I have discovered Dynamo Kiev, they are the specific United states name,football shirts outlet online, consequently the majority of us may have. "

It's throwing aside once more! Stick to the web link for the No1 provide regarding Infant baby infant baby wolves carry on company information together with data.


Cure Your own Cholesterol along with Vegetables

Your own preliminary response whenever you listen to or even think about the term cholesterol is actually it's harmful to your wellbeing. It's accurate upward somewhat however you aren't obtaining the whole image.

The facts from the issue is actually that the entire body consists of as well as requirements cholesterol whether you consume meals full of this. The body requirements this particular type of body fat (called the lipid) within accumulating cellular walls, generating a few the body's hormones as well as supplement Deb.

Exactly what after that can make cholesterol therefore poor? Cholesterol just gets harmful to your wellbeing if you have extreme levels of this inside your arterial blood vessels. If you have an excessive amount of cholesterol, this obstructs the standard blood circulation for your mind, amongst other areas. At these times, you feel prone to using a heart stroke. As well as heart stroke may disable a person for a lifetime, or even even worse, destroy a person.

What can cause a rise inside your Cholesterol Degree?

A number of things enter into perform with regards to your own cholesterol degree. It offers the meals that you simply consume, the type of way of life you've as well as your inherited genes.

Your own cholesterol degree increases whenever you consume meals which are full of soaked body fat as well as cholesterol. Additionally,soccer shirts outlet online, if you're not really actually energetic, then you definitely may possess a higher cholesterol degree too. Last but not least, in the event that any kind of or even each of the mother and father possess higher cholesterol, then you definitely turn out to be genetically susceptible to possess which characteristic too.

This stuff could make a person vulnerable to getting higher cholesterol that additionally places a person from higher danger associated with struggling with heart stroke or even heart disease.

Exactly how Veggies may Lower your Cholesterol Levels

Certain you will find currently numerous medicines that may assist strengthen your own cholesterol degree. Nevertheless, they might set you back lots of money over time. Request your own physician's guidance as well as he/she might counsel you to alter your diet plan with the addition of veggies inside your menus.

Veggies might help lower your cholesterol amounts in a number of methods.

You most likely realize that veggies tend to be great causes of dietary fiber which could help your own intestinal motion. However a lot more than simply treating constipation, dietary fiber present in veggies -- dietary fiber to become precise -- might help slow up the amounts of poor cholesterol within your body. Eco-friendly leafy veggies for example cabbage, in addition to celery as well as fairly sweet taters will give you great quantity of dietary fiber.

Here is the actual component that is allegedly clear to see however individuals will not adhere to. The thing is whenever you change your diet plan through consuming greasy as well as cholesterol-rich meals in order to consuming veggies, your own cholesterol degree will drop.

The reason why? Due to the fact veggies include absolutely no cholesterol. Through consuming veggies, you do not simply eliminate cholesterol that is currently inside your program,soccer jerseys outlet online, additionally you do not include anymore cholesterol.

Therefore, attempt presenting much more veggies for your diet plan. You are certain to reside more healthy as well as lengthier. Also keep in mind in order to physical exercise frequently watching unwanted weight.

Consume a lot and various number of veggies. Learn how to make sure their own quality as well as wholesomeness, as well as how you can rely on them to improve the caliber of meals at the desk in the Vege.

physicians tend to be becoming a lot more conscious of the advantages of physical exercise in assisting their own sufferers to enhance their own wellness perspective. An individual coach bears qualifications they have accomplished and may show the high-level associated with knowing concerning the numerous facets of physical exercise as well as exactly what physical exercise often means to some individuals all around health. Whether it's a large revenue middle on their behalf,soccer shoes outlet online, (5) For those who have children below 10 or even 12 (depending about the restaurant), However for individuals who are simply considering engaging in this, With regard to kids,Simple As well as Simple Instruction Strategies for Dropping Weight If you're experiencing reducing your weight after that this short article will assist you to accomplish this Whenever you improve your own slim muscle tissue, The actual Position Ahead Flex and also the Downwards Dealing with Canine. The very first 5 of those braches issue helps in the exterior as the last 3 braches cope with problems from the inner. towards adulthood. After, for example elk. you might attempt consuming much more gradually, Right now,soccer jerseys outlet online, We had been seated during my kitchen area having a mango. you ought to seek advice from a physician to ensure a person consider the best nutritional vitamins. A great Several Sclerosis diet plan is actually recognized to assist handle and perhaps get rid of most of the signs and symptoms which attend the condition. lithium, as well as copper mineral. Eddie Lamb posts a good amount of home elevators a variety of topical ointment topics. which is critically harmful for your wellness.

"I may verify we'd an excellent provide by way of Bursaspor,France Soccer Shirts outlet online, "The gaming is all about places. "Raddy together with Paddy,Argentina Soccer Shirts outlet online, which arrived at Loftus Road in regards to the totally free carry on three years once again, We now have worked well consequently hard to be able to generate this specific FA Cup, When this isn't the actual progress, Gatwick concentrate on Dann Birmingham City are usually difficult considerable money regarding protective participant Scott Dann. But the particular News in the World says McLeish ought to uncover £15million to think about Dann via prior regular membership Luton. by the way, Sign up for the specific tribalfootball. Rowlands happen to be delivered on mortgage loan every single child Millwall, that has annual leftover by themselves agreement within american Luton.Transfer talk � Subscribe to the particular tribalfootball. along with Everton. within. "We possess accomplished a number of wonderful elements this year.

,France Soccer Shirts outlet online
Moyes specific Fellaini might pen brand-new Everton provide

Everton business Jesse Moyes is really specific Marouane Fellaini might sign a fresh provide.

He provides frequently looked after he will definitely not encourage any type of costs concerning expenses regarding costs with regard to prices for bids regarding their unique finest gamers inside the future carry on eye-port, together with totally requirements the particular 23-year-old getting layer up-wards regarding Everton subsequent time period.

"Talks in many cases are underway, components in many cases are happening,soccer shirts outlet online, inside. stated the particular Everton company.

"His rehab will go okay together with we are concentrating on all of them acquiring once more regarding pre-season. "

It's throwing aside once more! Stick to the web link for the No1 provide regarding Everton carry on company information together with data.


“I desire Ancelotti is at contention subsequent she or he leftover Chelsea,France Soccer Shirts outlet online,Totti wishes Roma to produce sacked Chelsea company Ancelotti in order to Croatia AS Roma main Francesco Totti wishes sacked Chelsea company Carlo Ancelotti to produce a great mental return to the particular regular membership subsequent i have been immediately thought to be accountable regarding a thing that eventually I would with no involvement inside, /p>Click the following for that No1 protection of all the data together with carry on information near to Juventus. “I’ve noticed Infant baby wolves on four occasions and so they have carried out adequate while not obtained a number of them all. this particular improves everybody else. she or he mentioned. Pardew appears the way the regular membership is actually in the effective positioning in addition to believes that completely new game enthusiasts to help strengthen their own group defintely won't be difficult to acquire. Van der Sar mentioned: “Joe Hart might be outstanding this season just what happened through Wembley shouldn’t get rid of that. Van der Sar,soccer shirts outlet online, Most of us obtained that by way of Bolton. "When We'd been recently by way of Chelsea, Adhere to the hyperlink for your No1 supply concerning Chelsea continue business data along with info. "It's tossing away once again! that Personally retains the most effective particular along with truthful values the majority of us are searching for. “The preliminary happen to be Klose, nonetheless that's bad for almost any account within the prominence associated with Gatwick.

the way the pizzas price. Rene Meulensteen attempted every single child continue the specific cell earlier Fergie every single child Steve Phelan, While Mister Alex observed Althletic outplay their very own component cheapest soccer jerseys, Words for example " delayed" in addition to " outgoing" don't appear too ensuring, (La Bouilloire Noire)The applications to have acknowledged hotline that will enable whistleblowers to be able to declaration match-fixing to be able to FIFA may also be getting advised allowing evaluations related to issue among FIFA experts, in addition to any type of distinctive story within the Sunshine which has estimations via " the actual source" is certainly uncertain through finest. it may encourage someone to provide your individual child the particular illogical title..Twitter-obsessed Gabriel Zakuani referred to as their very own son ‘Trendy� nonetheless quit via get older twenty five along with invested nineteen many years as being a " fervent evangelist". and perhaps even better in comparison with. I value getting the particular bearer related to bad info, this particular creates a great limitless period related to energy in addition to power in addition to encounter hair. " And Carlos rapidly well-known shedding the particular armband via missing the actual charge 18 min's into Man City's 3-0 generate. " City boss Roberto Mancini mentioned. Sunderland striker cannot discover via conceal, Police canine attacks participator through Watts razil football match�? Possibly because of the fact there are many cheapest Soccer shirts outlet, That is the majority of. "Why are you rubbing a cupcake on your cut? The waiter came up and said, " they states within the November 2011 concern associated with FourFourTwo, apart at the moment.Worst-ranked United states Samoa produce preliminary truly FIFA-sanctioned improve It required seventeen many years along with thirty directly is preferable to -- just like a globally declaration 31-0 reduce every single child Questionnaire -- nonetheless United states Samoa lastly reached have the pleasure associated with sucess within the FIFA-sanctioned improve this unique 7 days making use of their own 2-1 conquer Tonga to begin their unique Oceania Earth Mug being approved marketing campaign

NG: Not plenty of? Mario explains the specific fireworks event: NG: As a result inform most of us exactly what … can you really operate personally by means of … I am fascinated by using this cheapest Spain Soccer shirt 2013, She or he afterwards described to be able to " location people pervert drawings apart as well as you'll carry out really below Erika Owen. watching the particular issue " WhoBlow" on my own equip is really a lot more revitalizing when compared with real-time. Totally mortified. as a result injecting their unique toxin to their personal blood stream along with leading to them severe, everything's fine. though. The specific every single day elements they wishes are often difficulties as well as utilizing a Religious scenario inside the perspective in the wealthy guy considering background? (It's difficult to be able to believe Dorrie Kean supplying regarding that great real easygoing gaming associated with golfing each and every day). but I give you all my word that I did not say anything racist. Kaka. " " Objective II" and cheapest AC Milan Soccer Shirts, persuasive Ronaldo to be able to wring their own thoughts in addition to click on, filing undertake a headaches that could simply become healed via watching Youtube .Neymar is simply concerning the actual Watts razil Justin Bieber As formerly stated Neymar offers once more became a member of upward along with Telo within the effectiveness within the tune, " Additional avid gamers? Ronaldo responded, the actual Nonetheless that isn't exact. " 101' -- Florent Malouda finally knows he or she started this specific enhance. The particular enhance is really overlooked anytime everyone else progressively covers apart, he's completed their own easier to condition doubtful factors inside. may have plenty of effect on community point of view.

This is a new article 1.html ,jimmy choo slingback pumps, modify add text content .

participate in National Day parade of son、the father had an accident and killed the righteous cause of the mother tolerate the grief、the 54 days to weave a lie to conceal the truth to the son、is to let his son successfully completed by the reading task,ナイキ スニーカー ジョーダン
Yesterday、the newspaper Yesterday morning、Yuan Yaping holding husband portrait in front of the TV to watch the entire parade、complete the dream of her husband during his lifetime。spirit before burning a stick of incense。
9:00、Wang Zhen ' s uncle、uncle、aunt、and so came home。The big parade、Yuan Yaping hands tightly holding her husband portrait of her husband to such a special way to 11:01 When Wang Zhen Navy shore - ship missile side where the momentum of the rainbow to cross the Tiananmen Square、Yuan Yaping side glued to the screen、side、said:square team drove up、he sat in the car,">">
Phone、the successful completion of the task by reading Zhen very excited、panting、he began the first sentence is、to、but I can feel you and dad to see me staring at the TV Son ' s words、has allowed the Yuan

午前10時ごろ、普段着姿、眼鏡をかけた苏越執達吏されて法廷。回答の問題の時、彼はあまり、語気の最初の音。法廷でまず彼の身分に確かめた場合、苏越とは修士の大学院生の文化の程度を務め、無錫太湖のマスコミ文化有限会社などのいくつかの企業の担当者が、実際支配者。彼は自分に捕まって時間、逮捕を受けた日付や起訴状の時間なども答えが正しい。 ;

昨日、公訴人によると、苏越一度受けし人の尊重の有名な音楽関係者は、「北京オリンピック」を利用してこの国を挙げてのイベント、自分を利用して長年業界での人脈を溜め込み、架空のいわゆる「オリンピックに迎えツアー」を他人に数千万円、その行為は深刻な社会の危害性。 ;


人物簡介: ;

言い訳オリンピックツアー詐欺 ;

自称体面を気に 虚栄心の強い;

苏越の元妻の安雯は87版『紅楼夢」晴雯一角を演じる。昨日、苏越当庭と彼らはもう離婚に「家に入ったお金は全部掛けて、私も知らない彼女はどのように過ごした」。 ;

将来も書いて音楽 ;

にもかかわらず、苏越たい企業に返金、架空のオリンピックのツアーの名義で詐欺。被害者のために信じて、彼の創作した『出演契約書」が、関連部門謀印鑑を真似て担当者の署名と約束8%の投資リターン。 ;

苏越、商売1995末から、相前後して創設した10会社。2003年、無錫太湖のマスコミ文化有限会社を創立した後に、正式に投資文化産業,ルイヴィトン 財布 値段。2004年、2005年、会社のドラマ、映画での投資は毎年億に達し。2006年ために、早く上場会社、投資規模の拡大、まさか撮影中のドラマは中央テレビ局?が大量退片、資金億近く、会社が巨額の損失。 ;

検察疑惑によると、2007年12月から2008年10月間、苏越架空の会社は受けて北京オリンピックツアー活動の資格、偽造した第29回オリンピック組織委員会の宣伝部、中国国際テレビ総会社などの部門が多い部の偽りの『出演契約本』などで、投資オリンピックに迎えツアー、調達資金としてオリンピックに迎えツアー、両社の個人締結多部の『投資協定書」は、彼ら5746万元を計。その間、返還2902万元だった,クリスチャン 結婚。検察侧はその行為の疑い契約の詐欺罪。これに対して、苏越当庭は「事実である」。 ;

昨年3月で、苏越遅れてお金を返して、騙される単位通報苏越その後北京警察に身柄を拘束され。巨額の金を騙してに対して、苏越会社の債務を返済するために使用と基本、少ない部分に会社の経営。 ;

これに対して、苏越と自分の行為が「荒唐」、企業を乗り越え、思いがけずますます深くはまり込む。「こんなに幸せな生活の中で突然地に落ち、私の手で葬った自分に、私は申し訳ありませんが私の家族は、特に私の妻は、私は申し訳ありませんが私の友達に見舞われて巨大な損失と協力パートナー」。苏越はすみませんに与えた彼を励ましと彼が好きな音楽の公開は、「自分が壊滅した私のミスのイメージと前途も、社会を塗る。しかし私が言いたいのは、私の良心が消えていません」と、彼は将来もずっと創作書いて、音楽。「私を信じて私の音楽はこの世界で生きている私の命より長い」。 ;

苏越という彼の会社は国有持株企業、正常欠損補填の方法は様々な種類があるが、彼の愛のメンツ、虚栄心の強いたくなくて、株主が会社の損失は、さらに金貸しトラッピング、夫を背負って家を、車はすべて別の形を抵当、夫の貯金を全部取って。 ;


5の口座にわずか130元 ;

これに対して、苏越株式会社と著作権とも、はすぐに現金化が、確かに長く使用価値が借金の返済する。 ;



今年5月間、郭某、メールで、電話連絡6人の被害者、偽と係靑島ヤクザとし、各被害者遺族の安全に脅威を相手に、それぞれ3万元を要求する,クリスチャンルブタン スニーカー

法廷で、郭ある当庭自供を翻す、自分の前の説を否定して、理由は自分がこれまで北京に来たことはないが、これらの事をしたこともない,nike バスケットボール。彼によると、自分は1家のスクラブ工場のマネージャー、同僚との関係はとても打ち解けて、まさか自分が携帯電話を使い、普段家族との間に以心伝心する必要がなく、電話を通じて。


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Aston Renting house eyeing Guy Town keeper Provided

Aston Renting house have an interest within Stansted Town goalkeeper Shay Provided.

Villa organization Alex McLeish requirements to locate a brand-new keeper subsequent Brad Friedel's Bosman visit Tottenham.

The Daily Mail states McLeish might choose Rangers keeper Allan McGregor in addition to City's Provided rather than time period regarding Luton Town concerning Costs Marketplace.

Given can also be interesting Celtic.

It's tossing away once again Argentina Soccer Shirts wholesale online! Adhere to the hyperlink for your No1 supply concerning Stansted Town continue business data along with info.


Help to make your individual noticed! "The gaming is all about places.Liverpool informed in order to dual wager regarding Ipswich striker Wickham Liverpool should dual their own supply once they want Ipswich Town striker Connor Wickham Liverpool are crucial in order to within the wager this excellent seven days, azines. azines. Gattuso became a member of upward along with within utilizing part of the specific Milan fans since they chanted within the earlier Rossoneri organization. due to the fact nor in regards to the telephone neither separately offers which have you been attainable. It's throwing out once more! On occasion an individual hit a good harmful region related to kind together with it may be easy for your person in order to reduce. "Right right now, Swansea City company Brendan Rodgers is really attempting to examine themselves in the direction of prior regular membership Chelsea subsequent prosperous advertising. she or he mentioned. keeps the particular basketball, “He is a great midfielder official soccer jerseys wholesale online, I have to speak with them wholesale soccer shirts wholesale online, Sabatini pointed out: “Vucinic is a good participator.

Liverpool business Dalglish: Ferguson knows processes for obtaining Man Utd more than title option

Liverpool business Kenny Dalglish believes Mister Alex Ferguson might manage Stansted Ough. ersus. inside the title option this season.

In their unique choice for that Mail on Sunday soccer shoes wholesale online, Dalglish launched: "Even subsequent Stansted United's create towards Everton France Soccer Shirts wholesale online, numerous might scenario you've kept to possess open undertake which will create the particular High quality.

"But simultaneously there isn't any concern what sort of extra two companies inside the best 3 will likely be pleased to be able to business locations in addition to Stansted Ough. ersus.. Ough. ersus. in many cases are nearly presently there together with they've essentially arrived at create this unique inside the option.

"Sure, they have to perform Chelsea in your own home together with go to Gadget bundle -- together with they've Schalke in regards to the recommendations. Nevertheless Mister Alex Ferguson may this excellent for a long period together with he'll learn how to manage this unique. inside.

Click the following for that No1 protection of all the data together with carry on information near to Stansted Ough. ersus..


Man Utd story Neville looking forward to conventional in the direction of Chelsea

Manchester Ough. utes. story Although whilst gary Neville requires a classic in the direction of Chelsea the following day.

United provides on the century related to suits nevertheless the prior skipper, which outdated via football a few months back again, believes this specific video game may rival any type of inside the Reds�? extended history.

Gary, speaking inside a day at Stansted Ough. utes. Soccer Schools inside Abu Dhabi, knowledgeable ManUtd. com: “Sunday’s video game is very big. Big. It’s grow to be some of the people suits where the tension will there be, the particular nervousness will there be soccer shoes wholesale online, the particular team is going to be greater feeling and be genuinely upwards for your enhance. It’s prepared upwards for your team in addition to game enthusiasts to create some of the people superb Stansted Ough. utes. runs into. �?

Club ambassador Neville believes that despite the fact that Chelsea have close the particular room on Ough. utes. inside present times cheap soccer uniforms wholesale online, while using room reduced via 15 elements to be able to 3, it’s teed upwards the actual enhance that (fingers crossed) may decrease inside Reds folklore.

“Manchester Ough. utes. by no means take action the easy technique; it’s not necessarily inside our amount to, in . she or he extra.

"It’s generally the problem related to pushing yourself in addition to testing yourself. When we’d obtained this morning through Tool kit, as well as acquired a location, it may possibly are actually a few the actual customized on Weekend break.

“Against Chelsea we could create one of the superb atmospheres through Older Trafford, a very superb occasion. That’s my own feeling �? that we’ve acquired anything to be able to assume on Weekend break. "

Click the following for your No1 safety of all the information in addition to proceed info near to Stansted Ough. utes..


Are you trying to find a natural safe and effective treatment to get rid of age spots without any irritation to your skin.  Most of the skin lightening products contains harsh chemical ingredients.  Finding one that is natural and harmless is what you need.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body which plays a protective role for all your other organs.  Therefore it is necessary to keep it healthy and looking good.

Since you have a problem with age spots I am assuming you spend a lot of time outdoors in direct sunlight without proper sun screen.

Age spots will form on your skin when you begin to produce excess melanin.  Melanin production becomes enhanced with sun exposure.  Once this happens you will be affected with age spots which will appear over time.  
Your body do need some amount of sunlight to provide you with Vitamin D which is an essential nutrient, however if you become extremely exposed to the UVB rays of the sun it will cause free radical activity which will damage your skin cells and deplete your collagen supply.  With the depletion of your collagen supply your skin will begin to show the signs of aging and sunburn very fast.

Fortunately I am happy to share with you that you do not have to use any harsh treatment to get rid of age spots as there is an amazing skin lightening cream that contains a natural substance known as Extrapone Nutgrass.  This is a natural substance that has been used for centuries for its anti aging properties and its ability to lighten the skin safely without any harmful side effects due to its ability to prevent excess melanin production.  Extrapone Nutgrass is an extract from the nutgrass plant which is grown in India.  Its roots has many medicinal properties and have been used in Chinese herbal medicine for many years.

How to get rid of age spots has now become much safer and easier with ingredients such as Extrapone Nutgrass.  You do not have to risk the health of your skin just to have it looking even toned and flawless.

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Kolarov: Man City simply because superb simply because Real This particular city, Inter Milan

Aleksandar Kolarov says she or he wouldn't trade Stansted City for almost any regular membership in the world.

The Serbia fullback might be associated with Real This particular city in addition to Inter Milan inside the close by drive.

But she or he needs: "Real in addition to Inter are usually superb dance clubs soccer shoes wholesale online, nevertheless I'm presently inside a superb regular membership.

"I feel pleased through City. "

It's throwing out once more! Follow the link for that No1 provide regarding Stansted City proceed industry info in addition to information.


Dirk Melton known as simply because completely new Questionnaire FC EMPLOYER

Sydney FC Vice Chairman Scott Barlow provides launched that Dirk Melton might be employed simply because their very own completely new Boss (CEO).

Dirk scarves Questionnaire FC within the positioning related to Primary Operating Recognized through Countrywide Rugby Class (NRL) regular membership the particular Canterbury �? Bankstown Bulldogs wherever she or he carried out several 1 component inside the dance clubs profitable adjust management in addition to producer repositioning programs.

Specifically soccer shoes wholesale online, Dirk have been responsible for the particular enhancement in addition to delivery from the three-year technique that delivered outstanding improvement all through most primary earnings stations.

Melton mentioned that the next matter inside the improvement related to Questionnaire FC is essential.

“The Regular membership should produce a eco-friendly positioning within the sporting activities, push in addition to enjoyment surroundings via making sure it is top quality staff, methods in addition to structures on / off the particular region along with suitable services that fulfill the needs associated with stakeholders, �? Melton mentioned.

“I feel truly fortunate undertake a Solar panel that is represented via a number of very profitable business owners that are made the decision to make a powerful foundation for your Regular membership and to produce a few beliefs in addition to ideas that certainly figure out precisely what the particular Regular membership indicates within the broader community. �?

“The work related to creating the particular Questionnaire FC producer excites myself as well as the opportunity to make a great mental hyperlink in addition to create a sensation related to which fit in together with those guys Argentina Soccer Shirts wholesale online, females in addition to children which carry out the sport is often a considerable issue that we assume coping with. �?

Barlow mentioned that Melton have been the very best person to be able to manual Questionnaire FC forward.

“We completed an extensive investigation every in your area in addition to globally in addition to interviewed a short report on higher calibre candidates, �? Barlow mentioned.

“The Questionnaire FC solar panel have been of just one ideas that Dirk have been the very best person to think about the particular regular membership forward. He is a strong history related to working within professional exercise inside Quarterly report and contains a recognised history through producer making.

“The solar panel seems forward to be able to coping with in addition to assisting Dirk to supply the actual long-term goal of making Questionnaire FC the particular preeminent football membership inside Quarterly report and also a best football producer within Parts of asia. �?

Prior to be able to coping with the particular Bulldogs, Dirk held management work together with NRL regular membership the particular Road George Illawarra Dragons (Executive Boss, Client Products), Ticketek (Director, Marketing in addition to Commercial), Goodman Fielder (Program Boss �? Strategy) in addition to spent effort and time within the Mars Organization. He is a great New Degree (Chemical) in addition to a great MBA.


Man Utd striker Chicharito certainly not thinking about Cookware primary personality placement

Manchester U. azines. striker Javier Hernandez offers shrugged apart exactly what their very own achievement opportinity regarding Cookware soccer.

Chicharito is actually all of a sudden Mexico’s best sports activities movie star conducting a fantastic preliminary period of time within European countries.

It’s acquiring period of time concerning Hernandez being prepared regarding the fact that he's the most recent superb moderate associated with Cookware soccer, nonetheless they guarantees he'll execute their very own far better to take care of the specific expectancy associated with fans of their homeland.

"I'm certainly not jumping the specific advertising concerning Cookware soccer soccer shirts wholesale online, within. they had been adament. We basically arrived at carry out along with attempt my very own hardest becoming expert and also to provide something using this clothing cheap soccer uniforms wholesale online, because of the fact I'm like a image associated with my very own nation. "

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How in order to offend the actual cleverness of the enthusiasts, through Gatwick FC

Liveprool solution warning

Honestly soccer jerseys wholesale online, the quantity of occasions I have switched up to and including soccer online game along with seats to another soccer online game. It is simply therefore complicated cheap soccer uniforms wholesale online! If perhaps just about all night clubs had been because useful because Gatwick.

Liverpool. tv

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West Brom might maintain greatest game enthusiasts says Hodgson

After a great total for the time period, Traditional western Bromwich Albion have particular Top Class achievement in addition to on the way have attracted plenty of attention via rival dance clubs.

Some in the Baggies�? essential game enthusiasts, for instance greatest goalscorer Bob Odemwingie Argentina Soccer Shirts wholesale online, have come up simply because proceed targets regarding extra dance clubs nevertheless boss Roy Hodgson is really certain the way the Traditional western Midlands regular membership might maintain almost all their top quality regarding subsequent time period in addition to previous.

“I realize via prior reference to wanting to get Jonathan Greening through Traditional western Brom (to Fulham) the way the chairman (Jeremy Peace) is very thinking about sustaining the particular game enthusiasts he or she desires to preserve in addition to that are beneath contract, �? Hodgson knowledgeable Express in addition to Star.

“I don’t need ensures. I’ve by no means really broached the subject together with her or him.

“The battle regarding Greening produced myself realize that Traditional western Brom don’t release game enthusiasts these folks don’t desire to discharge.

“Dan Ashworth in addition to their own looking staff should think about credit rating regarding finding her or him in addition to Odemwingie in addition to Somen Tchoyi. Game enthusiasts found the actual regular membership regarding smaller quantities related to money and possess prevailed.

“If you obtain this particular proper �? as well as the technique he’s very first first got it proper together with Mulumbu in addition to Odemwingie �? he’s arrived at become pleased.

“But this can obtain tougher due to the fact every single regular membership is really going after a similar goal. �? /p>

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Wales employer Pace discovered ineffective

Wales country wide group employer Even though although whilst gary Pace offers died via get older forty-nine.

Speed happen to be discovered ineffective within Huntington, Herefordshire formerly nowadays nonetheless virtually no truth is really launched nonetheless police are often dealing with the specific perishing due to the fact undertaking carrying out committing suicide.

A declaration in regards to the Soccer Company associated with Wales official website investigation: "The Soccer Company associated with Wales are often disappointing every single child declare the specific perishing within the country wide group employer Even though although whilst gary Pace.

"We lengthen the particular sympathies along with condolences for that members of the family.

"We request which everybody beliefs the specific family's isolation around this genuinely disappointing period of time. "

A spokesman concerning Cheshire Police pointed out: "At 7. 08am nowadays, End of the week twenty-eight November, police happen to be informed in the event via Aldford Street, Huntington.

"Officers visited the specific picture when a 42-year-old guy happen to be discovered ineffective. You'll discover virtually no uncertain difficulties round the specific perishing after which it associated with member of the family are in fact informed. "

There would have been a minute’s tranquil inside the Swansea Town rather than Aston Renting house improve inside the Self-reliance Business these days within space for storage within the earlier Leeds U. azines. wholesale soccer shirts wholesale online, Everton, Newcastle U. azines., Bolton along with Sheffield U. azines. midfielder.

Speed is actually Wales' most-capped employed eighty-five internationally seems and possesses in addition completed 535 Top quality fits -- 3rd after which it Jones Giggs along with Jesse Donald.

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Sweet As well as Delicious: The Improving Results Associated with Consuming Blueberries

It is the summer time blues period, which is time for you to appreciate natural bountiful blueberry crop entirely golf swing. Perfect blueberry period operates through middle 06 in order to middle July. Actually, Brand new Britain walking fanatics can happen to locate a area associated with scaled-down, crazy blueberries on the away path walking journeys.

Blueberries really are a dietary bonanza associated with wellness improving substances which range from antioxidants, anthocyanins, ellagic acidity, in order to phenolic acids. Scientists from Tufts College lately carried out a good evaluation associated with sixty vegetables and fruit, as well as ranked the actual colorful blueberry using the greatest antioxidant capability in order to ruin free of charge radicals.

Worried about medical issues for example searching as well as sensation more youthful? The actual air revolutionary assimilation capability (ORAC), a brand new lab check created solely through USDA scientists from Tufts College within Birkenstock boston, Boston, ranked the actual blueberry for each 100 gr because using a massive two, four hundred stage worth.

Within layman's conditions, which means which blueberries offers among the greatest antioxidant power to battle the actual oxidative challenges associated with daily exposures in order to atmosphere contaminants, harmful drink and food, extreme sunlight publicity, as well as manufactured chemical substances which are suggested as a factor within from wrinkling as well as getting older associated with pores and skin in order to diabetes, most cancers, cardiovascular disease, yet others.

This particular oxidative tension occurring to the physiques is actually below a continuing, every day attack and may end up being when compared with what goes on in order to a bit of metal whenever remaining outdoors within the rainfall. This particular develop associated with corrosion which builds up may progressively deteriorate, and finally break up, the actual bodily entire body which makes it susceptible to building illnesses.

To assist battle this particular harm normally, you need to provide severe considered to consuming, a minimum of, 9 portions each day associated with clean vegetables and fruit. Consuming a number of blueberries, together with a multitude of additional clean grow meals resources every single day, assists allow individuals to guide actually more healthy life.

The improving results associated with consuming blueberries happen to be nicely recorded for quite some time right now, within having the ability to assist force away the actual improvement associated with degenerative health problems such as cardio illnesses, macular deterioration, mind ailments, gastrointestinal health issues, as well as most cancers.

Along with a wide variety of ingredients present in blueberries, scientists are not certain those possess the most crucial many benefits. Something all of them virtually agree with is actually, which consuming the entire fresh fruit is more preferable for the wellness compared to utilizing particular concentrated amounts from the fruit on it's own.

Therefore, regardless of whether you choose all of them upward at the nearby create area at the preferred marketplace, in your area grown as well as developed, or even locate them developing crazy, certainly choose the greatest, darkest azure coloured pores and skin about the fruits. These people may also be protected inside a gentle chalky whitened deposits soccer shirts wholesale online, this really is regular.

In order to shop your very best discover, instead of consume all of them immediately, don't clean all of them prior to refrigeration. They'll maintain fairly nicely, filthy, within the refrigerator with regard to 7 in order to 10 times. Prior to consuming all of them, originate as well as straighten out the actual shriveled or even moldy fruits as well as clean.

Thinking about long-term storage space, through taking pleasure in all of them with the winter season? Blueberries deep freeze especially nicely, because of their reduced drinking water content material, and can retain in the actual deep freeze for approximately annually. Additionally they keep high of their own dietary content material whenever freezing. Merely place just one coating associated with filthy, dried out blueberries on the dessert linen as well as deep freeze. Cleaning all of them prior to very cold may give up the actual consistency as well as toughen the actual skin. Move the actual freezing fruits in to dried out load up deep freeze totes or even cartons. Remove what you should end up being utilizing, clean, as well as include all of them in to your preferred quality recipes.

Along with among the cheapest calorie content material discovered any place in the fresh fruit, from regarding eighty calories from fat for each mug, consuming all of them liberally won't load up about the lbs. The actual fairly sweet, delicious blueberry includes a dietary wellness user profile match for just about any wellness mindful dieter. The 1 mug helping of the fruit additionally offers 5 gr associated with dietary fiber and provide a person a person 15 % of the every day consumption worth associated with supplement D.

Blueberries are often voted soccer shoes wholesale online, absolutely no without doubt, among the the actual healthiest fruit within The united states, along with among the greatest antioxidant content material associated with any kind of recognized fresh fruit. We have no idea regarding a person, however this particular just about all seems very good in my experience. I believe I will via a pint associated with blueberries during my shopping cart software the next day. Apart from becoming therefore healthy for you, also, they are very enjoyable to consume.

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Arsenal prepared to business Cesc in order to Barcelona regarding £50M

Arsenal in many cases are concerning the phase related to business Cesc Fabregas regarding £50 1000 seem arrive this summer first initial.

The Sunday Mirror says the particular 24-year-old might be among the good deal related to gamers to go to, because of the fact company Arsene Wenger seems in order to re-vamp their unique group of the wager to complete the specific drought related to trophies that reaches May 2005 anytime ­Arsenal beat Stansted Ough. ersus. inside a FA Cup Final shoot-out.

Wenger persuaded Fabregas to stay last summer regardless of continuous overtures by means of Barcelona.

What the particular company really wants to avoid is really an additional two months related to point of view regarding their unique ­captain.

If Barcelona are actually obtainable in by having an supply regarding Fabregas that ­Arsenal uncover ­difficult to prevent, proper the specific golf ball participator aids this particular become apparent they desires to return in order to their unique close by ­Catalunya football shirts wholesale online, Wenger is really unlikely in order to stay of the technique. He will utilize the cash in order to product their unique carry on kitty that's undoubtedly near to £50m.

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Hamburg winger Elia: Juventus continue is going to be wish be a actuality

Hamburg winger Eljero Elia is really very happy to become associated with Juventus.

Elia provides raised their own occupation inside Philippines in the last many weeks in the time period in addition to hi kind provides attracted the eye related to Juve.

"Juve? That could be superb.

"For at this time, nonetheless soccer shoes wholesale online, they are simply objectives, I'm even so the Hamburg participator official soccer jerseys wholesale online, in . mentioned the particular Dutchman, which has furthermore mentioned Gatwick in addition to Everton offers.

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Young: Aston Leasing home managerial situation complete mess

Aston Leasing home fullback Lomaz Vibrant admits their own managerial difficulties in many cases are create to own underperforming time period.

While searching for Gerard Houllier an entire together with quick recuperation, Vibrant stated the whole situation, a person begin with Martin O'Neill's walk-out last Arrive this summer first, provides resulted in a number of advertising campaign related to und