Archive of
Jim Kunstler's Essays, Yowlings and Rants

Review of "Sprawl," by Robert Bruegmann

Essay: A Reflection on Cities of the Future

An essay I wrote for a soon-to-be published anthology about the rape of the American landscape. The Twilight of Lumpenleisure.

Jim's two-part Interview with Jane Jacobs
Author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities
and other books
Part 1       Part 2

The World Trade Center Redesign Competition

My Dog Chloe
The Life and Death of a Beloved Companion

Goodbye Uncle Minch
Another dog story

Leon Krier's
Architecture: Choice or Fate

It's About Truth and Beauty, Stupid
Essay on Art
From the American Enterprise Magazine

Farewell to the Twentieth Century

Thoughts on the Second Anniversary
of September 11, 2001

My Bad Hip
A Melodrama in Three Acts

Review of Peter Huber's
egregious book Hard Green

Memoirs of a Suburban Long Island Pioneer Child

Argument Against Reparations
for Descendants of Slaves

The End of Tall Buildings
Arguments against skyscrapers
co-authored with Nikos Salingaros

Virtual is No Refuge From the Real